Determined, he began to lay her down carefully on the edge of the bed as she had been squirming around in his arms.
Then, as Kimaris kneeled in between her thighs, her legs started to spread themselves naturally.

Julia’s hands, which had become much more relaxed than before, went back to the area between her legs.
This time, even Kimaris didn’t stop her.
The white, slender fingers eventually tugged upon her dress and hovered around her thighs.

She knew that the cause of her suffering was nearby, but it seemed like she just could not touch it directly.

“Miss Julia, what’s wrong?”


She should have already had a relationship with the Demon King.
Hadn’t she been making the King’s rampant magic grow stronger every time?

Her panting face, her fingers that roamed endlessly near her thighs and Kimaris’s own eyes that had been staring through them before they were instantly dyed with embarrassment.
The realization had been fleeting, but the impact was great after all.

His gaze then turned to Bael, who was still in that pool of blood, once again.
A brief resentment and a tiny sense of relief were intricately mixed in his expression as he kept on staring at the King.

“It hurts……”

Right after he looked away from her for a moment, Julia began to lift her nails and scrape around her thighs.
Her skin, which had turned red, appeared utterly painful.
However, Kimaris’s lower body, which had been blocked by his own hand since before, also seemed to be swelling up as if it was just about to burst.

He muttered as he bit down his dry lips.

“…I’m sorry, Julia.”

The dress, which had been held in her hands like a lifeline, was ripped in half ever so easily.
Her red-hot naked body immediately entered his eyes.

His palm, which was slowly sliding all over that female figure right from the nape of her neck as if he was touching a delicate craft, eventually reached the place between Julia’s legs.
He put his finger on her already soaked undergarment before tracing over it ever so carefully.
She began to twitch and convulse as the heavily drenched area widened a little.

Julia’s legs dangled over the edge of the bed as she trembled.
Kimaris, who was still kneeling on the floor right between her thighs, gazed at the inside of her already dripping spot.

He ripped off her undergarments and her red, plump, ripe mound immediately came into his view.


He spread her thighs even wider as they flinched over and over again.
Her entrance, which had been closed tightly, began to reveal its inner flesh as well.
Kimaris softly kissed her labia then.
His lips, which had gotten dry from all the tension, were already drenched wet by her.

“Uhng! Ah, ah!”

The pointed tongue gently swept through the area that was very near to her clenched opening before it started sweeping up and down the slit.
On the other hand, his thumb was twirling around the increasingly swollen clitoris.

The moaning that came from right above Kimaris’s head was mixed with a sweet voice.
His movements eventually grew a little faster.

“My dear Master.”

“Ah, ahng, aht!”

He pressed down his lips and breathed such heated air through his nose.
He groaned in excitement before he sweetly sucked all the spilled fluids as he then shoved his wet tongue straight into the orifice.
The narrow, hot interior had welcomed its first intruder as it convulsed.

Kimaris pushed his tongue even further into the still spasming interior just as he was slurping on nectar.
He buried his face deep between her slender thighs in such a way that he was simply kissing it before he ran through its inner walls and began sucking hard in return.

“Ah-ung, haahk…”

Julia moaned as his tongue already felt too heavy.
Her breathing continued to pause in gasps intermittently.
Then, Kimaris lifted his hand that was rolling against her clitoris before it slid up right to her chest.

He softly whispered while pinching her upright nipples provocatively.

“Julia, breathe.”




As he poked his tongue out and reached straight into her depth, she let out a choked breath.
Kimaris carried on with rubbing and scraping her nipple a little rougher than before.
Strings of sighs that had gotten mixed with satisfaction leaked out one after another, which eventually made her secret place become even more soaked.

He wanted to drink more.
Her fluid was simply as sweet as fruit wine.

As he lusted, his grip on Julia’s thigh grew stronger and more powerful.
Her hips had become so wide that she couldn’t even open them anymore.
Kimaris could no longer hold it in as he eventually leaned his body down with one arm against the bedside.

Her secret place, which had suddenly lost the hot tongue, trembled at the unexpected chill.
Kimaris, who gazed at it rather sadly, was just about to plant a kiss on Julia’s neck.

Boom, boom.

Bael’s magic, which seemed to have weakened for a while due to Julia’s magic resistance, resounded in the castle while still fluctuating over again all of a sudden.
As the huge bedpost was being pulled out with a roar, Kimaris hugged Julia tightly to protect her at that instant.

It was just then—

“Out of my way.”

Bael, whose eyes appeared to have lost their reason, looked down at the two of them with such a ferocious gaze.
His stare, which was accompanied by some wrinkles in his eyebrows as he looked at Kimaris’s naked back, instantly turned towards Julia, who was already panting underneath him.

Every time she rustled as she shed a moan, Bael’s eyes grew sharper as well.



“To you, this may be just a key.
However, to me, she is my one and only Master.”

The corners of Bael’s lips twisted menacingly in return.

Kimaris knew that Bael would never speak twice.
Also, he couldn’t have expected any mercy at all.

However, if Julia were to be taken away just like this, she would be in even greater danger.
He couldn’t even know what terrible things that the King, who had already lost his reason, would actually do to her.

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