He skimmed over her small shoulders before he wrapped her in his large hands and began whispering for her to grab the dagger even stronger once again.
A hot breath eventually brushed against Julia’s neck.
As she could not bear it any longer, she slipped and fell back deep into Kimaris’s arms.

“Heuk, ah!”

Julia’s voice could be heard to be mixed with a faint moan little by little.
A burning sensation had begun to rise from the depths between her legs, where nothing was ever touched before.
It was utterly hot and damp.
Her toes ultimately curled up as she struggled to contain all the throbbing sensations.

Kimaris gazed downwards at the lovely person, who had her head buried in his own chest.
Just with a gentle touch, all reasons vanished from her eyes.
At this point, she was no longer able to differentiate between reality and dreams properly.

Kimaris grabbed her arm and raised the dagger.
And soon after he had glanced at Agares, he lowered his gaze towards the beating heart as he wanted her to take a look as well.

Whoosh—the blade cut along cleanly.
Berith, who had been spouting curses in anger, ceased to move at that instant and his heart that was beating right till the very end had splattered some of its thick blood all over Julia’s face.

That was her very own, first murder.


1st Episode.
The First Death]


* * *

Kimaris hurriedly ran down the halls of the swaying castle while holding onto Julia’s droopy body.

With every strong step he took, a painful moan leaked out from Julia’s mouth.
Flying might have made her much more comfortable, but everything was chaotic.
Granted the fact that if he were to use his magic power, it still could not be fully restored and it would be squirming like a living creature as well.

‘What the hell is going on?’

Therefore, he just couldn’t fly easily in this situation.
If she fell, she would be seriously injured—even if Julia was not that utterly fragile.

‘This is very troubling.
The blood doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.’

She had already moved her hand and slammed it into Berith’s heart earlier.
But now, all the blood that Kimaris was all drenched in came from Julia’s own neck.

The only thing that could heal through her magic resistance was Bael, who had the strongest magic in all of the Demon Realm.
He was in a terrible hurry.
He hastened his steps as he hugged Julia more strongly as she tossed and turned with more noises.

His collar was suddenly gripped by a small force.
As Kimaris looked downwards at her, a pale face eventually met his eyes.

“It’s painful.
It’s also hard…”

“Hold on just a little bit more.”

It tickles and it hurts.”

Her fingers were twitching instinctively as she traced through her dress and tried to find the place right between her legs.
Nevertheless, there were a lot of peering eyes around her.
Each of them was busy with their own lives and didn’t really care, but once the situation had calmed down, they would surely gaze at Julia with those lustful eyes.

Kimaris quickly realized the contradictions and struggled himself.
He had already lusted for her as well.

He then hugged her tightly as if he was restraining Julia’s movements.

“I don’t want anyone else to see you.
Just a little while longer.”


A faint voice that was not known whether it had been an answer or merely a moan slowly passed through his ear.

It was soon the King’s nest.
Just as he was about to run down the long corridor, Barbatos’s back came into his sight.
The magic that he developed had already covered the entire nest.
But still, it had to come up to this point.


“This is good to hear.
I can’t just do this all alone.
Get Agares, now!”

Kimaris recalled Agares’s last appearance.
She was smiling bitterly as she gazed down at Berith’s charred ashes.

She blamed herself for choosing the latter between demons and humans.
At the same time, she also wanted Julia to live.
It was she, herself, that told Kimaris to take Julia to the Master who had just arrived at the nest.

“Agares is not able to come anytime soon.
Is the King inside?”

“Yes, there was an explosion earlier and he is now just around the corner.”

As he was concentrating on the development of his magic earlier, he then opened his eyes all of a sudden.
It was only then did Julia’s blood-soaked figure come into view.

“What—why is the key like that?”

“I have to go to the King.
To save her…”

“Are you crazy?! I’ve never even seen the Master in this state before.
I don’t know how strong her magic resistance is, but if you were to go in, both the key and you, yourself, would ultimately die!”

Inside Barbatos’s eyes which were crying out, there was an assertion that they would surely die—even if he wasn’t so sure about the key herself.
Kimaris then nodded his head softly in return.

“It doesn’t matter though.”


“If the King is inside, then it’s enough.”

An episode from a long time ago slowly flashed through his mind.

The lifespan of a demon was unpredictably long and distant.
At some point, he had even stopped as he forgot the flow of time.
Humans had just been jealous of their longevity, but they were not aware of what was really important.
What a terrible curse was this called life, in which they couldn’t even forget about it at will.

‘I forgive you.’

The little voice that caught him, who had been living without ever forgiving the past.
A miraculous salvation…….

Even if a demon could have a savior, it would only be Julia Vestra herself.

Kimaris, whose eyes had lit up, quickly broke through the gust of wind and went out of the defense barrier before Barbatos could even stop him.
A terrible pain that was similar to a cut by the knife came gushing in, but he simply drew Julia even deeper into his arms to protect her.

At the end of the Demon King’s nest that was just on the other side of the half-broken door lay Bael along with his huge wings spread out.
Whatever had happened to the tower, it made the wall that was facing the tower all torn off.

As he was lying amidst the pool of blood, he appeared to be clearly unconscious.
It was only the remnants of his magic that had ultimately turned the castle into this kind of level.

It was definitely an eerie fact, but it didn’t matter to Kimaris at all.
Bael’s loss of consciousness meant that Julia’s wounds could not be healed at that instant.

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