Agares took off her black leather gloves and looked at Julia’s neck.
However, the moment when her fingers had brushed against it, Julia’s small body suddenly leaped out.

“Ah, nng!”

“Little key?”

“Hu-ugh, uht!”

As she sensed something about Julia’s abnormality, her eyes turned sharp.
Meanwhile, Revenna had found a large number of drug bottles lying around in the cupboard, which made her voice eventually grow cold.


Berith, who had been blinded by the intense light, was eventually regaining his sight due to the healing power that demons possessed.
He then laughed as he looked at those demons who had all surrounded Julia.

“What is everyone doing now?”


“Hey, Agares! Have you forgotten your comrades who had already died on the battlefield?!”

The areas of which Berith presided over were alchemy and knowledge.
However, he didn’t just work everything out in a good way.
Just because he was aware of something, it didn’t mean that he had to tell the truth anyway.

And the other area that he oversaw was ‘falsehood’.

“That human made a fool of us—the demons! She was mocking the deaths of those who had honorably fallen before!”


“Think of how vicious and mean-spirited humans truly are! She even came here to make fun of us as well! How ridiculous we must have been to get fooled around like that! Are you going to harm me—your own kind—just for the sake of such a human being?!”

Berith was digging into her most painful spot.
Agares’s expression, which had been immersed in thought, quickly cooled off in return.

As he saw this, Berith’s face flashed with light that was sure of success while Revenna and Kimaris were already clenching their fists nervously.

“Yes, humans have made fun of us by swapping the key.
But there’s nothing wrong with this small key.”

“Agares! Your pride as the Commander…!”

“So, I’m going to give you a chance.”

Agares sat down and grasped onto the dagger in Julia’s hand while she was still panting hard.
The dagger, which had just vanished amidst the storm, was already in her hand yet again for some reason.

The only difference was the fact that the blue-black blade was glinting as if it had been struck by lightning earlier.
Julia’s eyes that were staring down upon it were all drenched with pure pleasure.

“Huh, why…”

“Berith had disobeyed Master’s orders and communicated with the humans.
He can be considered as a traitor to us, the demons.”

“Please, Agares.”

Berith’s shaky eyes were gazing at the dagger that had been wrapped in lightning as Julia puffed continuously in flushed red eventually made Agares curl her lips.
She then gently stroked the nape of Julia’s neck before she whispered in her ear.

“This is a sword that has been loaded with my magic.
Use this to stab straight into Berith’s heart.”


“Then, I’ll take care of the rest.”

You would soon become the hero who punished the traitor.
Agares, who had mumbled softly, was stomping on Berith’s head as she took Julia’s arms.

Kimaris, who realized Agares’s intentions, tried to step in, but Revenna had stopped him completely.
No matter how much she thought about it, she just couldn’t come up with a more reliable way in order to turn Agares into an ally.

Agares was fond of Julia—from an ‘individual’ point of view.
Nevertheless, Agares had too much pride as a Commander.
The discipline that Agares had already set in the military was her life in itself.

The only way to have her as a complete ally as well as to clear all the entire contradictions that had been within her was for Julia to directly kill Berith, who had some connections with the humans.

“Hu-ugh, huht!”

With Julia lowered on the floor as the audience, Berith’s ribs were ripped open.
The heart, with its bare skin exposed, was pounding rapidly as if to exhibit the fear of its owner.

“What is this—!”

“Shut up, traitor.”

“Are you really going to hand me over to a mere human?!”

A terrible flurry that was mixed with Berith’s curse had pierced Julia’s eardrums.

Everything that brushed against her skin felt rather annoying at the moment.
Even the prickle of the soft carpet on the floor stimulated her own desire.
A burning sensation was constantly surging through the peripheral nerves throughout her entire body.
It felt like her brain was about to fall apart as it could not really withstand the overload like so.

Then, a sweet whisper came out from somewhere.

‘It’s okay.
Just lower the dagger.
Or are you just going to let yourself die like this? Do you want to get torn alive and thrown into a hellfire?’

“No, no……”

‘This will be much easier.
Just once.
Just one move and everything is going to be all over.
What will come after this burning torment—weren’t you really looking forward to it?’

She eventually managed to grab a hold of her shaking spirit.
What was good and what was evil as well as what was right and what was actually wrong.

Her hand that was holding onto the dagger trembled.
She was swept away by lust and she almost got pulled down by her conscience as well.
Agares simply watched her as if she was waiting for her, but it didn’t last very long.
It was due to the fact of Julia’s own physical condition.

She was small and fragile.
Although it might have been a moderately pleasing drug for the demons, the dose was far too much for herself.
If the drug’s energy was not relieved promptly, she would eventually collapse in less than a few hours.
It was such a great mental power that she could manage to retain her consciousness as it had been right now.

“Don’t forgive me, Julia.”

At that time, Kimaris, who gritted his teeth, eventually came forward.
As he kneeled down on one knee behind Julia, who was already crouched down on her back, he then carefully placed his hand over her slender shoulder.


“Grab the dagger.”

The hoarse voice slowly dug deep into her eardrums.
Her reddish skin was gently enveloped into Kimaris’s cold palms.

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