Her head was pounding while her heart was racing violently.

She pretended to be okay at first, but the truth had been the fact that she was still afraid.
This was especially the case with Kimaris.
And it was all because she knew that the previously huge black horse which kidnapped her had been Kimaris himself.
His dark skin and shiny hair overlapped with the mane that she had held on to as it reminded her of the nightmare during that particular day.

However, Julia soon pulled her heart together.
At that time, Kimaris had already lost his literal heart to Revenna.
Moreover, when he gave herself to Revenna, there was a slight hint of hesitation in his eyes.
She hadn’t known the reason at the time, but when he said that it was due to the feeling of guilt, everything was finally explained.

“Hey, are you okay?”


“I was worried about the two of you back in prison since all of your wounds looked absolutely terrible.”

“Who are you teasing now? Or are you just pretending to be nice?”

Revenna’s voice was as clear and hoarse as usual, but if she were to listen carefully, the ends sounded a little bit cracked.
Revenna had already looked fine on the outside, but she didn’t seem to be getting any better on the inside.

“Did you ever forget? The fact that I tried to kill you.”

“But it’s not like that now.”

“That—that’s because Agares had threatened me with my own heart…!”

“Cough, cough!”

Perhaps her body had already grown cold since she got out of the blanket for a long time as her cough kept on bursting out.
Thanks to that, Revenna soon stopped her words as she began to appear a little bit uncomfortable.

As Julia became exhausted from coughing for a long time, she leaned her body helplessly on the bedside with her shoulders still shaking.
She was also trembling restlessly as her feet twitched.
Revenna wanted to approach her, but she couldn’t really do so that even the human Julia could actually see deep inside of her.

Julia proceeded to stare at Kimaris this time.
He was standing in a typical soldier’s posture—with his legs spread apart and his hands behind his back.
She never thought that she wouldn’t have known Revenna’s thoughts, but his insides on the other hand, were still murky.

It was at that moment when Julia gazed at him with a frustrated heart.
Then, a red error window instantly appeared right in front of her.


SIGHT is unable to operate due to a lack of HP.]

Julia, who began to stop herself, stiffened her shoulders instantly.
The sight function seemed to have worked whenever she thought that she wished to know what the other person was thinking while looking directly at them.
The reason why this function didn’t even appear after she had been kidnapped was because—borrowing from the system’s explanation—her health was low.

She blinked her eyes blankly as she got startled by what she had just learned all of a sudden and how she deduced it by herself before Revenna approached her with a somewhat nervous gait as she slowly held her.

“Just lie down, you idiot.”

“Miss Revenna…”

“Is it your sickness to wander around when you can’t even take care of your own self?”

Even though Revenna was of a rather small size among all the other demons, she could still hold Julia with just one hand.
She then tapped the pillow to its appropriate height before laying Julia right in the middle of the large bed and pulled the duvet up to her neck.

Her touch seemed quite mechanical at first glance, but in reality, it was actually very attentive and kind.
The corners of Julia’s eyes began trembling as they burned red when Revenna added while turning her head in a hurry.

“Don’t, don’t get me wrong though? It’s only because my heart now belongs to Agares.”

“Thank you, Miss Revenna.”

“Where is a kind of fool who’d actually call a slave by the title, Miss?”

As Revenna showed signs of moving away once again, Julia unconsciously stretched out her arm and grabbed onto her hand.
All she did was clutch onto the hem of her sleeve for fear of being rejected.
Nevertheless, Revenna flinched yet she never flicked away that little hand which had barely approached her.

“Then, thank you—Revenna.”


She then reluctantly sat down by Julia’s side just like a person who was being dragged away.
Still, she had never forgotten to tuck in the hem of her voluminous dress as well as her other accessories with her own other hand in order for them to not rub against Julia’s face.

And she had such a beautiful face too.
Even before her death—even when she first entered into this world, she had never seen anyone who ever looked so unrealistically similar to a doll.

Could she be reading her thoughts just now as Revenna seemed to have proceeded to mutter ever so softly in return right after.

“Isn’t it just good to have a pretty face? Since most people will get obsessed with my looks as they won’t even care to know what kind of a demon I am.
Without this face, I’ll be spurned around and thrown all away.
In that case, I’d rather look like a monster from the very beginning—like Bottis.”


“It’s truly the first time I’ve ever met with a human like you.
It’s kind of nice to see you approaching me like that even though I was in the shape of a mere piece of meat?”

“Only because it is Revenna.
It didn’t matter what you looked like.”

“The more I look at you, the stranger you have become.”

Revenna appeared to become a bit embarrassed even after she was the one who said it herself, so she fiddled with her hair a little before making a glance at Kimaris.
She never asked, but Revenna began to explain the master-slave relationship situation to her.

“That guy has now become a slave to Agares too? She took away my heart and took along his as well with her.
Still, Agares seems to be good, so don’t worry about it at all.”

“The heart… Must you obey the words of the person who had taken it without any sorts of conditions at all?”

“In general? There aren’t many species that would want to go out in the world and die anyway?”

But Julia had already heard it all.
As she was following Barbatos down the stairs to the prison before, she could hear Kimaris’s voice telling the other party to kill him.

‘You would have finally been satisfied with this.
Kill me then.’

His indifferent voice was still clear in her mind.
When they first met, he had a rather cool atmosphere, but was it all just an act to slowly entice her?

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