The reason why Bael had wiped out the entire Demon Realm was rather simple.
Weak things didn’t deserve to exist and the mere sight of them in front of him had been disgusting and annoying, thus he eradicated them himself.

Afterwards, the small fries who had been constantly hovering around the area while claiming to be the limbs also became quite irritating, which consequently made him erect a huge nest as he restricted the ones who could actually enter inside.
What the King had been supposed to do was just to appoint them as his own agents while supervising them.
Instead, he simply challenged the power of the Demon God as he went rampant again and again.

Other demons had to replenish their spirits periodically, but Bael was entirely different.
The enormous magical power that was sleeping inside of his inner core had been constantly expanding by drawing in other magical powers around him.
Since he never needed to even eat anything, his movements were then naturally limited to what he was fond of.

His large, cold palms, along with those bulging fingers were gently pressing against Julia’s slender neck.
He could then clearly feel the thin veins that were running under her thin, tender skin.


He only exerted a little bit of his own strength, but the pulse that ran under his hand eventually grew weaker and weaker.
Nevertheless, Bael felt a tad rather strange.

The magic that usually ran ferociously, the pain from that very magic which had been tormenting him terribly from the moment he was born in the swamp of despair on the outskirts of hell itself…… At the exact moment when he had brushed against her skin, all the fog cleared away.

His red eyes eventually narrowed thinly.
That unfamiliar feeling did not last very long.
As he began to realize that her pulse, which had been steadily slowing down before it completely stopped, he instantly pulled his hand without realizing it.

“Gasp, cough…”

The human, whose shoulders were already trembling, had slumped helplessly.
As he saw that, Bael’s heart pounded at that very moment—thump-thump.
Unknowingly, he somehow had become impatient.

A red wave started manifesting underneath his palm, which seemingly just about to kill her.
It was known that the purest magic power had been completely jet black.
And that was only until Bael had ultimately appeared in Hell.

The most noble and pure kind of red magic, which could be used exclusively by one person, was now condensed under his own hand.
He then gently pressed it down onto Julia’s heart.

Buzz, buzz!

There was a rejection that retaliated, but it had already been expected in the first place.
Bael continued adding even more power.
A surge of red magic eventually spread in vastness as if it would cover the whole room in no time.

The whole castle began trembling altogether.
This was simply enough to let the other demons know the anomalies that were occuring in the nest.
Still, there was no apparent change within Julia’s body.
She was still pale and white—just like a wounded little bird that had shrunk.


The magical energy that had been shrieking like a vicious scream ultimately bounced off and melted in the air while drawing in a red trail.

His face soon contorted with displeasure.
Bael had already seen this ability before.
It was Magic Resistance or anti-magic.
It had been the highest-level kind of principle that could block all kinds of magic at its source.
He couldn’t believe that such a rare principle had been engraved on a mere human.

A long time ago, an existence which he discovered that had possessed such a power was eventually torn to pieces before finally rendered dead.
It was a price to simply offend his nerves by using the same little trick.
A long time ago, the being who he discovered had such a power was eventually torn to pieces and died.
It was a price to offend his nerves with the same little trick.

But it was a tad different this time.
The key’s magic resistance was not only protecting her whole body, but it also had an effect on himself as soon as he came in direct contact against her skin.
He instinctively knew that he just couldn’t break it in any way at all.

“You actually dare to challenge my own power.”

A deep chill had leaked from his voice, which was lowered infuriatingly.

His indolence originated from the agonizing headaches that he had to suffer daily and the fact that no one could actually match his power as well.
If he were to lift his finger, anyone would definitely fall over and crawl onto the ground.
Who could honestly feel the need to be diligent in such a situation after all?

His indolence was, in other words, a tragedy, but Bael was not aware of it.
Now, when an existence that could really oppose him appeared, the desire that had been sleeping deep inside himself eventually lifted its head with a great amount of effort.

“If so……”

His fingers then slid slowly against the back of Julia’s head.
Her pale yet pinkish blonde hair had been entangled between his fingers before it was pulled out gently.

“I’ll see if you can really survive like this.”

As the corners of his lips twisted, he lifted Julia’s upper body at the same time.
Their lips proceeded to overlap intensely with each other.

Bael then shoved himself deep into her mouth while closing her tiny, hot tongue.
A mouth that was as cramped as her petite body was trying to push him away as she panted intermittently, perhaps she found that it had been too much to accept him.
The more she did that, the more obstinately Bael continued sucking her tongue without releasing the woman whom he was holding close at all.

A wet sound eventually echoed through the silent bedroom as Bael shoved his saliva into her.
When he separated his body right after confirming that her neck had twitched a little even though she was still unconscious, his eyes instantly caught onto her already flushed cheeks.

“Kuh—as expected.”

He contentedly licked his lips that were glistening with saliva.
No matter how hard the magic resistance was, if he were to plunge the magic power directly into the organ, there would be nothing else to be done.

As he watched the scars had quickly disappeared, his eyes then shone with much satisfaction in return.

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