ble to learn the most basic common sense which she should have been learning about.

‘I don’t want to be deemed as useless, but……’

She knew that it could have been a nuisance for her to cling in this situation where there was absolutely nothing that she could even do.

As her shoulders began to sag helplessly, Kimaris suddenly opened his mouth as if he had thought of something.

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“Still, if it’s Revenna, she might have an inkling of what to do.”

“No, I…”

“Maybe she can talk rather well with you.
Revenna adores pretty things—like dolls.”

As he praised himself thinking that it was a rather good idea, he instantly stood by the door while nudging his chin.
It was a gesture that meant for her to get moving.

Kimaris had been the one who suggested this, but she just couldn’t refuse anyway.
In the end, Julia carefully rose to her feet before following behind him.

* * *

Julia looked up at the beautiful, doll-like woman who was right in front of her.

Demons basically had such attention-grabbing appearances, but it seemed like she was unable to express any words towards the splendid beauty of the person who was now in front of her eyes.

The dazzlingly saturated blonde locks fluttered down like a wave while her large eyes sparkled like jewels.
The sheer amount of frills and laces were adorning her dress that an average person could not have even borne that kind of weight.
The size of that dangling jewel was exactly the same as well.

If she had not moved, Julia could actually believe that she wasn’t a demon but just another porcelain doll.
However, seeing how Julia had withdrawn herself, she raised her voice as if she was utterly delighted.

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“Are you that Estelle? You’re just as small and cute as I heard though?”

“Looks like the rumors have already spread over here as well.”

“Kimaris too—right after the Master’s emergence, he no longer had anything to do.
But still, he was someone who had once led the 26 legions before?”

“To be honest—Lerazier was the actual culprit.”

“You caught it though.”

Seeing that she had openly conceded, her personality seemed rather good as well.
Although she wasn’t seen precisely in the game, she was still likable enough at first sight.

Her voice was bright and charismatic, but when put together with her unique way of speaking that seemed to raise the end of her words—like posing a question instead—had felt even more noble and elegant than it was just cute.

“I’ll pick you up just before the sun goes down.
Then, I look forward to your cooperation, Revenna.”

“Don’t worry, Kimaris.”

For some reason, Kimaris’s voice felt a little bit weak as he turned around.
Revenna then took Julia’s hand before leading her right into the room.

Although she tended to not judge something by appearance, Revenna’s room was just as splendid and beautiful to thoroughly match the dazzling appearance of its own owner.
It seemed to have reminded her of Estelle’s luxurious bedroom back then, which Julia had somehow envied once.

Aside from all that, Revenna’s lovely atmosphere was such a great help in alleviating Julia’s tension.
For the first time ever since she arrived in the Demon Realm, where even a single passing demon was absolutely fear-inducing, it felt like she had finally been given some permission to be at peace.

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