I didn know how to respond to her,

What if shes like those narcissistic women that yell about respect and cowering before them when speaking to me! You get me, right?

[Why did you assimilate then? Talk and stop being dumb.] the voice scoffed,

Okay? Ill choose my words wisely.

As I was about to respond, the voice chipped in a word,

[Act erotic and coy.]

”What! I can ! Why is this happening to me? Impossible tasks! Impossible! ”

Phoenix stared down at the cute-looking lady act strange and hoped she wasn getting a heart attack.

”Calm down ” she stretched her hand to me and I withdrew and stared up at her, she gasped suddenly and held my face,

I shut my eyes in fear.

”What hypnotic eyes you have, open them for me. ” She instructed, sounding breathless,

[Id advise you to obey.]

”Shut the ** up! ” I snapped back and opened my eyes to face her dark eyes that sparkled,

”Where are you from? ” she asked, I can say I dropped from another world and searched my head for what to say and simply said,

”Nowhere? ” I obeyed the voice and accompanied my answer with a moan, I feel so dirty right now!


”Laugh well, let me get you. ” I replied internally,

Phoenix chuckled and rubbed the tip of her finger on my lips, I closed my eyes and sighed.

I was currently puking in my mind, reading those romantic comics is really helping, but still blegh!

”They said you couldn speak but here you can, and you even sound much sweeter to my ears. ”

She leaned in,

”Your eyes…gold. Peculiar and hypnotic, and your hair, purple and curly. Pretty strange but unique texture. ”

She stared directly into them and I blushed profusely, shes a flirt! I have gotten countless compliments but hers is honey coated, ah.

I hope she won take my eyes out because thats possible…

”You flatter me Mistress. ” I smiled,

”Tell me your name. ”

”Ife. ” I replied, shed not understand, but I hope she does,

”Ah, what does that mean? ” yup she didn get my name.

”Desire, in my tongue it means Desire. ” I replied with a sheepish smile,

”Hm, I see. You do not know where you
e from? ” she sat with me on the bed,

If I tried to revolt and say I would like to leave the inn that would be disobedience to The Queens instructions, wouldn it?

Who takes in a girl that was brought in a sack?

Isn that kidnapping?

What kind of ruler is the Crown Princes father?

I guess his eyes are too far from the ground, Phoenix looks quite influential, though.

I thought at the back of my mind before giving the woman before me an answer that I deemed right.

I shook my head, ”No, I don remember. Maybe hitting my head made me forget. ”

I acted feeble and rubbed my temple, she placed her hand on my temple and stared, she seemed worried, and I saw they were sincere.

Love at first sight? Thats something.

”Id ask for you to be bathed now and medicine will be given to you. ”

I watched her get up and leave the room.

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