The Crown Prince’s Dandy Princess

Being beautiful has it\'s disadvantages.

lóng dàlù. No one in the land had such hair texture.

”We must be lucky today to see such a beauty, her figure is curvy and tempting ” Zhang whispered to him while rubbing his scrawny long fingers together, with an evil grin plastered on his ugly bony face.

”Shes putting on red, don you think this is a sign? Shed definitely fit into the Hónglián huā kèzhàn ”

Wong grinned now rubbing his own hands, like a housefly.

”You are definitely thinking what Im thinking ”

Zhang chuckled ”Lets follow her, The Mistress will be happy to have a new doll and she will give us a good price for her, shes much prettier than the others. ”

”What if she runs wild when we take her to the inn? Phoenix doesn take in strays. ” Wong speculated,

”Shell surely take this lady in. Who would not do so? ” Zhang laughed.

The two men then followed closely in a stealthy manner.


I smiled as the yellow duck swam towards my outstretched hand with her little ones following closely, ”I thought theyd run from me ” I chuckled, I was expecting the voice in my head to respond but not a word was said.

The duck immediately took a U-turn and rushed further into the spring while making a loud sound, what has her so agitated all of a sudden? I thought before looking back. My eyes popped out on seeing two scary looking individuals hover over me with wide grins

”Oi! The ** you want?! ” I yelled while standing up immediately ready to run

”You are such a pretty doll, youd get us a lot of gold from the mistress ” The muscular looking pig said something Mandarin with a loud laughter to accompany it…that I couldn understand! I should understand it but suddenly I can understand a language I learnt for seven years!

Hey! I was trying to reach out to the voice in my head but there was no response

”Goddamn it! ” I began to run in the opposite direction and felt my heart sink when I noticed they were also after me, they definitely want to abduct me. I guess they would be the one to traffic me.

I need you to tell me how to switch the language button in my head on, now!

I screamed in my head but still no response, ah! Ive been played, I cried

”Do you have the fog effect? Shes fast! That should slow her down. ” Wong asked Zhang while they ran after Ife

”Yes ” he puffed before taking it out of his pocket and flung it towards her, he took out another bottle and flung it again.

”Shed fall asleep now ” Zhang laughed

I suddenly didn hear heavy footsteps behind me anymore and halted, Ive seen this in the movies before and halting to watch out would be the smart thing to do because these two men are indigenes of this land, they must know this forest more than I do…what if they took a short cut and I drop into their arms. After watching instantly I saw a fog emerge out of nowhere and block my vision

”What is this? Increase vision to Gods eye ” I said and felt relieved when I could see clearly, this must be their doing but I can hear anything

”Increase hearing ” I muttered and waited for its effect and noticed it worked, as I could hear every animal sound in my ear, I covered my ear it was too much and stopped it. I suddenly saw a bottle break in front of me, a black smoke from it engulfed my face

”Shoot…Theyve got me ” suddenly I felt like the oxygen I was breathing in ceased, my vision got blurry, I lost my footing and held my throat as I gasped for air before losing consciousness.

”We got her good ” Zhang chuckled as he crouched taking a look at the motionless lady that laid on the dirt, his hands were ready to grope her fresh chest when his partner kicked him away from her.

”Scum! Lets get her to the Inn before anyone sees us ” Wong glared at him before wrapping her in a sack and hauling her over his broad shoulder

Zhang rubbed his wrist that got kicked while glaring at Wong ”I can even touch her? If I didn stop you would we have caught her? ”

”Whatever ” Wong murmured before walking back in the direction they came with Zhang following closely.

Ife remained motionless in the sack as Wong carried her through the market place to a large wooden building that had Hónglián huā kèzhàn written boldly in black ink on a wooden platter,

They went through the back as it was bustling with men in all sizes and status.

It was noon time and when the moon rises that is when they get drunk and have the women in their selected rooms, no one noticed the large figure that was in the sack and over his shoulder.

Zhang kept looking around in case they got into trouble, they stopped before a red bamboo door,

Zhang knocked and they waited for response not long the door was opened by a huge looking man…youd call him a bouncer since thats what he was anyway.

A woman draped in an expensive looking red close-fitting gown that traced her curvaceous figure was seated,

Her almond shaped dark eyes sparkled she had red eyeshadow on and red lipstick on her tiny lips.

”My good merchants, did you bring in another bag of barley? ” she smiled while playing with her straight black waist length hair,

”Uh mistress ” Zhang chuckled wearily ”You sound like you were expecting us ” he mused while settling on a chair before Hónglián fènghuáng, thats the title of the Mistress of Hónglián huā kèzhàn.

She is the most desirable woman due to her shape and beauty, she took over the Inn after her mother passed away and she had handled the job well.

Hónglián fènghuáng would get young ladies from every corner of Hóng lóng de and make them work for her, those that learn the dance of the Red Lotus would be belly dancers but those that couldn seem to get it would serve men with high ranks or serve wine and meals.

All her women scratched to be perfect dancers as none of them wanted to serve ugly men or get touched improperly, they didn mind serving meals but the men wouldn keep their hands to themselves.

Wong dropped Ife on the floor and unwrapped her from the sack, earning a gasp from The Mistress,

”What a doll! Place her on the bed. ” she instructed the bouncer, forgetting to ask why they had a lady in a sack in the first place, he nodded and went to fetch a bed.

Zhang and Wong exchanged glances, they both knew they had hit a jackpot as she seems to like her more than any woman they had brought to her and guessed shed be her favorite.

”Handle her with care. ” Phoenix instructed her man as he carried Ife,

And placed her on a soft bed,

”Where did you get such a beauty? ” she asked while touching the sleeping ladys cheek

”We found her in the forest, she had fallen off a tree when we saw her. She doesn seem to be from here, her language is also strange not to talk of her gold colored eyes. We couldn think of any place to take her too. ”

Wong mused while studying Ife,

”Is that so? What a beautiful hair texture ” she mused while running her fingers through her hair ”So soft and her dressing… ”

”She was on this when we found her ” Zhang answered,

”Hm, fate brought her to me. ” She smiled tracing the sleeping dolls lip

”Both of you ” she left Ifes side and went back to her seat and waved her hand, the man by the door went in and brought out a big bag and dropped it on Zhangs lap.

”You deserve this huge reward, you have brought me a rare one today. ” She laughed sweetly

Zhang quickly opened it and drooled at the gold that filled the bag to its brim, ”Anytime Mistress, thanks for your generosity. ”

Wong stood up with Zhang, they both bowed and left with the bag leaving Phoenix with Ife.

”She seems more beautiful than I, am I right? ”

She asked her guard while staring at her.

The guard remained silent and didn respond to her question because he knew it was true.

”I don think I would let anyone touch this doll, this one will only dance. No man will touch what Im taking as mine. ”

She said with a smile that had a meaning.

The guards eyes widened, no wonder she has never laid with a man, does she have this mysterious lady in her love list already? He thought.

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