As they were reaching the coast, the nurse shark let go of the big fish and pushed it toward Luo Xi under the dumbstruck expressions of other people.
Subsequently, the shark swam around her as if reluctant to part with Luo Xi. 

The shark’s size was too big hence it was unable to approach the island.
It would end up being stranded.  

Luo Xi reached her hands to hug it.
The nurse shark cheerfully wrung in her arms.
Its behavior was practically identical to that of an affectionate domestic puppy, so corny the sight of it was hard to bear.
The nurse shark has rubbed Luo Xi for quite a while before it dived reluctantly into the deep sea and left. 

When Luo Xi and the rest got the big fish ashore, the three people standing on the beach still haven’t recovered themselves. 

The scene just now kept replaying in their minds.
They felt like experiencing a hallucination. 

Mo Nan, whose three views have been refreshed, poked at the fish.
In any case, he was a new recipient of the film emperor title.
He had to keep his cool, “What kind of fish is this?” 

Luo Xi cast it a glance.
She was unable to identify it hence she replied to him four words: “It can be eaten.” 

Mo Nan: “…….” 

It doesn’t mean that since the nurse shark can eat it, we can do the same.
We, humans, are very frail! Don’t answer so casually! 

After his innermost self finished the screams, he calmly turned to ask Gong Xu: “What fish?” 

In the past, this guy has done a lot of homework for that MV.
He was familiar with a lot of fishes. 

“Tuna fish.” Gong Xu picked the clothes on the beach and put them on while replying nonchalantly. 

“Is tuna so big?” Mo Nan’s face was written with “don’t you pull my legs”. 

He has eaten tuna sashimi, tuna can, tuna salad.
However, he has never seen an intact tuna.
In his mind, tuna was about the same size as carp and grass carp. 

Gong Xu: “….read more books in your free time.” 

Mo Nan rolled his eyes.
He knew that he was being silly hence he skipped this subject. 

He took out the military knife and gestured, “How do we eat it? What about eating sashimi? It is the easiest way.
Just, since there’s no wasabi or soy sauce, the flavor won’t be right.” 

Gong Xu kicked him, “Did you ask her for permission? It’s her prey yet you set about a task just like this?” 

Mo Nan was a thick-skinned fellow.
He immediately looked up at Luo Xi.
His face carried a smile that has bewitched countless of his fans, “This fish, can we eat it together?” 

Luo Xi nodded her head, “I want the finest piece of meat.
You guys can split the rest.” 

This fish was quite fresh.
It apparently died just recently.
Mo Nan skilfully cut open the fish belly and then began to handle its internal organs.
When he was little, his family’s financial situation was not good.
Moreover, he was from a single-parent family.
In order to provide for his unreliable dad, he was good at things like preparing a meal and so on. 

Li Wei and the lot have also finally recovered from the shock.
No matter what, it was always a good thing to have something to eat. 

All cheered up, Xie Ze moved close by Luo Xi’s side, “How many years have you learned swimming? Your technique is not bad.” 

She was also gutsy, not afraid of sharks when seeing one. 

Luo Xi: “Probably for several hundred of years.” 

The sirens belonged to long-living races.
Their infancy went for several hundred of years.
Strictly speaking, she was not an adult yet. 

Xie Ze: “…..” 

Xie Ze: “Haha, you’re so funny.
A contestant for cold jokes.” 

Luo Xi paused for a second but did not make any explanations. 

Xie Ze hesitated for a moment and asked with some anticipation: “Can you communicate with a shark? Why was that shark so intimate with you? Are you a marine race?” 

The marine race was a sort of theory.
Reportedly, some people had a natural affinity with the ocean.
Whenever they went out to the sea, they were always very lucky.
Xie Ze was fond of these mysterious and unknown things since he was a child hence he was unable to restrain his tiny excitement. 

Luo Xi: “…..I was born with an affinity with animals.” 

Xie Ze let out a gasp of astonishment, “Your affinity with animals is so good that even shark will do? What about a whale? Can you get a cachalot?”

Luo Xi slowly shook her head and cast him a “are you stupid” gaze.

When Xie Ze finished speaking, he also felt that he was being stupid.
His face flushed with color and he stopped talking.  

On the other side, Mo Nan cleaned up the tuna.
While stroking his chin, he asked Gong Xu next to him: “Do you want to eat it raw or cooked?” 

Gong Xu was not polite when ordering a meal: “Cooked.” 

There was no soy sauce nor wasabi.
He couldn’t wallow the pure raw fish. 

“Fine then.
Let’s go to explore the inner parts of the island first and look for something that can be set on fire.” Mo Nan placed the fish on the banana leaf and turned to ask the other people’s opinions. 

During this whole time, Li Mo did not utter a word.
After being asked by Mo Nan, she indifferently replied: “I’m not hungry so I won’t be eating fish.
You don’t need to make my portion.” 

Everyone present was well aware of the awkwardness between Li Mo and Luo Xi. 

Upon seeing this, Mo Nan did not force her.
He merely joked to ease up the atmosphere, “You girls are just so easy to provide for.
No matter how much you eat, you won’t eat us out of house and home.”

Li Mo curled her lips into a smile, taking his excuse. 

Since they have just eaten bananas and filled their stomachs, the rest have also decided to eat the fish cooked.
While carrying the fish, the group of people settled on exploring the island first and look for water supply as well as something to set fire. 

On another island, the production installed the interconnecting devices to observe the guest’s progress in real-time.
The PD who was responsible for each guest stared at the display screen while commenting on sources of sensations or the places that needed emphasis to be put on. 

“How is it going?” 

The chief director went in and asked. 

He swept a glance at six screens which were all filled with lush greenery.
It seems that they have entered the island. 

While the other five guests’ screens were watched by their respective PD, the screen belonging to Luo Xi was the only exception.
It was cramped with people.  

The chief director walked over to take a look.
That newbie and Li Mo were walking in the middle of the group.
Nothing out of ordinary. 

“Is there a problem?” The chief director was bewildered.
What were these people looking at while being flocked there? 

The PD in charge of Luo Xi had a complicated look on the face.
The previous scene of the nurse shark sending food from a thousand miles still had him shocked. 

Although the guests were on the scene, the human eyes were undeniably not as sharp as those of the camera.
The MAX company’s remote sensing flying camera has shot clearly how Luo Xi and the nurse shark have met and got acquainted with each other.

At first, when they found about the nurse shark’s existence on the screen, they were also startled, ready to send someone to rescue Luo Xi. 

However, the nurse shark appeared like it saw its darling.
It showed no sign of ferocity typical to wild animals.
Instead, it solicitously curried favor with Luo Xi, making everyone’s jaw-dropping.
Not only was the shark clingy and affectionate with that newbie, it even went hunting food for her. 

If it wasn’t for them being aware that it was ridiculous, they would have suspected that this nurse shark was an extra invited by that newbie. 

The nurse shark’s anthropomorphic behavior astonished people.
As everyone looked at Luo Xi’s face on the screen, they indulged in their imagination and cursed.
Damn it! Nowadays, even sharks judged one’s looks?! Wasn’t their esthetics supposed to be different to humans?! 

Od course, it was their sheer ridicule. 

After the staff members have recovered themselves, they thought that either this newbie belonged to those who had a good affinity with animals or she simply got full marks luck.
Be able to perfectly interact with a wild animal, it could be considered a sensation. 

In the past, once in a while, there have been some occasions of such harmonious interactions between humans and animals.
Every time, it would make into headlines in society news.
The most similar case was that of a fisherman who has rescued a dolphin and the dolphin would go back to see the fisherman every year. 

People often discussed enthusiastically this sort of hard-to-come-by accident for a long time.
What’s more, it had a unique memorable point. 

After seeing that playback, the chief director expressed that this section should be marked out.
It can be accentuated during the editing. 

PD said in hesitation: “Won’t the audience think that it is staged?” 

Since this incident was too unbelievable and it was not seen by the audience’s own eyes, they reckoned that a lot of trolls will emerge. 

The chief director laughed: “A few days ago, there was a person whose arm was bitten off by a nurse shark.
That one was relatively meek among the nurse sharks in the aquarium.
Staged? Who is the viewer that said that? The production crew will invite that person to the South Sea and give him a free combo pack where he gets to experience a 

a staged encounter with the nurse shark.” 

PD: “…….” 

Director, are you not afraid of being sacked1? 

The chief director swept a glance at the screen and said in awe: “They found the water supply.” 


It has been just over two hours.
The guests’ efficiency clearly surprised the production crew.
There was a freshwater source in the inner island.
Although it was not located deep in the island, it was not easy to find. 

Yet, they could find it so quickly.
It was as if they didn’t make any detours and headed straight towards the water source.
It was their first exploration of the inner parts, yer they were able to pick the right direction and avoid the pointless trip.
Wasn’t their life too good? 

Everyone couldn’t help but cast their gaze at Luo Xi and mutter in their heart. 

Could it be that this newbie had a fortune of a koi fish2? There was first a nurse shark sending them a fish and then they’ve immediately found a water source.
Isn’t she a bit too lucky? 

Luo Xi was unaware that she was given the title of “koi fish”.
If she knew, she would be definitely dissatisfied.

The Sirens were an existence that towered above all the other species in the sea in terms of power, lineage, appearance, lifespan, deterrence.
It would be odd if she was happy being labeled as freshwater fish. 

Mo Nan and the party were quite happy when they found the water source. 

Three days and two nights.
The water provided by the production crew was only barely enough for drinking.
Forget about things like washing the face, rinsing the mouth, or others.
Now that they’ve found freshwater, at least they didn’t have to be frugal with it. 

Everyone washed their faces with water.
Particularly Gong Xu and Mo Nan who have gone out to the sea.
If it weren’t for girls and cameras, they would have entered the water to rinse themselves.
The salt in the seawater stuck to their body and made them uncomfortable. 

Luo Xi absently washed her hands.
The voice in her head was so noisy it made her headache. 

Originally, she thought that once she got to the deserted island and was far off ignoring that fellow, he would stop.
In the end, he wasn’t quiet for very long and that soft voice came again. 

It was unlike its usual ethereal charlatan-like air.
Its soft voice sounded like it was unable to hold back anymore.
It cried on and on, repeating those few words. 

‘Sob, you’re heartless.’

‘Why didn’t you come looking for me? Waah waah waah’ 

‘You scoundrel, sob sob sob.’ 

She didn’t know what was that fellow.
But it felt like its IQ was not very high. 

Luo Xi expressionlessly thought.
She really wanted that sobbing thing in her mind shut up.
It was so noisy.
Yet, only she could hear it. 

Translation notes:

[1] Sacked in this context means to be put into a sack and beaten by someone 

[2] Fortune of a koi fish is a new internet phrase which refers to extremely lucky people 

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