Chapter 7: The Power of Killing

Mu Feng now is in a strange world.

The sky is blood-red, the earth is vast and deserted.
Two opposing armies are locked in battle.

They can fly in the sky like the god of warriors up in the nine skies, the sword qi spurting from their weapons dull the sky and shake the earth.

Of the two opposing armies, people from one side grow a pair of huge white-feathered wings on their backs, with beautiful faces and are covered by a holy white light.

The other side grows a pair of sanguine wings, their hair and eyes are blood-red, fangs grow in their mouths, and black ferocious energy is floating beside them.

The two opposing sides are locked in a world-shaking battle, their fight has frightened heaven and moved the earth.

A woman with unrivaled beauty dressed in blood-red armor moves in the battlefield, a pair of sanguine wings on her back.

Her red long hairs flutters with the wind, her eyes are limpid pools of midnight black, her skin is white as snow, her exquisite facial features look like they are carved elaborately by a sculptor.
She holds a blood-red sword, one strike of her strong sword energy can kill hundreds of enemies.

The woman draws attention of an enemy, a man wrapped in white flame starts to fight with the woman.
Their fight has torn the sky into shreds.

Finally, the woman falls, the man swings a heavy fist at her and she disappears in the shattered and darkening void.

Mu Feng wanted to see more however, a sharp pain swept in and the scene disappears, and then a voice rushes into his head.

‘The sacred book of Asura! Drawing enlightenment from killing, refining all spirits of the universe, reaching the peak of cultivation with blood.
A swing can destroy the whole universe, a thought can subject all living to its rule…’

The memories kept rushing in, leaving him astonished.

He sat on the ground cross-legged for a long time, recollecting pieces of memories that rushed into his head, and one memory surprises him.

The memory is about how to heal the inner wound, and it includes a method of how to refine the blood & qi and reconstruct qi passageways.

But, the reconstructed qi passageways are called blood qi passageways, these passageways are multiple times powerful than qi passageways, and qi runs faster inside them.

‘Why do I have these memories, where is this battlefield, does this vast and deserted world really exist? Who is the woman?’

Mu Feng murmurs, what he saw is mysterious but feels so realistic.

He shakes off these thoughts and concentrates, he drops a slice of spirit into his qi passageways.

The exercisers of Tong Mai are able to see their inner bodies through the third eye.
He had once reached level Zi Fu, though all the wudo practices are lost, the third eye remains.

He finds that three out of twelve broken qi passageways have recovered and become blood-red.
They are purified and transparent, inside which a milky white qi runs.
This qi is so purified that no other qi can compare.

That means he has regained wudo of the Tong Mai third sky level

‘Recovered! My qi passageways have recovered!’

He is thrilled like a man who sees a beam of light in the darkness.

‘Hahaha…I knew it! I knew there was hope, I can avenge my family if I regain all my wudo! Father, are you watching now? The heaven has not abandoned me!’

He laughs.
He is a teenage boy who cannot hide his happiness.

Mu Feng then takes a deep breath, he runs qi inside his passageways.
The qi flows into his palm, a pale white light then appears above his palm.

‘Tong Mai Fist!’

Mu Feng punches on the thick trunk of the yellow pear tree in the center of the yard.


The punch heavily dents the hard tree trunk, leaves fall down from the tree.

Mu Feng is surprised by the power of his fist.

Whenever one qi passageway is constructed, the strength grows significantly, one qi passageway can increase its power by about 100 kg.

Now he has three reconstructed qi passageways, it should explode with 300 kg power.

To his surprise, the power of his punch is not weaker than the Tong Mai fifth sky and maybe is as strong as the sixth sky .

‘What a purified energy, the weakest punch of Tong Mai can unleash such power, how powerful it will be if I use the more complicated and advanced wudo?’

Mu Feng murmurs, he is puzzled and excited.
But, he thinks he knows the reason, this energy is multiple times more purified than what he practiced before, while the volume of his qi passageways is also ten times larger than that of ordinary people, therefore, he can unleash more power than other people.

‘The sacred book of Asura, what is this book? Is it the legendary mantra of the mystery level?’

His family’s mantra is of the yellow level, and it is a very powerful mantra.

However, the level of mystery is more powerful than the mantra of iron blood.
As for the higher levels – the level of earth and level of the sky, their powers is beyond his imagination.
Maybe even if you sell the whole kingdom of Nan Ling, you still cannot buy a mantra of the sky level.

‘This mantra is blood-thirsty.
If I want to heal all my qi passageways, I need to kill and absorb blood.
What a pity that I cannot fight in the battlefield now, or I would reconstruct all twelve qi passageways and regain my wudo within a year! But, this mantra is not some kind of evil practice, is it?’

Mu Feng frowns, he never heard of a mantra that can refine qi by absorbing the blood of living things.

‘Whatever! As long as it can help me regain my wudo and avenge my family, I will practice it whether it is evil or not.
There is no good mantra or bad mantra, only whether the man who practices them is good or bad.’

Mu Feng looks up, the autumn sun is as red as blood, the sun lights the handsome face, shining brightly.

The boy smiles, ‘Father, you can rest in peace now, Feng will never give up, the Mu family will never fall!’


As Mu Feng is walking into his room, the door of his courtyard opens and some uninvited people step in.

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