Translated by: Minx Calypso

Edited by: cdewsx77

Chapter 60: Bloodbath at the Huang Family

“Who the hell are you guys?”

There were another five Huang cultivators doing their nightly patrols inside the Huang family mansion.
They were shocked to see a group of masked people dressed in black rushing through the main gates.


One of the masked men shouted coldly.
In an instant, more than 10 Zi Fu level cultivators dashed forward with their weapons.
In the midst of screaming, those five Huang men were killed at the spot They were either beheaded or stabbed to death.

Their tragic screams broke the silence of the night and got the attention of the other Huang cultivators.
Soon, numerous Huang cultivator started swiftly dashing out of the mansion, one after another.

“10 people in a group.
All Huang cultivators shall be killed on sight.”

Mu Feng said coldly.

Swoosh! Swish!

This group of more than 200 people instantly formed their own individual groups and charged towards the Huang family mansion.

Just as one of the Huang disciples was about to open the door, the strike of a sword killed him instantly.


The strike pierced his throat in a split second.
The Huang disciple covered his throat and stared at his attacker with his eyes wide open.
Soon, he fell down to the ground lifelessly.


A woman behind him, who was dressed in pajamas, screamed in horror, and her face was as pale as a ghost.

However, the Mu disciple dressed in black ignored the woman and darted to another room with his blood-stained sword instead.

Mu Feng, Mu Kuang, Bai Ziyue, and Mu Zhong stood in the center of the main courtyard and looked on at the killing going on around them.


In the distance, another Huang disciple was chopped in half by a beam of Sword Qi, splattering his internal organs and blood all over the place.


Bai Ziyue, who was already stunned by all the killings, couldn’t help but vomit when he saw this scene, and his legs turned to jelly.

This was his first time seeing such a gruesome murder, and only then did he realiz that it was inevitable for the path of cultivation to be stained by blood.

On the other hand, Mu Feng and Mu Kuang had very calm expressions.

“Ziyue, do you regret the choice you made?”

Mu Feng asked with his hands crossed behind his back.

Bai Ziyue wiped his mouth and his face was still pale.
He then replied: “No, I have no regrets, Brother Feng.”

“In the world of cultivation and Wudo, this is inevitable.
There are no true laws or regulations of justice in this world.
If there were any, the laws would be our own fists.
The one who is more powerful would be the law itself.
What you’ve seen is just a tiny glimpse of it.”

A hint of wisdom that was not found in other teenagers flashed across Mu Feng’s eyes as he gazed into the distance.

“How dare you, you thief!”

At this moment, an angry shout rang out from afar.
A middle-aged man dressed in blue robes dashed out from a courtyard.
His entire body was protected by a red-colored Gang Qi Defense Shield.
He then slapped at one of the Mu disciples.

This slap was infused with red-colored Meta-power, which made his palm look fiery.



The Mu disciple screamed and was sent flying seven or eight meters away.
The place where the slap hit him was burnt, and he spat out a few mouthfuls of blood.
He dropped dead on the ground soon after that.

A few other Mu disciples who were beside him let out a war cry and simultaniously charged towards the Ning Gang level Huang elder.
However, a gush of powerful Meta-power burst out from the Huang elder, and he killed another Mu disciple with his Ghost Head Knife.


Two of the Ning Gang level Mu elders swiftly charged towards the Huang elder at the same time when they saw that their Mu brothers were killed.

Since the fight had now become a two versus one, it wasn’t long before the Huang elder was no longer able to deal with both of them.
Soon, one of the Mu elders chopped off one of his arms, while the other Mu elder pierced his sword straight through the Huang elder’s skull.

The outcome of this battle was obvious.
With the death of their family Lord and five other powerful Ning Gang level Huang elders, the end result was extremely one-sided, as there was not much resistance from the Huang family.

In one of the rooms, two naked bodies were still twisted around each other.
One of them was a one-armed young man, and the other was a beautiful maid.

However, at this moment, screams, clashes of swords, and explosions rang out from outside.

“What the f*ck is going on?!”

Huang Yi got off from the bed and shouted angrily.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

“Little Lord, bad news! A group of assassins has infiltrated our family’s mansion!”

A sudden knock was heard from outside the door.


Huang Yi instantly turned white, and he quickly got dressed.
He then grabbed one of his swords and went out of the room.
The maid was so frightened that she hid under the covers and trembled in fear.

Huang Yi opened the door and asked angrily: “What the f*ck happened?!”

Just as the guard was about to reply, a sword that was still dripping with blood pierced straight through the guard’s heart.


Huang Yi was terrified, and he immediately fell back a few steps.

Three Mu disciples barged into the room and stared at Huang Yi.

“Do-don’t kill me, please! I-I’ll give you anything you want! Spare my life!”

Huang Yi blurted out in fear.

“Little Lord wants him alive.
Take him away!”

One of the Mu disciples said.

The other two Mu disciples stepped forward and stabbed at his shoulder.
After confirming that he couldn’t fight back anymore, they forcefully dragged him outside.

“Father, father! Save me, father!”

Huang Yi screamed loudly for his father to come to his rescue.

Soon, Huang Yi was dragged in front of Mu Feng and the others.

“Kneel down!”

One of the Mu disciples kicked Huang Yi’s legs and forced him to kneel down.

“Wh-who are you guys?! I’m the Little Lord of the Huang family! If you dare lay a finger on me, I swear, my father will kill all of you!”

Huang Yi threatened them, even though he had already been forced to kneel down.

“Your father? Huang Yi, your father is already on his way to hell.”

Mu Feng said with a cold laugh.
Huang Yi seemed to recognize his voice.

“Ju-just who the hell are you?!”

Hearing the voice, Huang Yi asked in horror.

Mu Feng took off his mask, revealing a familiar face, the one that Huang Yi hated the most.

“Mu Feng?! It’s you?! Mu Feng!”

Huang Yi shouted furiously as he tried to get up, but he was quickly pinned down.

“Huang Yi, those who make a mistake must pay the price.
Your family should never have messed with our family.
You made the wrong choice to rob our goods.
Well, at least you’ll know why you’ll die today.”

Mu Feng said with a cold laugh.
He then said to Bai Ziyue: “Ziyue, kill him.”

“What? Me? Brother Feng, I…”

Upon hearing his words, Bai Ziyue turned slightly pale.
His fist tightened around his sword, but he didn’t step forward.

“If you wish to follow me, you should know that there will be a sea of corpses in front of you.
One day, you may even become one of them.
If you don’t want to kill him, I will give you a bag of money, and you may go and live an ordinary life.”

Mu Feng said with his hands still crossed behind his back.

“Please don’t Brother Feng.
Please don’t send me away.
I-I’ll kill him.”

Bai Ziyue panicked when he heard Mu Feng’s words.
He didn’t want to leave Mu Feng, so he gripped his sword and started to approach Huang Yi.

“Release him.
Huang Yi, grab your sword.”

Mu Feng said to the Mu disciple.
The Mu disciple did as he said and released Huang Yi.
Huang Yi picked up his sword and gave Bai Ziyue a death stare.

Huang Yi was well aware that he was going to die today.
However, he would at least take a man to accompany him down to hell.

Both of them altered their stances and faced each other in silence.
A trace of coldness flashed across Bai Ziyue’s eyes as he unsheathed his sword.
He seemed like a different person now.


Huang Yi let out a battle cry and charged forward, aiming straight at Bai Ziyue’s throat.
His strike was swift like the wind, and it was heading right towards Bai Ziyue, who had no fighting experience whatsoever.

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