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Edited by: cdewsx77

Chapter 57: Massacre at the Inn

Later that evening, the convoy passed by that very inn and decided to rest there for the night.

The carriages were parked in front of the inn and were guarded by two guards.
The rest of the guards went into the inn to have dinner.

“Oh, my fellow guests, welcome! Please, come on in.”

A waiter greeted them warmly as soon they stepped into the inn.

“Waiter, get us three jars of good wine and serve us all of your signature dishes.”

The fourth Mu elder said.
They had been here many times.

Elder Mu, please wait for a while.”

The waiter replied and passed the order to the kitchen.
Then, he went downstairs to get three jars of wine from the cellar, secretly adding a packet of powder to the wine before he brought it up.

A sly grin spread across the waiter’s face as he swirled the jars of wine.
He then went back upstairs and served the three jars of wine on the table.

The fourth Mu elder and the others immediately poured out the wine.


All of them covered their faces and drank up, but they indeed drank the wine.

After drinking, they started to chat.

A wide smile spread across the waiter’s face after he confirmed that they drank the wine.

After a while, dinner was served.

“Eh? What’s going on? I-I feel so dizzy suddenly…”

One of the Zi Fu level Mu disciples suddenly felt dizzy and blacked out instantly.

“Hey, wake up, what’s wrong with you?”

The others were shocked at first, but they also felt dizzy after a while.
Soon, all of them blacked out.

“Hahahaha, well done, waiter.”

At this moment, a laugh rang out from upstairs and a group of men dressed in black robes walked down the stairs.

One of them tossed a gold card to the waiter, and the waiter accepted it gratefully.

The group of men in black walked down the stairs and looked at the Mu family members who were passed out on the table.
A trace of coldness and disdain flashed across their faces.

“Well, well, well.
Look who it is, the Mu family.
This is all your fault for protecting somebody who shouldn’t have been protected.”

One of the men dressed in black muttered.
With a wave of his hand, he said coldly: “Kill them all.”

The others pulled out their swords and started approaching the Mu family members.

One of the men who held a long knife in his hand struck down at the fourth Mu elder’s neck.

Just as he was about to be beheaded, the fourth Mu elder suddenly opened his eyes and punched towards his attacker’s head.

At the same time, the fourth Mu elder surrounded himself with a gush of yellow-colored Meta-power — it was a Gang Qi Defense Shield.


The strike from the sword was bounced back when it hit the shield, and at the same time, the punch landed directly on the attacker’s head.


The attacker’s head instantly burst, splattering his cerebrospinal fluid all over the ground.

All of a sudden, the other Mu disciples, who had supposedly blacked out, stood up, grabbed their weapons, and charged at the remaining men in black.

“What the hell?!”

The leader of the men was shocked.
He looked around, trying to find the waiter, but the waiter was nowhere to be seen.

The fifth Mu elder looked at the group of men in black and said coldly: “Lord Huang, why don’t you take off your masks?”

Upon hearing his words, the middle-aged man’s heart sank and he said coldly: “Fifth Mu elder, you knew that we planned to ambush you?”

The middle-aged man took off his mask — he was Huang Tai.

“Hmph, do you think we would fall for the same trick twice? Well, it seems that my Lord and Little Lord Feng were right.
You were indeed the mastermind behind the robbery last time.”

The fifth Mu elder sneered coldly.

“Hmph, even if you find out that I was the mastermind behind all of this, what difference does it make? There’s only a few of you here, do you really think that you could make it out of here alive?”

Huang Tai said with a cold smile.
Among his group of men, there were four Ning Gang level cultivators and 30 Zi Fu level cultivators.

“Hahaha, Huang Tai, how can you be so stupid? Since we already found out that you were planning to ambush us, do you really think that we wouldn’t prepare any backup?”

At this moment, a laugh rang out from outside, and the door was swung open.
Several figures appeared at the door, including Mu Hai, Uncle Fu, Mu Zhong, Mu Feng, two more Mu elders, and several Zi Fu level cultivators.

Upon seeing this, Huang Tai’s heart sank.

“I never thought that your family was really the mastermind behind all of this.
Huang Tai, we, the Mu family, never meddle in anybody else’s business.
You’ve led yourself to your own death.”

Mu Hai said coldly.

“You’ve never meddled in other families’ business?! Bullshit! You do remember that he was the one who took my son’s arm, right?!”

Huang Tai glared at Mu Feng coldly and put the blame on him.

He then shouted coldly: “Kill them all and break through the encirclement!”

Clang! Swoosh!

Suddenly, all of his men charged forward and attacked.


Mu Feng said coldly with a wave of his hand.

The Mu disciples charged forward and attacked as well.

Mu Feng also dashed forward.
He pointed his fingers like a sword and prepared to attack.
At this time, a Huang disciple struck down at Mu Feng.

Mu Feng dodged away swiftly and jabbed his sword-like fingers into his attacker’s head.
A golden beam of light swirled around his fingers.


His fingers stabbed through the attacker’s forehead, killing him instantly.

“Go to hell!”

Another Huang disciple struck down at Mu Feng with his knife.
The strike was blue in color.

Mu Feng grabbed the dead body of his previous attacker and blocked the strike.
The blue-colored Knife Qi struck the corpse, almost splitting it in half.

With a flick of his finger, a golden beam of light shot out and pierced through the Huang disciple’s skull, killing him instantly.

The disciple fell onto the ground, with eyes staring blankly ahead.

After a month of cultivation, Mu Feng had trained his Concentric Fingering Technique up to the point where he could kill people with just a flick of his finger.
This kind of result could only be achieved if the skill was cultivated up to the Da Cheng level, which he had obviously done.

Bang! Swoosh!

Two explosions suddenly burst out, smashing the surrounding tables and chairs into pieces.
They were the result of the collision between Mu Hai and Huang Tai, who were both powerful Ning Gang Ninth Sky cultivators.

Meanwhile, Uncle Fu and Mu Zhong were dealing with another two Ning Gang level Huang disciples, while the fourth and fifth Mu elders were massacring the other Zi Fu level Huang disciples.

The other Mu family members were astonished when they saw that Mu Feng had already killed two Huang disciples.

“Go to hell, you little brat!

One of the Huang disciples shouted furiously and charged towards Mu Feng when he saw that Mu Feng had killed two of his brothers.
This Huang disciple was a Zi Fu Fifth Sky cultivator, and the Meta-power that he was releasing was very powerful.

With just one strike of his sword, six strikes of Sword Qi came flying towards Mu Feng.

“Following the strikes of swords!”

With a twist of his foot, Mu Feng leaped up and did a somersault, dodging all the strikes.

A light shone on Mu Feng’s finger, and a snow-white knife suddenly appeared in his hands.
This was a Yuan Item that he had carved Weapon Runes on.

“Tyrant Tiger Knife Skill!”


A loud roar resounded when Mu Feng struck down with his knife, emitting a golden-colored Knife Qi which then struck towards the Huang disciple.


The Huang disciple raised his sword to block the attack, but the explosive force of that strike was too powerful.
As a result, the strike split the disciple’s hands open, leaving a long, bloody gash.

“Pouncing Tiger Skill!”

Meanwhile, Mu Feng stepped forward and threw his knife at the disciple.
The knife shot out, just like a tiger pouncing on its prey.


The knife pierced through the disciple’s chest and shot out from behind.
Mu Feng then dashed forward and grabbed the knife that was dripping blood.
Pure horror flashed across the disciple’s eyes when he made eye contact with Mu Feng…

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