of these scars looked like they’ve just healed, but the others looked like very old scars.
Besides, most of them are knife and spear wounds.
No wonder your Wudo skills are so strong, you must have been through many battles.”

Zhao Chen said in astonishment.

“Hehe, let me tell you something, Brother Zhao.
Brother Feng grew up in the army from a young age.
He isn’t that old, but he has been through countless battles and killed more than hundreds.
All his injuries are battle scars.”

Mu Kuang said with a laugh.
He was very proud to tell the others about Mu Feng’s battle scars.

“Really? I think Mu Feng should be around 15 or 16 years old at most, but he has fought in so many battles already?”

Xiao Ting said with a hint of admiration.

“My brother is just joking.
It’s true that I grew up in an army and fought in many battles, but I wouldn’t say that I’ve fought in ‘countless’ battles.”

Mu Feng finished changing and covered his battle scars and Qilin tattoo with his shirt.

“I’ve heard about the Blood Qilin tattoo before.
I believe it was a military tattoo of the Mu family.
Don’t tell me that Brother Feng used to be in the Mu army?”

Zhao Chen asked.

Upon hearing the words, there was a trace of sadness in Mu Feng’s eyes.
He nodded.

“I heard that the Mu army was completely wiped out at the battlefront not long ago.
That army was the one I admired most, and it was filled with the loyal and righteous men of our country.
I didn’t know that Brother Feng had joined the Mu army before.
That explains why you are so powerful.
Oh, let’s stop talking about that.
Thank you both so much for saving us today.
You guys have my utmost respect!”

Zhao Chen picked up his bota bag and clasped hands towards Mu Feng and Mu Kuang. (EN: A bota bag is a traditional liquid receptacle that was usually made of leather and was mainly used to carry wine when travelling.
It kind of resembles a stomach.)

Xiao Ting and Li Dahu each picked up a bota bag and clasped hands as well.

“Please, be my guest!”

The five of them drank from the bota bags and started to chat.

“Brother Zhao, who are you guys? Why did they pick a fight with you?”

Mu Feng asked.

“They are from the Yellow Tiger Regiment in An Nan city.
The Yellow Tiger Regiment is a powerful organization in the city and we, the Wild Wolf Regiment, have had come conflicts with them in the past.
We came to the An Nan mountains to help somebody find a type of herbal medicine.
In the end, we found a Qing Yuan tree, so we picked two Qing Yuan fruits from it.
However, we bumped into the people from the Yellow Tiger Regiment, and they planned to kill us and steal our treasure.”

Zhao Chen explained.

The Qing Yuan fruit was a type of fruit that grew by absorbing Vitality.
It could help cultivators below the Ning Gang level improve their cultivation.
It could also help Tong Mai Ninth Sky cultivators reach Zi Fu level by eating it.

“I see.”

Mu Feng nodded.
Zhao Chen took out a fist-sized green fruit that had a glossy surface from his bag.
It was the Qing Yuan fruit.

“My brothers, you can have this Qing Yuan fruit.
As for the other one, my sister needs it to reach the Zi Fu level, so I can’t give it to you.
Thanks for saving our lives.”

Zhao Chen said sincerely and handed the fruit to Mu Feng.

“No, no, no.
You got it by risking your lives, we can’t take it.”

Mu Feng and Mu Kuang shooked their heads and refused.

“Aiya, just take it, or else we will feel guilty.
A Qing Yuan fruit is nowhere near comparable to the help that you two brothers gave us.”

Zhao Chen said as he pushed the Qing Yuan fruit into Mu Feng’s hands.

“Yeah, just take it.”

Xiao Ting and Li Dahu also said sincerely.

Mu Feng and Mu Kuang exchanged a look and felt that they shouldn’t refuse anymore, so they accepted it.
Mu Feng gave the fruit to Mu Kuang, as it would be of use to Mu Kuang since he had now reached Tong Mai Ninth Sky.
As for Mu Feng, his Zi Fu Dantian was still damaged, so it wouldn’t be of use to him.

They chatted while eating.
Later, they went their separate ways as Zhao Chen and his men had to finish their duties and send their injured comrade back for medical treatment as well.

As for Mu Feng and Mu Kuang, they chose to stay in the An Nan mountains.
Mu Feng still needed to hunt Xiong Beasts to restore his Zi Fu Dantian.

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