Chapter 39: Fight in the Woods

As for the other knife skill, the ‘Wave Breaker Nine Knives Skill’, Mu Kuang can cultivate it instead.
Mu Kuang’s Vitality was not as good as Mu Feng’s, but his explosive force was not weak.
Hence, his abilities were complementary to the knife skill.

Mu Feng thought to himself.
At the same time, he was amazed at the value of the Asura jade pendant.

There weren’t many Huang level Wudo Forms in the Mu family, but these skills could be easily obtained via the Asura jade pendant.

As for Xuan level Wudo Forms, only the powerful ones like the royal family and the royal college had access to them.

This was also one of the reasons why many people wanted a place in the royal college, because it was the only place in Nan Ling kingdom that gave you the opportunity to learn Xuan level Wudo Forms and cultivation methods.

Mu Feng took note of the two knife skills and the fingering technique that were passed to him by Xi Yue in his mind.
He then continued his cultivation in the An Nan mountains with Mu Kuang.

Both of them had been cultivating in the An Nan mountains for almost half a month, but no one in the Mu family seemed to worry about their safety, which seemed a little strange.

Two days later, both of them cultivated near the edge of the An Nan mountains.
They had killed almost all the Man Beasts within a ten-mile radius.

Mu Feng’s twelfth Xue Ling pulse was almost fully restored as well.

 Both of them had made tremendous progress in terms of their strength after killing so many Man Beasts.
Mu Kuang was almost able to breakthrough to Zi Fu level, and his physique was also much stronger due to the body training.

As the saying goes, one who is more powerful is more daring.
Now, both of them could easily kill an ordinary Zi Fu level Xiong Beast, so they went another dozen miles deeper into the An Nan mountains.

Mu Feng thought that it would be best if he could restore all twelve of his Xue Ling pulses and repair his Zi Fu Dantian that had been damaged in one bout of cultivation in the mountains.

Soon, after they went deeper into the mountains, they heard somebody fighting.
They stopped and sneaked closer towards the source of the sound.

The fight took place in a pine forest.
Two groups of people were in a fierce battle and the sound of weapons clashing was ringing out clearly into the surrounding forest.

There were a total of ten people in the groups.
By looking at their outfits, one could tell that there were two separate groups.

There were six people on one side who were dressed in black robes, whereas the four people on the other side were dressed in leather armor and looked like mercenaries.

There was a Zi Fu level cultivator in each group, but the others were cultivators who had reached Tong Mai Ninth Sky.

The two groups were attacking each other fiercely and the two Zi Fu level cultivators were viciously fighting one another in their own battle.

One of the two men was dressed in black with a snow-white sword in his hands.
He was relatively ordinary looking, but his eyes seemed to emit a cold light.

The other guy was a muscular man with a rough face and a big beard.
He had a machete in his hand and was fighting fiercely with the man dressed in black.




The middle-aged man in black swung his sword and three sword blades appeared mid-air.
It was difficult to tell the direction of his sword moves.
The sword stabbed into three parts of the muscular man, namely the throat, shoulder, and chest.

The muscular man’s expression changed.
His first reaction was to strike the sword blade that aimed for his throat, because that strike would be fatal.


However, to his surprise, the sword blade that aimed for his throat was actually a fake.
It didn’t strike him and he ended up striking the air instead.

The sword blade that aimed for his shoulder was the real one.
It pierced a hole in the muscular man’s shoulder in an instant.

“You despicable man!”

The muscular man shouted loudly.
He slashed with his knife and a golden colored sword Qi was released, aiming at the middle-aged man in black.

The middle-aged man in black gave a cold sneer and dodged swiftly.
The sword Qi hit a nearby pine tree, splitting it into two.

The muscular man also took two steps back while holding his injured shoulder.


At this moment, a tragic howl came from afar.
A mercenary was besieged by two men dressed in black.
A sword was stabbed in his chest and he was lying in a pool of blood.
It seemed that he had lost his fighting spirit.

“Little Gou!”

The muscular man flew into a rage when he saw the scene.
He dashed over with his knife and let out his Vitality, pushing away the two men dressed in black.
The other two mercenaries lifted the injured man up.

The four people then immediately retreated and leaned against one another, back to back.
Among the four men, one was heavily injured, while the other three suffered minor injuries.

Meanwhile, the six men dressed in black surrounded the four people.
The middle-aged man smiled coldly and said: “Zhao Chen, hand over the Qing Yuan fruit now, or else all of you will die today.”

“Wang Liuping, how dare you son of a b*tch kill us, the Wild Wolf Regiment.
Aren’t you afraid that you will spark a war between the two mercenary groups?”

The muscular man shouted angrily.

“That’s right.
We put our lives at stake in order to get the Qing Yuan fruit.
Why should we give it to you?”

Among the four people, a young lady shouted angrily.
She looked like she was in her twenties.
She had sleek eyebrows, a small mouth, and an oval face.
She was very beautiful and was dressed in a leather mini skirt that exposed her slender legs, with her leather armor wrapped over her bust.



“Hehe, the Wild Wolf Regiment? What about it? We, the Yellow Tiger Regiment, are not afraid of you.
Shut the f*ck up and hand it over now, or else all of you will die here!”


The four people were furious but helpless.
Their opponent was stronger than them and they had someone who was heavily injured.

The muscular man glanced at his injured comrade, bit his lip, and said: “Fine, you guys can have the Qing Yuan fruit, but you must first let my three comrades go!”

“No, brother Chen, all of us must escape together!”

 Upon hearing his words, the others started to panic.

“Xiao Ting, listen to me.
Little Gou is badly injured and he must be sent back to the city for treatment.
I’ll go over later.”

Zhao Chen shook his head and said.

He then looked at the middle-aged man and said coldly: “Wang Liuping, let my comrades go.
I’ll only give you the Qing Yuan fruit once they leave.”

“Haha, fine with me.
Those two guys can leave, but the girl must stay.”

Wang Liuping grinned.
Looking at the girl’s slender legs, he swallowed his saliva and there was a gleam of lust in his eyes.

How could he let such a beautiful girl that he defeated leave just like that? 

“You bastard! No, I won’t give it to you unless all of them leave!”

Zhao Chen was furious.
He knew what the guy was thinking about.

In a location of more than 20 meters, Mu Feng and Mu Kuang, who were hiding in the bushes, saw and heard everything clearly.

“The guy with the big beard is so loyal to his comrades.
Brother Feng, should we help them?”

Mu Kuang asked.

In contrast to the man whom he killed, Mu Kuang admired this beardy man’s loyalty and he wanted to help him.

Mu Feng also admired Zhao Chen but the six people in front of him were not weak.
There was even a Zi Fu level cultivator among them, and this made him hesitate.
He could not put his own brother in danger.

“Zhao Chen, what now? Have you thought it through?”

Wang Liuping grinned.



“Da Hu, take Little Gou and leave.
I’ll stay here with Brother Zhao.”

The girl said solemnly.

“No! It’s obviously nothing good if that guy wants you to stay! I’m not leaving either.”

Da Hu refused.

“Wang Liuping, you son of a bitch!”

Zhao Chen gritted his teeth in anger.

“Hmph, since you all don’t appreciate the chance given, we will take it from you ourselves.
Attack now, kill the men.
As for the girl, we’ll enjoy her among ourselves, hehe…”

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