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Chapter 23: A Trap Set-up by the Main Family?

Almost everyone stared at the young man who calmly pulled his fist back.

One punch, he defeated his opponent with just one punch! 

“The nine cracking sounds that we heard just now… It means that his Tong Mai Punch had been reached the Yuan Man level!”

A middle-aged man said in shock.

Nine crisp sounds indicated that one’s Tong Mai Punch had reached the Yuan Man level.

The Tong Mai Punch was an upper-ranked skill which didn’t have a class, so it was very suitable for Tong Mai level cultivators to cultivate.
However, cultivators would not normally spend very much time or energy cultivating this lower-ranked skill up to the Yuan Man level.

This was because they would rather spend their time cultivating Vitality and opening up more of their Meta-pulses.
Once they reached the Zi Fu level, they would be able to cultivate higher-ranked Wudo Forms.

For a cultivator to produce nine crisp sounds with a Tong Mai Punch, their cultivation had to be at least Tong Mai Ninth Sky, on top of reaching Yuan Man level in the Tong Mai Punch.
The higher the number of crisp sounds heard, the greater the explosive force of one’s punch.

Since Mu Feng had only opened up six of his Meta-pulses, he should only be able to exert the force of a Tong Mai Sixth Sky cultivator.
This meant that the explosive force of his punch should only be around 500 kilograms.
However, the Vitality that he possessed was much purer than other Tong Mai level cultivators, and his Xue Ling pulses were also much thicker and stronger than usual.
Hence, the explosive force of his punch was as powerful as a Tong Mai Ninth Sky cultivator. 

That was why the explosive force of his punch was around 900 kilograms instead.
One punch of his would be able to smash a cow into pieces.

The crowd stared at Mu Li, who was lying in a pool of blood, and remained speechless.
After a while, Mu Hai snapped out of his thoughts and shouted: “Why are you still standing there? Go over and help him now!”

“Ah? Y-yes, my Lord!”

Two Mu disciples snapped back into the present and hurried over to help Mu Li.
His ribs were broken.

Mu Li glared at Mu Feng as he passed him.
Mu Feng looked at him and said: “Cousin Mu Li, thanks for going easy on me.”

“That punch of yours just now… I sensed Vitality in it! Your Meta-pulses…A-aren’t damaged!”

Mu Li said as he glared at Mu Feng.

“No, my Meta-pulses were indeed damaged.
However, who said that damaged Meta-pulses can’t recover? As you said just now, I’m the Little Lord of the main family…”

Mu Feng walked over to his side and whispered coldly to Mu Li, who was now lying on a stretcher: “No matter what, you’re my cousin.
I hope that you will respect yourself.
We’re all brothers of the Mu family, and nobody is superior to the others.
If it was me that you were badmouthing, I would be willing to tolerate it.
However, I will not tolerate anybody who badmouths my brother! Do take care of yourself.”

After finishing his sentence, Mu Feng stood up and continued to look at Mu Li as he was carried away.
Mu Li realized what Mu Feng meant.
Mu Feng was actually telling him that his Meta-pulses, which were once damaged, were now completely healed. 

“Mu Feng……!”


Mu Li was angered by his words and spat out another mouthful of blood.
He became unconscious shortly after that.

“What a powerful punch! I never thought that he would be able to defeat Mu Li with just one punch.
But since he did, his cultivation must at least be at the Tong Mai Ninth Sky.
But aren’t his Meta-pulses damaged? Why does he still have such strength?”

“That really freaked me out too.
I heard nine crisp sounds just now.
He actually cultivated his Tong Mai Punch up to the Yuan Man level?! Since he was still able to practice a Wudo Form, doesn’t this mean that his Meta-pulses were not damaged?”

“Hmm, I think I understand now.
His Meta-pulses must have been damaged previously, but they were healed by the family.
Think about it.
The main family is one of the upper-class families within the capital, and he’s the Little Lord of that family.
They must have cured him with some sort of rare panacea.”

A commotion broke out among the crowd.

Little Lord, it seems that the news about your damaged Meta-pulses was fake.
Did the main family spread the rumors just to keep you safe?    

Mu Hai thought to himself.

“Haha, you were so cool, Brother Feng! That was awesome!”

“You’re really amazing, Brother Feng!”

Mu Kuang and Bai Ziyue rushed forward and congratulated him.

The few disciples from Mu Li’s gang remained silent and did not dare to make eye contact with Mu Feng.

“Mu Feng, you little brat! You weren’t a cripple after all!”

Mu Cang looked at Mu Feng’s back and gritted his teeth in anger.
Meanwhile, Mu Lan looked at Mu Feng and smiled, with her beautiful eyes arched like crescent moons. 

Mu Hai looked at Mu Feng and squinted his eyes.
Uncle Fu whispered softly to him: “It seems that the news about Little Lord Feng’s damaged Meta-pulses was just fake news that was intentionally released by the main family.”

“Yeah… Taking into account the fact that the main family is now in a pinch, I somehow understand why they did that.
They had to keep his talent a secret in order to keep him safe.”

Mu Hai said, squinting his eyes in thought.

From what I heard, the Yuan Gu test during enrollment day showed that Mu Feng possessed Ling Gu.
From my point of view, I think that the main family already knew about this long ago.
They intentionally spread the news that his Meta-pulses were damaged, so that he could escape from all the current turmoil.
If that’s really the case, he was sent here so that he could stay away from all the trouble.

Uncle Fu mouthed out the words.

I think what you said is totally possible.
If that is indeed the case, we must help him and protect him at all times.
If he grows up and becomes a talented cultivator in the future, he might offer some help to our branch when we need it.
This may be a great opportunity for us to establish a good relationship with him.

Both of them communicated via Yuan Li telepathy, so they were just mouthing the words.
Nobody knew what they were talking about.

Judging by Mu Feng’s strength, both of them thought that the main family had really released fake news in order to hide his talent and keep him safe. 

Meanwhile, Mu Feng approached them, clasped hands and said apologetically: “Uncle Hai, I’m so sorry for what happened just now.”

“Haha, it’s alright, you don’t need to apologize.
He asked for it.
If you didn’t teach him a lesson just now, I would have done it personally later.
Feng, look at how powerful you are now, you really are the genius of our family.”

Mu Hai laughed.
Not only did he not get angry about his son, but he praised Mu Feng instead.

However, his words had an underlying meaning to them.
Mu Hai was actually implicitly expressing that he wanted to know more about Mu Feng’s damaged Meta-pulses.

Mu Feng seemed to understand his intentions, but he smiled and didn’t say anything more.

“Well, it seems to me that the news about your damaged Meta-pulses was fake after all.
Anyway, it’s impossible that a genius like you would become a cripple just like that.”

Mu Hai smiled and continued to say implicitly.

“No, my Meta-pulses were indeed damaged, but my family managed to find a panacea and cured me.”

Mu Feng said with a laugh.
He didn’t know what Mu Hai’s intentions were, so he lied to him.
Besides, he was quite sure that he wouldn’t be able to keep it a secret much longer, as the truth would somehow be revealed eventually through incidents like today.
So, in the end, he decided to lie.

However, Mu Hai was not a young teenage boy.
He was the Lord of the branch family and a Ning Gang level cultivator.
Of course, he knew that Mu Feng was lying.
He knew that there was no such panacea in the whole Nan Ling kingdom.

Still, he didn’t refute the lie.
Instead, Mu Hai laughed and said: “I see, I understand now.
Well, you must be hungry after the fight, let’s go back inside and get you something to eat… Haha…”

Mu Hai gave Mu Feng’s shoulder a light pat, and both of them walked into the hall together.

Mu Feng was able to earn some respect from today’s fight.
At the very least, there wouldn’t be any more reckless guy like Mu Li who wanted to provoke or challenge him.

After the banquet, Mu Feng went back to his quiet, beautiful courtyard, which was prepared by the branch family, whereas Mu Kuang and Bai Ziyue stayed in the courtyard next to his.  

As for Mu Zhong, he would be staying in the branch family to protect Mu Feng from now on.

This was the starting point of Mu Feng’s journey for revenge.

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