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Edited by: cdewsx77

Chapter 19: A Street Conflict

After staying one night in the inn, they continued their journey to An Nan city early the next morning with a new member in their group, Bai Ziyue.

Since they only had three horses, Bai Ziyue and Mu Kuang rode together on one horse.

“Little Lord, it seems to me that the boy is a bit abnormal.”

Mu Zhong and Mu Feng were riding in the front while Mu Zhong said to Mu Feng.

“Oh? Abnormal? What do you mean by that?”

Mu Feng asked puzzledly.

“Yesterday, when I channeled my own Meta-power into his body to test his Yuan Gu level, I found out that he could actually absorb my Meta-power.
Although the absorption rate was very low, I’m quite positive that I sensed it.”

Mu Zhong said with a frown.

“How can that be?!”

Mu Feng turned over and glanced at Bai Ziyue and Mu Kuang who were riding behind them.

“Being able to absorb someone else’s Meta-power…”

Mu Feng frowned as well.
After following his father around from a young age, he had seen and heard about many cultivators with unique and extraordinary talents.

He once heard that, besides possessing Yuan Gu or Ling Gu, there were some people who were born with a unique physique, which gave them the ability to use some rare cultivation skills.

Some of them could control fire; some could control lightning, and some could even communicate with beasts.

However, usually only one of these people would appear from a million, and they were said to be thought highly of by others.
Sometimes, they were even called geniuses.

Could it be that Bai Ziyue was born with a unique physique?

Mu Feng thought to himself.
However, he had never heard of a physique that could absorb another person’s Meta-power.

Every cultivator had their own unique Meta-power, so, normally, others were not able to absorb somebody else’s Meta-power and cultivate it as their own.

Hmm, I’ll think about it later when I reach An Nan city.

 Mu Feng shook his head and stopped thinking about it.
They continued to gallop down the road on their horses.

Soon, it was almost noon.
The figure of a city started to appear before their eyes.
There were weapon marks left on the green-colored stone walls, which portrayed the city’s violent history. 

“Haha, Brother Feng, that’s An Nan city, right?”

Mu Kuang said with a laugh.

“That’s right.
It is indeed An Nan city.”

A trace of a smile appeared on Mu Feng’s face as well.
After a few days of riding, they could finally get some rest.

“An Nan city… I’ve heard about it since I was young, but I’ve never been here before.”

Bai Ziyue said excitedly.

After a while, the four of them reached the city gates.
A troop of armored soldiers was guarding the entrance, but they did not stop to check the visitors.

 More than a dozen people stood by the entrance, and it seemed that they were waiting for somebody.
An energetic, white-haired old man dressed in black robes was standing up front.

The rest of the group members were mostly young men and women.

As soon as they saw Mu Feng and the others, all of them immediately hurried over and greeted them.
The old man smiled and said: “Little Lord Feng, you’ve arrived at last.”

“Haha, Uncle Fu, long time no see.
It’s great to see that you’re still so energetic.”

Mu Feng dismounted and greeted him with a smile.

The old man was Uncle Fu, a family member from a branch of the Mu family.
Mu Feng met him before when he was small.

“I’m so pleased to know that Little Lord Feng still recognizes me.
However, I’m an old man now, and my body is not as strong as before.
Come, Little Lord Feng, let me introduce you to some of the elites of our branch family.”

Uncle Fu started introducing Mu Feng to the others.
Mu Feng stopped briefly when he was introduced to a young man and a young girl. 

The young man was two years older than Mu Feng, and he had a brownish skin tone.
He was muscular and was dressed in black robes.

The girl was pretty, and she had a small face with a pair of big, almond-colored eyes.
She was dressed in a green-colored Wudo skirt.

“You must be Mu Cang and Mu Lan, right?”

Mu Feng looked at them and said with a smile.
He held out his hand.

“Little Lord Feng, I’m surprised that you still remember us.”

Mu Lan shook his hand and said with a trace of shyness.

“Mu Feng, it’s been such a long time since we last met.
I heard that you became a cripple, is that true?”

Mu Cang asked, displaying a hint of bad intentions.

When Mu Cang was small, he used to fight with Mu Feng, but he never won a fight.

Upon hearing his question, Mu Feng faked a smile.

“Mu Cang!”

A middle-aged man shouted and said: “How dare you talk to Little Lord Feng like this!”

“The whole kingdom of Nan Ling knows about it already.
I’m not saying anything wrong.”

Mu Cang sneered coldly.


The middle-aged man raised his hand and wanted to slap Mu Cang, but Mu Feng grabbed his hand and stopped him from doing so.

“Never mind, Uncle Jiang.
Mu Cang is right, my Meta-pulses are indeed damaged.”

Mu Feng smiled lightly and wasn’t angry.

“Please forgive him, Little Lord Feng.
He’s a bit ill-mannered and doesn’t know his position.”

Mu Jiang smiled and said apologetically, with a trace of sympathy in his eyes.

“We’re all Mu family members.
There’s no superiority among us.
It’s alright, Uncle Jiang.
Let’s go in the city.”

Mu Feng didn’t dwell upon the matter and started walking towards the entrance.

“Hmph, you little brat.
Next time, I’ll break all your teeth if you speak like that.”

Mu Kuang walked in front of Mu Cang and sneered coldly.

“You can try.”

Mu Cang replied coldly.

They walked into the city while Mu Feng chatted with Uncle Fu about some family matters.
Uncle Fu let out a deep sigh when he talked about Mu Feng’s father.

They were walking on the streets when a herd of horses galloped pass them.
The horse upfront was even covered in black scales, and riding on it was a young man dressed in yellow silk robes.

The horse was a Scaled Horse, a level eight Man Beast.

The passers-by quickly made way for them to pass.
However, a child who was seven or eight years old couldn’t move to the side of the road in time.
He tripped and fell on the road.
Yet, the Scaled Horse still galloped towards him.


The small child was frightened by the horse and started crying out loud.

“Watch out!”

Upon seeing this, Mu Feng, who was at the front of the line, dashed towards the Scaled Horse without hesitation.
At the same time, a light glowed on his finger and a spear appeared suddenly in his hand.
He then threw it towards the Scale Horse.


The spear hit the calf of the Scaled Horse and nearly chopped its leg off.


The Scaled Horse neighed loudly and fell down about five or six meters in front of the child.
The young man who was riding the horse fell onto a pile of goods that was nearby.

“Little Lord!”

Several guards hurried over to help the young man up.

The young man then glared at Mu Feng and the child.

“Hey, kiddo, are you alright?”

Mu Feng asked while helping the child to stand up.

“I’m fine, thank you so much, big brother.”

The child wiped off his tears and ran away.

At this moment, the young man dressed in yellow silk robes angrily walked towards Mu Feng with a few of his guards and shouted: “Hey you! Do you have a death wish or something? How dare you hurt my horse!”

Mu Feng’s expression turned cold as he looked at the young man, and he said: “Didn’t you see that you nearly hit the child?”

“He’s just a little bastard.
I don’t care if he gets hit, and I don’t care if he dies.
My Scaled Horse is much more valuable than his lowly life anyway.
Do you even know who am I? How dare you hurt my horse?! I swear, I’ll break your leg today!”

The young man said furiously.
With a wave of his hand, five of his guards went over and encircled Mu Feng.

“You little brat, how dare you hurt our Little Lord’s horse? Do you wish to die?”

The guards said slyly while slowly cornering Mu Feng.
All of a sudden, one of the guards punched towards Mu Feng. 

Mu Feng didn’t move an inch and calmly looked at the incoming punch.

Just when the guard’s fist was a few feet away from Mu Feng, a muscular figure suddenly appeared in front of Mu Feng and grabbed hold of the fist with his bare hand.
The figure then pulled strongly on the guard’s arm while kicking the guard in his chest at the same time.



The guard screamed in pain and was sent flying almost 10 meters away.
His arm was directly ripped off of him.

“How dare you hurt my Little Lord! Do you all wish to die today?!”

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