Chapter 1: The Boy of Iron and Blood

The Jiu Quan city of the Nan Ling Kingdom is located on the border between the kingdom of Tian Feng and Nan Ling.

Tens of thousands of soldiers are facing Jiu Quan City, all wearing black armor and looking eager to kill.

There are about 20,000 soldiers standing by the entrance of Jiu Quan city, They wear silver armor and hold shining long swords.

The leader of this army is a middle-aged man with a strong body and resolute face, he holds a black pike that is more than ten feet long.
He rides a green-scaled unicorn.
The leader is now staring at the tens of thousands of enemies on the other side.

He is Mu Tian, he is the general of the Jiu Quan city and he also is a master of wudo (martial arts), he has reached the level of Yuan Dan.

The Tian Wu Continent worships the ancient wudo arts, hundreds of kingdoms coexist on this vast continent, and the wars are constant.

Humans practice wudo in order to absorb the spirit of the universe, through which they can exercise their vitality and strength.
According to their different inner strength, the ancient masters defined the various levels of wudo.

Level Tong Man (Thorough Qi Passageways) , level Zi Fu (Purple Palace), level Ning Zhi (Solidification), and the level Yuan Dan is the highest level.
And each level has nine skies within.

Beside the general Mu, there is a teenager who looks very young, he has handsome looks but there is a scar in his left eyebrow.
Although he looks young, he already is a strong soldier of blood and iron.

The silver armor he wears makes him more extraordinary.

Mu Feng, the son of Mu Tian, is a well-known talented boy in the kingdom of Nan Ling, the most beloved boy in family Mu.
He has fought in the many wars besides his father since very young, although he is fifteen, he is already a genius possessing the vitality, and he has reached the third sky of the level of Zi Fu.

Mu Feng grips the warrior sword, unlike his peers, he has a pair of firm eyes.
He is fearless when facing the tens of thousands of enemies.

Up on the wall of Jiu Quan City, a middle-aged man wearing the king’s robe embroidered with black dragons looks down, when he sees the back of Mu Tian, he sneers.

“Mu Tian, don’t blame my coldness, it’s you that choose the wrong side.”

This middle-aged man mutters.


The other side blows their clarion call.

“Kill all!”

The leader of enemy yells, and then tens of thousands of enemy soldiers rush toward in full fury.

“Feng, are you afraid?”

General Mu looks at the enemy, asking his son.

“Father, I am not afraid, the sons of the Mu Family have vowed to protect our homes and we would rather be dead in the field than give up an inch of our land.”

Mu Feng said firmly.

“Haha, this is my son.”

“ And brothers, what about you, are you afraid?”

General Mu shouts at the soldiers standing behind him.

“The Mu’s army is never afraid of death!”

20,000 soldiers respond fiercely.

“Good! The ones who offend our country, shall all be killed!”
General Mu shouts his order, holding his pike high in the air.


Suddenly, the 20,000 soldiers riding their horses run into their enemy, although they are outnumbered, but one reason can make them forget thieir fear and kill with strength.

The reason is defending their homes as a soldier.

Suddenly, the two iron floods collide into each other, the sound of swords and knives and human roars echo in the battlefield.

Mu Tian holds his pike, the golden Yuan Li inside his body swirls like rushing water, and suddenly it injects into his weapon and the light shoots out of the pike,splitting into thousands of shining lights, stabbing into the enemies.

This shining lights pierces the bodies of dozens of enemy soldiers, and they die in a second.

One man can slaughter a thousand people, one move can kill an army, this is the strength of an wudo master of Yuan Dan level.


Mu Feng now rides his war horse, holding his sword, the horse moving more than ten meters in one jump.
With just one stroke, red Qi emitting from his sword, he kills an enemy officer.


This officer is cut by half while screaming.

After that, Mu Feng jumps to another officer’s horse, cutting his head with a single strike.

He jumped back to his own horse, as this tactic of killing was already well executed by him.

Mu Feng is smart, fighting only about 20 feet away from his father.

“Your Royal Highness, should we release arrows to help General Mu?”
Up on the wall of Jiu Quan city, a middle-ranked officer is asking the man, this man is Nan Hao, a prince of Nan Ling Kingdom.

“No, do not let the flying arrows wound our General.”

Nan Hao sneers, the middle-ranked officer frowns, but does not say anything.

The number of enemies is more than three times the number of Mu’s army, although the Mu’s army is fearless and are all good fighters, the enemy army has the advantage of numbers.

The sun is setting toward the west, after a long time of fighting, the Mu’s army have lost almost half of their soldiers, but they killed more than 20,000 enemies, soaking the sand with blood

But there is still no backup sent from the Jiu Quan City.

“Your Royal Highness, this cannot continue, we are outnumbered, I request Your Royal Highness to allow me to lead a backup.”

One lieutenant asked Nan Hao respectfully.

“We will not send any backup to him, we need every soldier to guard this city.”

Nan Hao declines.

The lieutenant’s face turns pale, he looks down the wall and see the struggling Mu’s army, feeling bitter.

Behind the enemy army, a general, who is riding a horse with the dragon horn, watches the battle, and sighs deeply, “Mu Tian, he looks like a fighting tiger, but it is a pity that he born in Nan Ling Kingdom.
Pass my words, full attack, for each dead enemy, we reward a hundred gold.”

“yes, general,”

The soldier beside him passes the order.

“General, we are outnumbered, we can’t continue fighting any more.
We should retreat to the city, and wait for backup.”

One big man says, whose armor is dyed with blood, he is the assistant officer to Mu Tian.

Mu Tian looks at his army and his weary son, and nods.
He shouts,” Retreat!”

The Mu’s army retreats to the wall of Jiu Quan City.

“Open the door” one lieutenant from the Mu’s army shouted.

“Open the door immediately.”

The lieutenant who stands up on the wall responds, but suddenly one sword from behind him chops his head off.

It is Nan Hao killed this lieutenant, he says, “the Mu’s army cannot enter the city.”

“What do you mean?!”

Mu Tian shouted with anger, he saw what happened seconds ago.

“General Mu, once you retreat, the enemy will attack the city, please hold on for a while, our backup will come soon.”

Nan Hao sneers, looking down the wall.

“Shut up, your F**ker, you nasty dog, you just want to kill us all, Open the door!”

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