Chapter 17: A Shine of Talent

The journey from the capital to An Nan city was a distance of more than 700 kilometers.
It took Mu Feng, Mu Kuang, and Mu Zhong three days to reach the city by riding on their Unicorn Horses. 

A Unicorn Horse was a type of horse with the bloodline of a Man Beast.
It would be slightly exaggerating if one were to say that these horses could run a distance of 500 kilometers per day, but it was definitely true that they could run at least 300-400 kilometers per day. 

In this world, there were other powerful races besides the human race, such as Man Beasts, Xiong Beasts, Yao Beasts, etc.

A Man Beast was a type of beast that had Tong Mai level strength.
This type of beast was strong and powerful, and their levels of power were further divided into nine levels. 

A level nine Man Beast was roughly equivalent to a Tong Mai Ninth Sky cultivator.

On the other hand, Xiong Beasts were ancient beasts that was much more powerful than Man Beasts.
This type of beast was bloodthirsty and aggressive.
The power level of even the weakest Xiong Beast was equivalent to that of a Zi Fu level cultivator.

Last but not least, Yao Beasts.
Also known as the Yao race, they were unique existences.

This race were born with a beast form, but they had a special form of Yao Energy within their bodies, which made it possible for them to assume human forms.
Yao Beasts were more powerful than humans, and some talented ones even possessed the ability to communicate with the gods above.
In this world, the human race and the Yao race were enemies.

It was said that it was impossible for humans and the Yao race to coexist.

However, if a Man Beast managed to surpass the Tong Mai level, it could also evolve into a Yao Beast and gain the ability to assume human forms as well.

After three days of non-stop traveling, they arrived at a small town and decided to rest for the night.
An Nan city was not far from here. 

The town seemed quiet and peaceful during the sunset.  

They dismounted and led their Unicorn Horses towards an inn called Fu Yuan. 

“Oh, welcome, my lords.
May I know whether you’re here for dinner or accomodation?”

As soon as they reached the inn, a servant dressed in grey hurried over, led the horses to a stable, and tied them to a post.

“Feed our horses with the best hay available and give us three rooms.
Oh, we’ll have three kilograms of beef and three jars of beer as well.”

Mu Zhong said as he tossed a silver coin to the waiter.

“You got it! Please, come on in!”

The waiter caught the silver coin and happily welcomed them.
This silver coin alone was equivalent to his daily income.

A normal person’s monthly income was about 30 silver coins, which was equivalent to three gold coins.

The three of them then sat down at an empty table and Mu Kuang asked with a laugh: “I’m so tired after travelling non-stop for three days! Uncle Zhong, how much longer till we reach An Nan city?”

“Not much longer.
We’ll leave early in the morning and should tentatively be able to reach there by noon.”

Mu Zhong replied with a smile.

Mu Feng also smiled.
It had been many years since he last visited his hometown.
His last visit was with his father when he was still a kid.

After a short while, the waiter served three large plates of marinated beef followed by three jars of beer.
Mu Zhong opened up the jar, inhaled deeply, and smiled.

“This is indeed good beer.”

He then poured the beer into two bowls for Mu Kuang and Mu Feng.
Mu Feng rarely drank alcohol.
The three of them said cheers and downed their drinks.
The beer wasn’t too spicy and it flowed smoothly down their throats.

“Uncle Zhong, what’s the current situation of the Mu army?”

Mu Feng asked after finishing a bowl of beer.

“Haih, since General Mu passed away, our family’s position within the army was greatly suppressed.
A few generals from our family have been sent to the kingdom’s borders, which are very far away from the capital.”

Mu Zhong sighed deeply.

Upon hearing that, Mu Feng squinted his eyes and said: “This may actually be a good sign.
If they remained in the capital, all their actions will be monitored closely.
However, if they went far away, they would be able to stay away from all the trouble and have more freedom.”

“That’s true, but our family’s power within the army had been decentralized.
It’s hard to provide instant help if something bad happens in the family.
Maybe that was the reason why the Lord sent you back to your hometown.”

Mu Zhong drank another mouthful of beer and said with a hint of sadness.  

“Uncle Zhong, please help me to get in touch with the Mu generals that were sent to the borders when we arrive at An Nan city.”

“Little Lord Feng, what are you planning to do?”

Mu Zhong asked in puzzlement.

“Planning ahead.
We can’t just sit and wait until something bad happens.”

Mu Feng squinted his eyes and said.

Mu Zhong seemed to understand what he meant and nodded.
Nobody treated Mu Feng as a kid within the Mu family.
He was somebody who killed hundreds of enemies during battle, how could someone possibly treat him like a kid?

On the other hand, Mu Kuang didn’t seem to understand what they were talking about, so he kept drinking beer.
As a result, his face started to turn red and he was drunk in no time.

“You! Stop!”

At this moment, an angry shout rang out from the streets.
A big group of people were chasing after a young man.  

The young man was thin and had a pair of eyes that gleamed with a hint of slyness.

He was running at an incredible speed and held a money bag in his hand.

“Stop running!”

A group of people dressed in grey were brandishing sticks as they shouted and chased after him.

“Hehe, don’t even think about catching me!”

The young man kept running while making a silly face.

“You little brat!”

A muscular man stepped forward from the group of people and leaped six or seven meters forward.
Soon, he caught up with the young man and kicked him in his back.
The young man spat out a mouthful of blood and was sent flying almost eight meters away.

The muscular man was obviously a cultivator.
His cultivation level was probably at least Tong Mai Seventh Sky. 

The young man crawled on the ground and looked at the muscular man in horror.
The remaining group of people then rushed over and besieged him.

“Hehe, you little brat! How dare you steal our lord’s money?! Do you have a death wish or something? Beat him up!”

The muscular man said with a grin while the others started punching and kicking the young man in the stomach.
The young man covered his head and curled up on the ground.
Although he was being beaten up, he gritted his teeth and didn’t cry out in pain.

“Hey you, seize him! Let’s see you try to run after I break your leg!”

The muscular man grinned slyly and said with a stick in his hand.

Two men seized the young man and dragged him in front of the muscular man.
The young man’s face was now full of bruises.

The muscular man swung his stick and struck down towards the young man’s leg. 

The young man knew that this strike would definitely break his bones.
Feeling helpless and desperate, he closed his eyes and gritted his teeth.



The young man screamed in pain, but abruptly stopped almost as soon as he started.

Hmm, it’s not painful?

He opened his eyes and saw that his leg wasn’t broken. 

Instead, he saw a young man around his age standing in front of him.
The young man was dressed in black robes and was grabbing the stick that was about to strike down.

“You little brat, who the hell are you? This is none of your business!”

The muscular man shouted angrily and tried to pull the stick out of his hand, but he failed to do so.

“You can send him to the local authorities to be charged for stealing.
Is there a need for you to break his leg and make him into a cripple?”

The young man who blocked the strike was, of course, Mu Feng.

“As I said, it’s none of your goddamn business! No one can stop me from killing this thief! Get lost, or I’ll beat you up as well!”

The muscular man said furiously while punching towards Mu Feng.
A gush of white-colored Vitality swirled around his fists.
An ordinary person would have to lie in bed for half a month if he was struck by this punch.

“Mind your language.”

A trace of coldness flashed across Mu Feng’s eyes as he punched out at the same time.


A loud bang resounded when the two punches collided into each other.

Surprisingly, it was the muscular man who fell back a few steps.
He then flew into a rage and swiftly punched towards Mu Feng’s skull once more.

Mu Feng crouched down and dodged the punch.
He then hit the muscular man’s jaw with an elbow strike.


The muscular man howled in pain, spat out a mouthful of blood, and was sent flying several meters away.

Meanwhile, Mu Zhong, who was still in the middle of drinking his beer, suddenly stood up and looked at Mu Feng in shock.

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