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Edited by: cdewsx77

Chapter 15: Tong Mai Sixth Sky

Mu Feng walked over with a solemn expression on his face.
The assassination target was undeniably him.

“Feng Er, how’s your shoulder?”

Mu Chen asked worryingly when he saw that Mu Feng’s shoulder was stained red with blood.


“I think the sleeve arrow may have hit bone.
Big uncle, did you find out who they were working under?”

Mu Feng asked.

Mu Chen took the assassin’s mask off and saw that their faces were full of scars.
He was unable to identify their facial features, so he shook his head and said: “These men are trained assassins who could be working under any powerful family.
Besides, they are both only at Zi Fu level, so it’s hard to investigate their identities.”

The Zi Fu level was considered the entry-level of Wudo cultivation, and there were countless Zi Fu level cultivators within the kingdom’s domain.
The mastermind behind this assassination had obviously thought about this, which was why he chose a Zi Fu level assassin to do the work.

Mu Feng bent down and looked at the knife held in the assassin’s hand.
He then searched the body once more, but didn’t find anything that could be a clue about his identity.

Although I’m not sure who were they working for, there are only a few people in this kingdom that want me dead.

Mu Feng said to himself.
He had a vague idea who the mastermind behind this was.
Meanwhile, the soldiers were already cleaning up the scene.


“Feng Er, go home and rest.
Don’t think too much about what happened today.”

Mu Chen looked at Mu Feng and said with a sigh.

“Don’t worry, big uncle.
I’m fine.”

Mu Feng said with a smile.
He hesitated for a while and said: “Big uncle, can you retrieve the corpse for me? I need it for something.”

I’ll ask someone to send it to you later.”

Mu Chen nodded, thinking that Mu Feng wanted to keep searching for new clues about the assassin’s identity.

“Guards, escort Little Lord Feng and the other Mu disciples back to the family’s courtyard.”

“Yes, my lord!”

Mu Feng was then escorted back home.
Some people were still chattering about the assassination attempt that occured just now.

It was not had to see that Mu Feng had been the target of the assassination.

Mu Chen squinted his eyes and looked up at Zhao Heng who was still up on the stage, his eyes gleaming with murderous intent.

Zhao Heng, I hope you don’t show up in the capital in two years.
Or else, don’t blame me for killing you…

Of course, Mu Chen knew about the bet between Mu Feng and Zhao Heng.
Mu Chen, who treated Mu Feng like his own son, had already developed hostility towards Zhao Heng.

“Well, it seems that he can’t wait to mess with our family… I’ll have to make some preparations.”

Mu Chen turned and left the square.

Meanwhile, on top of the building, Nan Hao had a cold expression on his face.

“This was your so-called ‘plan’?”


Duan Qian Mou stuttered.
He didn’t expect Mu Feng to be able to dodge all the attacks now that he was a cripple.

“Hmph, kill everybody who was involved in today’s assassination.
They couldn’t even stand a match against a cripple! I don’t keep losers!”

With a wave of his hand, Nan Hao left the building.

Duan Qian Mou wiped off his cold sweat and hurried to follow him.

After reaching home, Mu Feng was treated by a family doctor.
Maybe it was because of the assassin’s confidence in killing him, but the arrow was not poisoned.

After that, Mu Feng went back to his Dan Xin Ya courtyard.
Not long after he arrived, two Mu guards stepped into his courtyard carrying a corpse that was covered with a white cloth.

After the guards left, Mu Feng locked the door and sat down cross-legged beside the corpse.

The reason he wanted the corpse was, of course, to cultivate the sacred book of Asura so that he could restore his Meta-pulses.

The assassination and humiliation that he faced today made him clearly understand the current situation he was in. 

Now, the whole Mu family had been plunged into a thunderstorm.
He must regain his powers as soon as possible in order to protect himself.

In order to cultivate the cultivation method of the sacred book of Asura, one must put both of his hands on top of the corpse.
Then, a colourless Qi would flow into the corpse, causing the blood inside the corpse to boil.
The blood would then evaporate and turn into sanguine Blood Qi that would then enter one’s body through their hands.

One of Mu Feng’s damaged Meta-pulses started to recover under the nourishment of the Blood Qi.

Meanwhile, there were six golden drops of blood floating within the corpse’s Dantian.

These were Blood Seeds!

These six Blood Seeds indicated that the man’s Wudo cultivation had reached around Zi Fu Sixth Sky.
One level above this would be Zi Fu Seventh Sky, and he would supposedly be close to reaching Zi Fu Ninth Sky.

The amount of energy within these six Blood Seeds was much higher than what was contained in a normal drop of blood.
Soon enough, these Blood Seeds started to burn and transform into a gush of sanguine Blood Qi that was channeled into Mu Feng’s body.

The fourth Meta-pulse then started to heal at incredible speed — one-third, half…!

After a short while, his fourth Meta-pulse was completely healed.

However, the energy contained within the Blood Seeds was still not fully depleted.
The fifth Meta-pulse also started to heal at an incredible speed.
The restored Meta-pulse was sanguine, strong, and had a much larger area and volume than a normal Meta-pulse.

After two hours, Mu Feng blew out a long stream of white smoke and the corners of his mouth curled up into a smile.

A total of six Meta-pulses were fully healed!

On top of that, pure white Vitality was flowing within his six Meta-pulses.

Vitality was normally white in color, unless a cultivator who had reached the Zi Fu level chose a Wudo Form that had an attribute.
Then, the Vitality would have the same color as the attribute.

The wound on his shoulder was also almost completely healed.
New flesh started growing out.

The sacred book of Asura is indeed amazing! Judging by the rate of recovery, I’ll be able to restore nine of my Meta-pulses after absorbing the Blood Qi of two more Zi Fu level cultivators!

Mu Feng muttered to himself and his eyes shone in excitement.
He clenched his fists and relished in his first real taste of power since being crippled.

Although he had only restored six Meta-pulses and reached Tong Mai Sixth Sky, which was still much weaker than he was before, he believed that he wouldn’t face any challenges when competing with a Tong Mai Eight Sky or Tong Mai Ninth Sky cultivator.

Since this cultivation method seemed quite evil, he dared not tell his big uncle, as he was sure that his big uncle would get too excited and kill two more Zi Fu level cultivators for him.

“Father, there’s still hope for your son! Don’t worry, I will definitely avenge your death, and will make sure that the deaths of the 200,000 Mu soldiers will not be in vain!”

Mu Feng was pumped up when he thought about his father.
He wanted to avenge the death of his father and the 200,000 Mu soldiers! Hence, he didn’t have time to be devastated.

Mu Feng then dragged the mummified body to his backyard and set it ablaze.
A trace of sanguine murderous intent flashed across his eyes.
He had now chosen a path paved with blood, a path of revenge with the power from the Almighty Asura!


After burning the corpse, Mu Feng took out his knife and started to train in the Wudo Form that he always used in battle — the Gale Knife Chant.

He moved about as swift as a panther and his knife skills were as fast as the wind, swirling up fallen leaves.

He dared not to relax just yet.
The journey to becoming one of the powerful was 30% talent, 30% chance, and 40% hard work. 

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