Chapter 2: Every Family Has Its Own Problems

Disclaimer: Still needs to have some edits here and there, so please read with that in mind.

Of course, Ye Zhen didn’t know that.

At that moment, she was sitting at the end of the corridor in the research room, looking out the window, waiting for her mentor, Professor Lin, who was also the Dean of the Academy of Sciences, to leave work so she could go in and pack her things to go home.

Despite not having officially resigned, she insisted on applying to work at Rongcheng Entertainment against the objections of the Academy of Sciences.
Today, she even skipped work.

It was easy to imagine how ugly Professor Lin’s face would look.

However, Ye Zhen, whose eyes were fixed on the outside of the window, seemed to have forgotten all of this.
She stared intently at the workers under the overpass who were busy taking down the billboard of the late Movie Emperor Ye Yi.
Each time an LED light was removed, a part of Ye Yi’s smiling face was dimmed.
Slowly, he disappeared completely into the dark night with a vast sea of people.

No one cared.

Ye Zhen took out her phone, walked to the windowsill, pursed her lips to reveal a smile, and took a photo of the remaining billboards from a distance.

“Ahem—” Professor Lin heard that Ye Zhen had returned after finally finishing his work.
Originally, he wanted Ye Zhen to notice him herself, so he walked out in an imposing manner.
But even after standing there for quite a while, she still didn’t see him.
So he had to show his existence himself…

Ye Zhen put down her phone, stood up in a disciplined manner and said, “Professor Lin.

“Yes,” Professor Lin said impatiently, “Come in.” Then he turned and walked back to the lab.

Ye Zhen followed and walked in, Professor Lin put on his reading glasses and started rummaging through the things on the table, saying under his breath, “How was the interview today, you didn’t embarrass me, did you?”



The atmosphere became quiet again, and the only sound in the research room was the sound of Professor Lin looking through some documents.
Ye Zhen cleared her throat and was about to speak when Professor Lin suddenly said, “I found it,” and handed it to her, “Take it, I’ve asked someone to do it for you.”

It was a letter of appointment to retain a position and be assigned to RongCheng Enterprises for cooperative research*.
Ye Zhen took it and looked up in surprise when she heard Professor Lin say, “I know, young people are not as patient as we are.
The world is so big, if you want to see it, just go.
But I hope you’re still willing to come back when the time is right, sigh~”

[TL/N: This position is basically her going to the RongCheng company and working in it to complete whatever research she’s going to do.
I think this is what she told her professor and everybody, but her original intention is to investigate her father’s death.]

Holding the appointment letter in her hands, Ye Zhen bowed to him and said, “Thank you, Professor.”


“Then, Professor, I will go pack my things.”

“…..Eh?” said Professor Lin with his hands behind his back, and his mood was full of sadness.
He saw his beloved disciple turn around and walk away, “Wait, is that all?”

“Is there anything else, Professor?”

“Since you said that, why don’t you open your heart and tell me why you have to go?”

Ye Zhen said quietly, “When I entered Hua University at the age of thirteen, Teacher, you greeted us at the podium.
You praised us as geniuses.
You said that people are born equal, but the combination of one’s EQ and IQ, the so-called ‘smart’, is not equal.
God wants us to lead the world to move forward, so we became smart.
So being smart is not something to be proud of, but a responsibility.” After a pause, she continued, “Teacher, please remember what you said, and I will not shame you wherever you are.”

Looking at the handsome figure of his beloved student, Professor Lin took off his reading glasses and wiped away his tears with emotion.
He sighed, “Although this child doesn’t usually like to talk, she’s really talkative today.
She’s truly worthy of being taught by me!”

As for the question his wife asked when he got home, Professor Lin found out that he had been tricked and that Ye Zhen hadn’t answered his question at all! He was so angry that he jumped up and down.
That was a later story.

Holding the boxes she had packed from the research lab, Ye Zhen walked down College Road, the road she had walked for ten years, and headed home.
Her home was at the other end of College Road, a not-so-small Huaiyang noodle shop – the first and second floors were the restaurant, and the third floor was her home.
She came to Beijing at a young age to study in college, so her parents were naturally worried about her.
The couple closed the restaurant in their hometown and followed her to this strange place to open a noodle shop just to take care of her.
They broke all the cauldrons and sank the boats*.

[TL/N: Cutting off all retreats after taking the ‘risk’.]

Fortunately, after ten years of operation, the restaurant’s business was getting better and better, and it was well known in the university town, which is rare.
On one hand, it was due to the restaurant’s good reputation, and on the other hand, it had something to do with Ye Zhen, the ” God of Learning “.
Chinese people always have some “seeking happiness and good fortune” complex in their bones, so as soon as the exam day came, a long line would form in front of the restaurant.
The line was full of “worshippers” who came from a hundred miles around.

Today was one of those days.
As she passed by, she asked the clerk who was keeping order, “Why are there so many people? Isn’t it only March?” Usually, there were no exams at the beginning of the new semester.

Without waiting for the clerk to answer, several students chattered, “We have to take the National Computer Rank Examination, which is very important.”

Suddenly, someone with a discerning eye pointed out, “Are you senior sister?”

“Please bless me!” They needed to worship the Great God.

“Well,” Ye Zhen possessed Professor Lin for a second, waving her hand as she walked towards the shop, “Cheer up everyone, as long as you work hard, I’m sure everyone will get good grades.”

She would not ruthlessly tell these children that she had never tested this.
She had always been kind hearted and honest.

The store was also crowded, and Ye Zhen found her father’s chubby body in the kitchen, and yelled, “Dad, I’m home.”

“Hey!” The chubby father rolled up his apron, wiped his sweat, and replied loudly, “Dad has made some black bone chicken soup for you, and there are some leftovers.
Zhen Zhen, go upstairs.
I’ll bring it to you right away.”

“Oh.” Ye Zhen replied and slowly walked upstairs with her things in her arms and went to her room.

Her father followed her upstairs.
With his professional skill, he stacked a high pile of pots and bowls and placed them in front of her.
As he set the food down, he asked, “How did the interview go? What did Professor Lin say? Are you hungry? Hurry up and eat first.”

“I finished the interview.
Professor Lin asked someone to issue an appointment letter for me to be stationed at RongCheng, temporarily reserving my position,” Ye Zhen said vaguely, stuffing a piece of chicken into her mouth.
“I’m hungry.
It’s delicious.”

“Well, hold your position well so that your mother will be less angry.
There is also room to move forward and backward, so it’s even better.
You should thank your professor later.
Oh, you should drink more of this black bone chicken soup.
This chicken was brought by people from the countryside, so it is very nutritious… You can walk two circles after eating, in case you accumulate food,” he said, wiping the sweat from his forehead.
“I’m going down to work.”

Ye Zhen “uh-huhed” twice with her mouth full of rice, and lowered her head to eat.

After dinner, she obediently followed her father’s instructions and walked around the room, thinking about how to pack up the books and materials she had brought back.
Her mother came in with a plate of strawberries, closed the door, and locked it.

It seemed that the plate of strawberries was used as a prop and not for her to eat.
Ye Zhen’s eyes turned away from the strawberries and looked at her mother.

Her mother’s maiden name is Su Tao.
There is a saying in 《The Book of Songs》, “Thousands of peach blossoms are in full bloom, and the peach leaves are really lush*”.
This is where Ye Zhen’s name comes from.
It is said that her mother was a well-known talented girl in the city when she was young.
She even published a collection of poems.
But as far as Ye Zhen could remember, she was always strict.

[TL/N: “桃之夭夭,其叶蓁蓁” This is the saying in chinese.
桃 is peach which is Tao in pinyin.
The last part, 叶蓁蓁, means Ye ZhenZhen, which is where her name comes from.
This saying has many metaphorical meanings, and this is one version of them.]

Su Tao lowered her head and ripped off the strawberry tassel-like things one by one without saying anything.
After a while, she started to cry.


“You still know that I am your mother,” Su Tao suddenly said in a sharp voice, as if a switch had been flipped.
“I worked so hard to raise you.
I couldn’t afford to eat or dress well myself because I wanted to give you the best of everything.
I had high standards and strict requirements for you because I didn’t want you to be looked down upon by those people! Well, great, instead of working hard at your job, you quit and want to go into the entertainment industry like him.
Can girls even mix in that industry? Are you trying to piss me off?!!”

“Mom, I told you I’m not going to be a star.
I’m just going to work.
I’ll protect myself.”

“Work?!” At the mention of work, Su Tao’s voice jumped even higher.
“How many good jobs are there in the Academy of Science, but you quit and went to this place! Don’t think that I don’t know what you’re thinking about.
Your father and I work hard for you every day.
How can we compare to someone who is rich and famous and can be liked without doing anything?! Just go ahead! Anyway, you’re an adult now, I can’t take care of you!”

“I know it’s not easy for you and Dad to raise me.
For so many years, no matter what you said, I did it.
I didn’t even acknowledge him before.
Mom, why do you have to say that all the time?” Ye Zhen looked at her mother with a sad expression, “He has already left…”.

Thinking of what had happened recently, her mother’s face darkened, but she still said, “Anyway, it’s because of him that you don’t want me to be your mother anymore.”

“Mom, mom—” Ye Zhen finally couldn’t help but cry out, “He called me at 1:05 a.m.” As she spoke, she seemed to be tearing at her own wound, and tears streamed down.
“I didn’t answer.
I saw it and I didn’t answer it on purpose.
Mom, I couldn’t bear it and I wanted to see him.
Is that okay?”

Su Tao opened her mouth and seemed to be shocked by her daughter’s words.
After a long time, she said, “Zhen Zhen, don’t be too sad.
Mom, mom, I…” She wanted to say something to comfort her daughter and to justify herself.
But she realized that her words were nothing compared to her daughter’s painful cries.

She turned around and ran out in a panic.
After a while, she appeared in front of her with a big gray sack.
“He gave you this before.
Your father… Lao Feng didn’t want me to throw it away, so I kept it for you.
In case you miss him, just take a look?”

Ye Zhen lifted her head and looked at her with a fixed gaze, her eyes were red and swollen.

Su Tao put down her things unnaturally and deliberately walked out of the room.
As she was about to close the door, she suddenly said, “When we got divorced, he wanted nothing but you.
It was I who refused.
He was not fit to live with you, but he still loved you very much.”


Now that he’s gone, what’s the point of saying that? What’s the use?

Translator ramblings^^

ok… this was a heavy chapter for me at least.
I hate when divorced parents put their ideals and every ‘bad’ things and then justify it with I raised you, so you need to obey me and such… I hate how even to the end she doesn’t fully acknowledge the love Zhen Zhen has for her biological dad and gives excuses.
At least her step father is good:( I cried a lot when she said how he called her at 1:05 and he died just 5 minutes after… Like even if there were less chances to save him, at the very least she could have exchanged his last words with him… still i don’t know the back story yet, so i can’t judge any of the characters yet, but i am already beginning to dislike the mom…

ugh I ugly cried when i was translating this.

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