Come on, you are being overly judgemental and overreacting , I replied. She took a deep breath probably getting her mouth ready to drop some absurd judgement about them.

Tristan is a bad boy. I know him and I even experienced how much of a womanizer, drug addict, party goer and just a boy you wouldn want to associate yourself with.

I rolled my eyes because I already expected her to overspice her argument. Is it because he has tattoos. Besides, you clumped the two together. I don know much about Tristan but Rebecca seems like a nice person.

Ayoo, I have warned you that these people are no good and you are telling me things. You will find out for yourself, she simply concluded.

What about your experiences with him? You said he is a bad person. Has he done anything to you?

She slumped back on her chair. You are honestly a naive girl. I thought you said we shouldn judge them so I have dropped the issue.

That evening, I sat on my bed trying to read the notes I had made from todays lectures but I couldn concentrate. Becky hadn returned and it made me wonder if Amahle was right. She does have countless tattoos on her body and multiple ear piercings, septrum piercing and probably others I do not know of.

I ended up drifting off to sleep but she later arrived and woke me up. My eyes were still heavy and I had to fight to keep them opened.

You are late, I said during a yawn.

You said that as if you are my mother…Anyway,I went on a date with my boyfriend and we had fun. She smirked at me and I could only think about a hundred and one things that ”fun ” could mean.

Good for you.

I could perceive a strong smell of alcohol on her and it really disturbed me. I really hate the smell of alcohol and it makes me want to puke.

How much did you drink tonight? I used my sleepy voice knowing very well that the half an hour sleep didn satisfy me but I really was curious to know what was up with her. She went on her bed and fell flat on it and heaved a sign of relief. I drank a lot I am probably boozed right now .

I can tell, so what date did he take you to? I asked. We went to a club and it was so fun; dancing, twerking and just being my baby.

I didn know what to say. In my country by all means someone will judge you and say you weren morally brought up right. Alcohol isn bad is it? Like it is okay for adults and I know Becky can be less than 18 years of age. There was silence before she made the announcement that there was a party organised by one of her friends and she would like me to come. I didn give a straight answer and needed to think if I should go even though it seemed kind of tempting how she explained it plus it would be my first party since I got to the USA and Harvard.

The next day, Amahle and I went to lectures together. She tied her hair into two fluffy bunny tails. She has dark skin and plump pink lips. On the other hand, I have left my braids to flow freely down my back. My top was a pleated Kente accompanied by a black pencil skirt which hugged my hips so tightly. I have a beautiful brown skin I love so much and I envy no other skin colour.

When we walked in, we sat together because we arrived earlier than we were supposed to so we had enough time to talk.

I have something to tell you, I began. Of course she sat up with her face ready to take in what I am about to tell her. I know deep within my heart that she would scold me for even thinking of going to a party with Becky for a reason known to her.

Yesterday Becky returned from her date with Tristan. After our little meeting and she came home a little drunk, I narrated to her.

She raised one eyebrow before asking her question, Did she perhaps tell you were she went on her date?

She said they went to a club and danced, I answered. She nodded which made me wonder what could be running through her mind. Anything else.

Yeah, she said next week Saturday, her friend is organizing a party and she invited me, I cracked a smile showing my front teeth but that was to show how awkward I felt within me. She gave me a stern look as if her eyes wanted to shoot some sense into my brain. You want to go. Don you?

I wanted an answer however I didn have the guts to give a straight response. The words just kept choking in my throat while I kept glitching like a broken record.

You want to go. After all the warning I have given you about Tristan, she said with disappointment flashing in her eyes. I couldn even keep eye contact with her.

I mean, I met them at a very awful time which is partially my fault for not knocking but she has received me well, I tried to gain the urge to look back at her but I didn want to look at those disappointed eyes. If you want to go, I will not stop you but when you find out what crooks those people are, don come crying to me, she gave her warning.

I exhaled heavily trying to think if me going would be good or not but I am an independent person, I can take care of myself right? If something happens, I am old enough to think of a solution to it.

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