As he heard the front door open, he glanced at the time. As happened to him often while browsing through streamers, hours had felt like minutes. He had been hopping from streamer to streamer for over three hours. So it made perfect sense that his teenage daughter would be home. But that still didn seem right. She had sports or cheer or something. He was not the worlds best father, but he knew should have had at least another hour to ride along in a bevvy of hot women! Bob wanted to interrogate his daughter on why she had ruined his good time, but he needed his dick to soften first. For that reason, he stayed low on the couch and turned off the screen.

As the front door closed, he heard his daughter, Avery, say, ”We have to hurry. She doesn always stay streaming for very long. ”

”I know, ” another female voice agreed. ”Are we using it in your living room? ”

”No. My room. We don want to be interrupted when my parents get home, especially for what we
e about to do. ”

Bob realized that his daughter didn know he was home, as his car was in the garage. He was about to reveal himself, when his daughters next words stopped him cold.

”We are going to make a fool out of Emily, from inside her very own body. Oh I can wait! ”

As he heard footsteps retreat to Averys room, Bob had several questions. The first of which was, how exactly were they going to make a fool out of this Emily from inside her body. But also, wasn Avery friends with Emily? Theyd both been on the cheerleading all through high school. There must have been some fallout at some point. He needed to know more, especially about that first part. He moved quickly and quietly towards his daughters bedroom.

The door to Averys room opened a crack, and he easily heard the friend say, ”Okay, what do we have to do to make this work? ”

”Okay, when Preston sold it to me, he said I just needed to beam it from my phone to the computer after I got on. Here, let me just…there. Im logged in. And now I should just need to… ”

”And you
e sure we won get in trouble? ”

”For the hundredth time, Leah, Preston said this program was masked from Worlds moderators. Its untraceable. Theyll think its actually Emily the entire time. Now do you want to get back at her for being such a bitch, or are you chickening out? ”

”Im not! ” Leah exclaimed at last. ”Lets…lets do it. ”

”Great. Now let me do a search. And look, there she is, showing the world how pretty and perfect she always is. ”

”What are you supposed to do now? ” Leah asked.

”Well I am going to connect to her via ride along, and when Im in, you hit this button right here, and then I should be in control. ”

”Hows that work anyway? ” Leah asked.

Avery laughed. ”It like, I don know, routes my parietal stuff through her signal. Instead of me hopping onto her upload, I upload on top of her, and become the dominant signal, but everyone will think its her doing it. ”

”That is amazing. How much did Preston charge you again? ”

”He didn charge me anything for it, ” Avery winked. ”I gave him a handjob in the school parking lot, and he put it on my phone for free. Now stop talking to me or we
e going to miss our window. ”

A lot of thoughts were jumbling up in Bobs brain, like the fact that his daughter had casually given a boy a hand job. But more important was this illicit program. There was no way it could do what they were implying. There was only one way to find out. He snuck back to the living room and searched for Emily. Thousands of Emilys popped up, and he cursed himself for not remembering her last name. He refined his search to a twenty mile radius, and a dozen popped up. He narrowed the search to a five mile radius, and that narrowed it down to two.

One Emily appeared to be a mother, as she was playing with her two kids. She was probably streaming for grandparents, a common occurrence. They could ride along and play with their grandkids like they were in the room with them. The other option showed a typical teenage girls room. That had to be it. He selected it, and joined the stream as an observer.

Emily knew that she could have so many more followers if she would embrace her sexuality the way so many other streamers her age did. She had considered it. She really liked the fame, and the knowledge that people were right there with her, riding along and experiencing the world through her eyes. But she was not yet willing to wear the skin tight clothes or the short skirts or do the more daring and provocative challenges. Maybe next year when she was in college. For now, shed stick with something more akin to a PG-13 rating.

She liked to move around when she was streaming. She was proud of her tight, young body, and knew that was why a lot of people rode along with her. They wanted to feel young again, or know what it was like to have a body that was in shape. She would do yoga, or dance to music, or on special occasions like today, she would perform cheer routines in her cheerleader uniform. This always gave her a spike in followers, and she needed that ego boost today. She was on the outs with a couple of her so called friends. It was their own fault. They had tried to usurp her authority as cheer captain, and she had threated to kick them off the team. After they called her a few choice names, she called practice early and warned them to come to heel or their cheer season was done.

Their friendship had become more adversarial when she got captain. Hopefully Avery and Leah just needed time to cool down. Theyd fall in line, probably. If they didn she would have to do the unthinkable and kick them out of cheer. She really hoped it wouldn come to that. But she wasn going to dwell on all that drama at the moment.

Instead, she focused on her large computer screen, now in mirror mode, and put everything she had into a series of complex cheer routines. As she chanted the familiar words of school spirit that proclaimed the superiority of her alma mater, she was aware of her footwork. The way her smooth legs kicked and danced. Her muscles strained, but she did not grow tired. Her hips gyrated, and her taut stomach rolled. Her forehead and bare arms glistened with a thin sheen of sweat.

It was a workout for sure, but people mustve thought she was doing a good job, as she saw the digital number of ride alongs in the corner of her screen climb higher. She might break her personal best for total ride alongs today. Shed go as long as she could, but realized there was one thing she should have taken care of before she had rushed to log on. She should have peed. The more she moved, the more her bladder told her the clock was ticking.

A few miles away, Averys head jerked, and she grinned at her friend. ”Holy shit it works! Did you see me? ”

”I didn see you make her do anything embarrassing, ” Leah complained.

”Well, I started small, ” Avery said excitedly. ”I wanted to make sure I could control her body, and I totally could! I just rode along for half a minute, but when she started that last cheer, I made her leg kick in the wrong direction. Didn you notice? ”

”Oh, no, I didn . Do you think Emily did? ”

Avery shook her head. ”I don think so. She just kept right on going with the routine. Preston said at the start, if Im subtle enough, she might not know Im even there. Like, if I did something small, like, say if she went to press a button and I stopped her right before she did it, shed think she pressed that button. Thats something Ill make good use of before she logs out, which should be real soon. ”

Leah arched a curious eyebrow. ”How do you know that? ”

”Because little miss perfect has to pee. And you know she wouldn want her ride alongs to be a part of something like that. ”

”That might be taking things too far, ” Leak protested. But then she saw that Avery hadn heard her. She was already back in.

Bob was not complaining. He was enjoying the show. A beautiful, dark haired vixen in a cheerleader outfit was performing routines. What wasn there to love. He got to experience all five of her senses as she strutted and danced. But it was pretty mild stuff, especially compared to that erotic encounter earlier. He knew she wouldn be going much longer, because he could feel the girls full bladder. Some people loved to stream that sort of thing too, but he didn think Emily was that kind of girl.

He figured he was right as she finished her routine and relaxed a little. He felt the tension flow out of her, as she seemed like she was done and about to log out. She breathed hard, and he could feel her pulling deep draughts of air into her lungs. Then she waved to herself in the mirrored screen, and mouthed goodbye. Then she pressed the corner of the screen, and the World of Consciousness options came up. She went to press the log off button to stop the stream. She went to, but she didn actually press it. Her finger hovered directly over it, but it never made contact. She apparently thought she did, because her other hand minimized the screen, and she darted from the room.

As Bob continued to ride along, he felt a new urgency. It emanated from her groin, as she prepared to relieve herself. She thought she had logged off. But she hadn . This had become a pretty classic faux pas. One many a streamer had done, where they forgot to log off and then used the toilet. But Bob wondered if she had forgotten, because it sure seemed like she had attempted it.

As Emily entered the small bathroom and angled herself above the toilet, Bob felt her knees bend. At the same time, her thumbs slid her cheer skirt, skivvies, and panties down in one fluid motion. And then Bob felt something that he didn know could ever feel so erotic. He felt Emilys bare ass touch the cold porcelain. He felt her release herself, and the pleasure that one feels as that internal pressure gives away. And he felt her hand reach for a piece of bath tissue, and wipe at the damp area, and then linger ever so slightly.

She stood up abruptly, and pulled her skirt back up in one smooth motion. As she flushed the toilet and went to wash her hands, Emily missed it, and so did Bob. Her cheer skirt was on. But her panties and skivvies remained on the floor. This was not her fault. Avery had held down the other garments with her foot, and Emily had thought she had pulled them all up. She had certainly meant to, but she hadn . She was focused on getting back to the monitor and looking at her statistics on the website.

But Emily would soon know something was very amiss, and it wouldn just be a draft about her legs. As she returned to her room, she saw her screen flashing that she had an incoming message. She picked up her phone and read it. It was from her boyfriend, Jim. He always rode along with her stream. It helped her feel close to him, knowing that he could feel what it was like to be her. He always complimented her in whatever she did. And now he probably wanted to come over and try to talk her out of her uniform.

But his message didn compliment her, or ask to come over and make out. It simply said three words. Three terrifying words. ”You
e still streaming. ”

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