Chapter 3: Where are your manners?

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The woman's words distracted the guard for a moment.


Soon after, he understood them thoroughly. 


His hand impolitely grouped her fine and soft waist, as his eyes wantonly sized her up.


“Just in time.
There is still one bowl left.
Young lady wants to try?”


The woman inquired once again “Is there also a cake?”


The guard pretended to hesitate, yet he still squeezed her waist hard.


From the woman's mouth came a faint panting sound.


This frail sound was like a feather tickling the apex of the heart.
The roots of the ears of surrounding people turned hot, and the tailbones became numb.

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“Hiss! — small lady, the spirits of everyone who can hear your voice wants to fly away.
If you go to the brothel, in just several days you will definitively rise to the top…” Guard reduced the strength of his hand “Cake, maybe there is, but it depends on your performance”. 


This woman looked unkept, and an unappetizing odour still lingered on her whole body.
However, the road to exile was difficult.
Who wasn’t stinking, after a day of travelling in this heat? Additionally, that guard didn't meet up with a woman for a long time, and someone just like he wanted recommended their bed to him.


Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but snicker.


No wonder colleagues liked escorting female offenders.
After all, the work was this rewarding and uncomplicated.
In the end, you could also get lucky with women on the road.


Who knew –


The woman raised her hand to caress the back of his hand and gently took it away under his puzzled eyes.


“What’s up with you?”


The guard just wanted to explode, when the woman neither quickly nor slowly said: “Your servant is a married woman with a boy and a girl, in regard to appearance, how can I compare to this young and inexperienced girl? I’m worried that my words weren’t thoughtful, how about—“


When speaking, her line of sight shifted to Shen Tang.


The guard understood and sneered: “What a cruel woman! You want her to serve me, while you will drink soup and eat cake?”


“Master is somewhat unaware.
This girl was raised by me”.


“You raised her?”


It was obvious from his expression that he didn't believe her.


How can a mother, in order to get one bowl of soup and cake, personally push their daughter into the man's embrace?


“Previously, what master said was correct.
Things got this far, it is only a matter of time before she enters the brothel to be humiliated.
Rather than giving this girl's pure body cheaply to somebody with low status, leaving a lifetime of regret, it's better to ask the master for help.
If you are satisfied, she will suffer less on the road”.


The woman's act seems sincere.
People that didn't know the truth could think that she was some kind of caring mother.


The guard got dizzy, because of her words.


Such a wonderful thing existed?


He himself not only could enjoy women, but he would also amass good virtue, since this was such an admirable and exemplary deed? 

Shen Tang “…”


Where are your manners?


This woman’s bone age was at most 20 years old, so how could she give birth to 11 or 12-year-old girl?


If you want to be a brothel keeper to harm her, just say so, but you had the audacity to claim yourself as her mother!


She completely couldn’t tolerate it!

She couldn’t act anymore, Shen Tang gradually woke up, and then she fixed her dark eyes on the woman.


The line of sight of the guard swam between them: “Why doesn’t she get close to you?”


The woman said: “This kid was born with a brain disease, so she would occasionally be out of her mind.
She was always served with the utmost care, so her skin is soft and tender.
She can serve others without a hitch…”


“Why is she called “Shen”, not “Gong”?”


These female offenders are not the type of people who would get involved in everything.
Guard because of his cautiousness, first looked at Shen Tang tattoo behind her ear.


She wasn't ’t called “Gong” and she was young.
After pondering about the list of offenders, he realized she should only be a slave girl.


Who knew this woman would continue with her excuse:“ She was brought into Gong household after being raised by the parents of my deceased husband.
Naturally, her surname takes after him.
The head of the family thought she was suffering alone and didn't have anyone to depend on, so they showed kindness and allowed this slave to take her into the mansion to raise her”.


Guard: “…”


Since she wasn’t an important female prisoner, he can take it.


He chose Shen Tang.


As for this woman…


It was still far from the Xiao city, so there will be plenty of chances.


He also “as promised” gave the woman one extra warm soup and pancake.


He exchanged greetings with his colleagues standing on a night watch and pulled Shen Tang to the back of the small slope in the distance.


The night turned so dark, that only the vague shadows could be seen.


The guard on a night watch joked: “finish quickly and let the brother also have fun, don't think that you can eat alone”.


“This is natural.
Even if I forget about others, I will never forget about my brothers.


The fingers at the side of Shan Tang’s body curled, her mood started to fluctuate.


If she rejects now, she will offend these guards, and then the situation may get out of control.


But if they were alone  – 


Unexpectedly, this is a fantastic opportunity. 

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One low-level Gongshi is easier to handle than a whole group. 


Despite her incomplete memory, intuition told Shen Tang, that low-level Gongshi is exactly the weakest among them! Her expression moved a little, and in silence, she hung her eyelids, trying hard to put up a good act of a fool with a brain sickness.


When Shen Tang was taken, the woman just started to loudly drink hot soup.
She lifted her head just in time to meet with Shen Tang’s deep dark pupils.
It seemed like one look was enough to see through her soul, leaving her with no place to hide.


The woman's hair stood on the ends.


She lowered her head scowling: “Crazy”.


Behind the small slope were weeds.
The underbrush was tall enough to reach a person's waist.
It was dense and stuffy.


Because Shen Tang “naturally had brain disease”, the guard wasn't afraid of her running away.


He half kneeled on the ground, with an impatient expression, urgently bowing his head to release his belt. 


“E – “


The dark silhouette dazzled past in front of his eyes, and before the guard had time to react, his neck was already being tightly strangled from the front to the back by a tick hemp rope.


Sneak attack!


Without having taken any precautions against her, how could he think, that Shen Tang could suddenly revolt? 


But he is not a low-grade Gongshi for nothing, so wasn’t it fairly simple for him to deal with a woman who was attempting to escape? At once, he urged his wudan to work.


His arms visibly expanded several times.
The muscles looked like stones, full of explosive power. 


The power of wudan was enough to easily smash her head, break her hands and feet, as well as damage the bones all over her body.


The guard effortlessly broke free from the hemp rope, and then threw it away.
As fast as lightning, he prepared to capture Shen Tang.
However, Shen Tang unexpectedly was quicker than him and throw a punch.
This punch almost left an afterimage.
It was fast, fierce, and accurate, directly hitting his chin.
The faint sound of swaying water in the brain resounded.


Grabbing this opportunity, Shen Tang once again fiercely started to suppress him.
She turned her hand to restrain his wrists and used the other hand to stop the death roar from reverberating from his throat.


Kacha kacha – 


She disposed of him without a tiny bit of hesitation. 


Two sounds of breaking bones ring out almost at the same time.


Shen Tang “…”


Looking at the guard's head that was slanted at a weird angle, her mood turned from relaxed to dreamlike in an instant.


Low-grade Gongshi…


Only this?


Only this?


She slumped to the side. 


“This also… is too much to take in…”


Although she had the advantage of the sneak attack, but this really came out way too smoothly. 


This matter ends here.
She also had no time to think about it.


She hurriedly searched the body of the guard and took all of his valuables and food.
After that, she ran in the opposite direction.


She needed to urgently escape.


In case she was discovered missing and pursued, there were only two roads awaiting her.


One way was to get rid of all the guards, which included the 3th-grade Zanniao with an unknown depth.
Intuition told her that this road wasn't too optimistic. 


Or she could become crippled and taken back, then what awaited her at the end was life worse than death.


As for this woman – 


Later, she will search for a brothel in the Xiao city, to pay her a visit!


Shen Tang gritted her teeth and hurried madly in one direction.
She didn't even care about the debris laying on the ground, which hurt the soles of her feet.


Who would ever think – 


She just ran for less than a half stick of incense, when a vague sound of horse hooves appeared behind her.
The sound was quickly looming.


Sound of horse hooves???

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Wait a bit, the officials didn't have horses, so how did this sound appear?


She didn't have time to think if it was an enemy or a passerby when the intense sense of danger spread from the back of her heart to the whole body.
Shen Tang reacted instantly, rolling to the right, when she stabilized she saw the arrow deeply embedded in the position she was just now. 


Following the direction of the flying arrow was surprisingly the leader of the guards riding on his horse with a murderous aura.


Shen Tang “…Dang!”

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