Chapter 5: Hugh and Jane ((gravityn0vels))

“Why help you? Of course, because you are the ‘judgement’ of the Tarot Society in the future.
I just want to make a good relationship in advance… But I can’t say this directly.” Abner touched his chin and decided to bring the problem to the past.
He replied with a serious look, “Maybe you should give me some intelligence fees? It’s equivalent to hiring me to investigate, so it’s not helping you, but trading.”

“What?” Hugh almost didn’t turn her head.
She obviously stared for two or three seconds before widening her eyes and saying uncertainly, “Sir, are you a detective?” But I have never seen a detective who takes the initiative to work and asks for money.

Abner miraculously caught up with Hugh’s train of thought and said casually, “Not yet… Well, you must know that people who want to get ahead in the world often take the initiative to find the situation they want, and if they can’t find it, they create it themselves.” The reader path will be a detective sooner or later, not now but in the future.

“Emperor Roselle’s words are indeed reasonable…” Hugh nodded in approval.
But I always feel that you are perfunctory with me, just like Forsi before! Of course, Hugh didn’t say the latter sentence.
She could see that Abner had no malicious intentions at this time, so she didn’t expose him.

What? Is this also what Roselle said?! It’s really hard for him to pretend that such famous quotes are used! Abner was speechless for a while, feeling that Klein’s complaints in the novel were really accurate.
The Great Emperor was all-round and had no dead ends, so as not to leave a way for the later traversers!

“So, how much gold do you plan to ask for the information just now?” Hugh has always been fair in her work and is unwilling to owe favors casually, even if the other party’s information has yet to be verified.

“Um… 10 pounds?” Abner didn’t know how to make money, so he didn’t dare to ask too high a price.

Hugh was in a trance again when she heard the words and she couldn’t even hold her serious face.
She said helplessly, “Sir, do you know that the price you gave makes me think you are a liar! The reasoning and analysis you made is not worth mentioning.
The sequence knowledge of the scammer involved in it is worth more than this little money.
And if the impersonation method is true, I am afraid thousands of pounds will be wanted to know!”

Thousands of pounds?! Abner’s heart trembled, but he managed to calm down and explained with an unchanged expression, “Knowledge is priceless, but I am a person who is willing to share knowledge… 10 pounds is just the price of reasoning.” Although his heart bleeds, he doesn’t regret giving Miss Judgment this discount.
Anyway, even if he doesn’t talk too much, the other party will know this knowledge in a few months.

Hugh didn’t see the strangeness in Abner’s heart.
She nodded and accepted the other party’s words and continued, “I will verify the knowledge you gave.
The 5 pounds is a deposit.
If what you said is true, I will give you the rest of the reward… Then, future Mr.
Detective, what to call you, and how can I contact you?” Hugh took out a 5-pound note from her wallet and pushed it in front of Abner as she spoke.

“Just call me Abner.
I should have eaten breakfast at this restaurant for the past month.” His identity is still very clean, and Abner doesn’t need to use a pseudonym.
In addition, he was not pretentious and put away the 5 pounds without any hassle.

“Although you may recognize me, let me introduce myself.
My name is Hugh, Hugh Derecha.
Let’s stop here today, Mr.
Goodbye!” After finishing speaking, Hugh stood up and was about to leave the restaurant.

At this time, Abner couldn’t help but stop her and said, “Miss Hugh, you just need to know about the impersonation method.
Don’t disclose it to others.
If you are taught to know that you spread the impersonation method, there will be a lot of trouble.”

“The Church of the Seven Gods has monopolized the acting method?” Hugh stopped and asked thoughtfully.

“To be precise, none of the middle- and lower-level Beyonders of the church know about impersonation, and only the higher-ups know it!” Abner emphasized on the ‘higher-ups’.

“Thank you, I understand!” Hugh saluted, thanked Abner for his reminder, and left the restaurant after saying goodbye again.

After Hugh left, Abner was eating the breakfast brought by the waiter, while reflecting on what he had done just now: Although forming a good relationship with Miss ‘Judgment’ is the established goal, but I seem to be a little shallow.
Hmm, is it because I am unconsciously excited to travel to another world and talk to my favorite novel characters so that I am willing to show myself? Or does the ‘reader’ sequence potion have a ‘side effect’ of showing off knowledge? Think about the characters in this sequence in the original book, Essinger loves to show off his sealed items, Admiral Iceberg likes to show off her collection… and almost all people in this path are good teachers…

“Well, think about these it’s still a little far away, I’m not a Beyonder yet!” Abner complained to himself, and then finished his breakfast gracefully and quickly.

After solving his stomach problem, Abner took a public carriage to the Jowood area, and then stopped in front of a clothing store that he remembered as familiar.
Because he was going to attend a secret party tomorrow night, his original plan was to buy cloth and needlework to sew a face-covering robe, but now that Miss Hugh gave him 5 pounds, he could directly buy ready-made clothes.

This clothing store is owned by a friend of his in public school.
It is not too high-end and caters to the kind of people who have just passed the threshold of the middle class.
The price is quite reasonable.

As soon as Abner entered the door, he saw a girl about the same age as the original body running out of the store frizzily.
Familiar memories flooded his mind, and he couldn’t help but sigh helplessly.
He skillfully reached out his hand to stop the girl from hitting him and said with a smile, “Jane, you are still so impatient!”

The girl, Jane, stabilized her figure after seeing that it was Abner.
She immediately said happily, “Ah, Abner, I’m sorry, I didn’t notice you just now! Hehe, I haven’t seen you for several days.
Have you finished dealing with your family affairs? Now come to play with me?”

“It’s settled, you know, I have applied for graduation, and I came to your store to buy clothes and interview for a job,” Abner replied.

“That’s it… I was supposed to help you choose, but the club activities are about to start, so I have to hurry there as soon as possible,” Jane said, looking embarrassed.

“Society?” If I remember correctly, this girl is one grade below him, and she was a member of the ancient language club formed by the original body.
The club was disbanded after Abner applied for graduation because nobody other than Abner had ever learned Hermetic.

“Ha, Abner, you know, I like all kinds of occult knowledge.
After your club disbanded, I joined Teacher Kapusti’s club!” the girl replied.

Kapusti?” Abner felt that the name sounded familiar for some reason.

“Yes, Mr.
Kapusti believes that death is not the end, and he can even intuitively understand death by using secret methods.
He told us that everything can be reversed.
Yes, he believes that the dead can be resurrected! Isn’t that great?” Jane asked excitedly.

It turned out to be this person! Abner instantly remembered the rookie teacher from the original book who led the students in performing spirit dances in the cemetery.

Although there was no immediate danger, Abner didn’t want to involve the kind girl from the original body in any extraordinary incidents.
Even if something did happen later, Klein would help resolve it.
So, he said with a straight face, “Jane, you’d better not have too much contact with Mr.
He is very dangerous!”

Jane was stunned when she heard this, then blushed and looked at Abner secretly.
“Abner, you care about me very much, don’t you? Don’t you want me to be curious about others?”

“Girl, your reaction is wrong! What the hell have you figured out?” The corners of Abner’s mouth twitched as he saw this, so he could only grit his teeth and continue to warn, “Jane, since you like occultism, you should know that resuscitating the dead is taboo! Teacher Kapusti’s preaching of such ideas is either stupid or malicious! Of course, I know it’s the former, because that teacher was evaluated by Klein as a rookie among rookies.”

“Okay…Okay, I’ll listen to you.
But don’t you want to know if the dead can really be revived?” Jane pouted, feeling that Abner was right but still not reconciled.

“Even if it’s true, how would you verify it? By stealing a corpse? That’s a crime!” Abner said in a slightly harsh tone.

The little girl was obviously taken aback and couldn’t speak for a long time.

At this time, the owner of the clothing store, Mr.
Charlie, Jane’s father, came over and asked in confusion, “What crime?”

Seeing her father coming, Jane ran to his side and chattered about the conversation she had just had with Abner.
This girl has a big heart and didn’t think she would be punished for telling the truth.

Charlie also became serious after hearing this.
He is a believer in the goddess and doesn’t believe in resurrection from the dead at all.
He stared at Jane and said, “You’re staying home today, and you’re not allowed to join that club!”

Jane nodded subconsciously.
He turned around and said gratefully to Abner, “Young man, thank you for warning Jane.
Otherwise, I would not have known that she was going to participate in such a dangerous thing! Well, you are here to buy clothes? How about it, whichever one do you like, I will sell it to you at the cost price!”

Abner didn’t expect such a good deal, and he didn’t refuse (after all, he was poor), so he happily picked out a suit of casual clothes and a suit with a pocket cape and cloak, which cost only three pounds in total.

To take advantage of the discount, Abner decided to visit Jane again in a few days.
If she was still secretly participating in that club activity, he would report them to prevent Jane from being in real danger.

That night, Abner opened the “Pure White Eye” again, intending to interpret the formula of Sequence 8 through Extraordinary characteristics.
However, he encountered Waterloo this time and even fell into a coma twice, resulting in nothing.

“Maybe it’s because I don’t have enough knowledge of mysticism? Or maybe my spirituality is too low to fully display the current ability of Pure White Eye?”

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