Chapter 11 Exorcism

Abner looked at Kaspers and said confidently, “I trust in your profession.”

Internally, Abner was mocking Kaspers, but outwardly he showed conviction in his words.
Kaspers, in turn, looked at Hugh standing behind Abner and quickly recognized the well-known arbitrator in the Eastern District.

After considering for a moment, Kaspers nodded to Abner and said, “I can ask for you, but no matter the result, you’ll have to pay a 3 pound contact fee.”

“Of course,” Abner replied without hesitation.
He knew that Miss Hugh would be paying the fee anyway.

“Wait here for a while,” Kaspers instructed before limping into the lounge on the other side.

Abner wondered how Kaspers was able to easily get in touch with the “Eye of Wisdom.” Was it through a magical item or messenger? Or perhaps through a telegram?

Just as Abner was thinking, Hugh pulled on the corner of his clothes and whispered, “What rank is the organizer you’re looking for?”

“He’s a Sequence 7, but he has a powerful sealed item in his possession and his actual combat power is at the level of Sequence 6,” Abner replied.

“Sequence 7,” Hugh thought to himself.
This rank was considered a mid-level sequence in the contemporary era.

Kaspers returned and announced, “The gentleman says you can meet him at the house where the party was held at 8 o’clock tonight.
The password is the same as last time.”

Kaspers looked at Abner with surprise and asked, “Since when did you become the old gentleman’s student?”

“What?” Abner was more surprised than Kaspers.
“The old gentleman referred to you as ‘his future student’ in his reply,” Kaspers added.

Abner was confused.
Was he supposed to take the old man’s test and become his future student? Wasn’t he not allowed to preach in Loen? Oh, right, he was just recruiting students… but this was too sudden, wasn’t it?

Despite his internal complaints, Abner outwardly accepted the relationship.
Becoming a student would make it much easier for him to advance.
Why not take the opportunity to latch onto the old man’s coattails?

As for whether the old man had any ulterior motives, Abner was not too worried.
Even if the old man did have bad intentions, Abner could just delay things for a month or so.
By then, he might be able to digest the potion and no longer be afraid of the old man.

After Hugh paid the “contact fee,” the two of them left the bar.
It was only noon, so they couldn’t wait there until nightfall.

“Where are you going?” Hugh asked.

“I’m going to get lunch and then go home to study in the afternoon,” Abner replied.
Although he had asked Kaspers to tell the “Eye of Wisdom” that he had completed the learning task assigned to him, in reality he was still far behind.
He needed to use the Eye of Pure White to catch up while he had time in the afternoon.

“Study…” Hugh was dumbfounded at the response and didn’t know what to say for a moment.

“You don’t have to follow me, you can go back and have a rest first.
We’ll meet at the Bar of the Brave at night.
I don’t think the attacker will cast another curse for a while,” Abner said with understanding.

Hugh thought for a moment, then shook his head and said, “If I don’t go home, it may bring danger to my friends… Besides, the sequence you are in is not good at fighting head-on, right? I can protect you by staying by your side.
After all, I got you down.”

Abner held his chin and thought for a while, feeling that it was better not to explain this matter.
He couldn’t explain it clearly anyway.
Could it be that he knew the plot? “Then let’s go!” he said finally.

Abner and Hugh had a hasty lunch in the restaurant, and then returned to their residence in the East District.
Hugh looked at Abner, who took out some materials and began studying, and then looked around the simple one-bedroom apartment.
She secretly commented to herself, “This is worse than the house that Forsi and I rented.
Abner is really economical, but his behavior doesn’t look like that of a poor person.
Could it be to hide his identity?” Although she was a little curious, she already regarded Abner as a friend and didn’t intend to inquire into it.
After all, who doesn’t have any secrets?

In the following time, Abner spent the whole afternoon switching on the pure white eyes to learn the ancient Fusac language for ten seconds, resting and reviewing what he had learned before for two hours.
Since Ms.
Hugh had already seen his pure white eyes, he didn’t try to avoid it and only said that he was using a supernatural item.

After dinner, the two came to the Bar of the Brave again around 7:30.
This time, Abner found the apartment where the party was held last time without Kaspers’ guidance.
After simply disguising himself and Hugh with a cloak and mask, he sounded the secret signal.

Soon, he saw the small wooden board on the door open and some eyes looked out.
Abner knew it was the attendant of the old man called “Eye of Wisdom”.

After a process no different from a party, they were taken to the familiar living room.
Under the light of a flickering, dimly lit candle, they saw the old man sitting on the single sofa.

The old man “Eye of Wisdom” saw the two people coming in and, after looking at them, said with a smile, “It seems that this lady needs help!”

“Your eyes are as bright as a torch!” Abner complimented.
He had to thank Emperor Roselle for making many idioms come from him, although the source was all from him.

“You don’t need to flatter me.
After we finish the deal, I’ll give you a separate test to see if you’ve really mastered half of the information in less than a day,” the “Eye of Wisdom” said.
He then turned to Hugh and said, “This lady was cursed by the whisper of the ‘Cold-Blooded One’, but I think this curse has been weakened.
There’s not much depravity left.
As long as you purify it with a sun brooch, it will be fine.”

Hugh glanced at the other party in admiration and begged, “You’re right, please help me.”
The “Eye of Wisdom” nodded and, after saying “wait a moment,” got up and walked into the back room.
He brought back a dark golden sun brooch in the shape of a bird.
It was clear that there was a little sweat on the old man’s face.

“This is the sun brooch,” he said with a smile.
“It gives you the ability to exorcise evil spirits, purify, and use some sun domain spells.
The flaw is that as long as you wear it, you will never feel cool and will always feel like you’re in the hot summer in the south.”

Abner sighed inwardly at the old man’s constant showboating, but he couldn’t deny the warmth and bright light emanating from the sun brooch.
It flowed continuously, turning into a tide and rushing towards the two of them, submerging them at the same time.

Tens of seconds later, everything returned to normal.
Hugh and Abner felt warm, comfortable, and at ease, like they had been soaking in a hot spring or sunbathing.

During this process, Abner covertly lowered his gaze and opened the “Pure White Eye.” He saw with his own eyes that the black lines on Hugh’s forehead dissipated instantly under the light, leaving her forehead clean.

“Okay, the help I’ve given is complete.
Don’t you want to honor the reward? I hope the past of the Fourth Epoch can satisfy me,” the old man “Eye of Wisdom” said with a smile as he put the brooch back in the back room.

“Thank you very much for your help!” Hugh said sincerely.

“That’s not necessary.
This is a deal, isn’t it?” the “Eye of Wisdom” waved his hand and turned his attention to Abner again.

Abner quickly cleared his throat and told a story from the novel “Lord of the Mysteries” about the emergence and demise of the Trensost-Tudor United Empire after the collapse of Solomon’s First Empire.
He pointed out that the capital of the United Empire at that time was Backlund.
Of course, he didn’t talk too much about the gods and angels, knowing that would be courting death.

These stories not only fascinated Hugh, but the well-informed “Eye of Wisdom” also changed his sitting posture, clearly very interested.

“It turns out that after the fall of the Solomon Empire, there was still an era of double consuls? This explains a lot of my doubts before… But this doesn’t line up with the War of the Four Emperors? And how did the United Empire disintegrate?” the “Eye of Wisdom” frowned, always feeling a little puzzled.

Abner hesitated for a moment before cryptically mentioning, “Because the Black Emperor of the Solomon Empire has been resurrected!” He didn’t say any more because he was afraid of attracting the attention of some existences if he said too much.
After all, this place was not the gray fog above.

“The Black Emperor is resurrected…” the “Eye of Wisdom” nodded thoughtfully.
His level was not high enough, so he just vaguely felt that the “Black Emperor” might not be as simple as a title.

Hugh was even more confused, but she didn’t ask too many questions.
She just kept it in her heart as knowledge reserve.
She didn’t know that the reason Abner mentioned this period of history was actually to secretly reveal information to her.
After all, the Sequence 0 that George III wanted to become was also the Dark Emperor!”

“I am very satisfied with this reward.
It has greatly enriched and supplemented my understanding of the Quaternary Epoch and allowed me to explore the truth of history one step further.
Praise the God of ‘Knowledge and Wisdom’,” the “Eye of Wisdom” said with a satisfied compliment.

He invited Hugh out temporarily and then looked at Abner with a smile.
“According to the agreement, it’s time to check your homework!” he said.

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