Chapter 10 Asking for Help

“Not far from the subway station is the Holy Wind Cathedral, let’s go there!” Hugh, barely recovered from her previous emotional loss, said to Abner as they ran.

Abner nodded upon hearing this.
Although neither of them are believers in the Lord of Storms, it is clear that the tyrant poses a greater threat to evil ones.
It is the best choice to go to the church now that the enemy is in the dark.
As for why the railway from the East End to St.
George’s District passes by the Holy Wind Cathedral in the Jowood District? It is common sense that the subway loops go around in circles!

The two ran all the way.
Although the other people on the platform were a little strange, they didn’t take it seriously, they only thought they were in a hurry.
Only a man near the duty room, wearing a cap and squatting on the ground with his head covered with his hands, looked at Hugh’s back with a ferocious expression.
He seemed to be in great pain, bean-sized beads of sweat kept falling from his cheeks, and there was a badge with a big gap in his hand.
But the strange thing is that the people around him didn’t notice his abnormality.

This subway station is less than a hundred meters away from the Church of the Holy Wind.
After exiting the station, Abner saw the headquarters of the Church of the Storm that was more than a thousand years old.
They walked quickly to the courtyard wall of the church.
He couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.
Once here, unless the Extraordinary who plotted against Hugh has lost his mind, he will not attack again.
After all, even if he launches an attack here, even if he succeeds, he has to consider whether he will be smashed into ashes by a flash of lightning from the tyrant.

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Abner and Hugh didn’t enter the church.
They were not believers of the storm, but they were ‘wild’ Extraordinary.
If they were found out, they might be arrested by the Punisher.

The two leaned against the church wall to rest for a while before Hugh said: “Thank you, Abner.
Without your help, I might have been immersed in those inexplicable emotions and lost control and become a monster just now…” After the events of just now, she felt more gratitude and trust towards Abner.

Abner waved his hand to signal that Hugh should not be concerned, and then asked, “Hugh, who did you offend, and why did you get cursed?”

“I’m sorry, I have troubled you!” Hugh apologized, and then explained, “After listening to your analysis that day, I have been investigating the consultant named ‘Sick’, asking many of Rosen’s former subordinates.
I discovered that there was something really wrong with that person.
Not only was he very good at persuading others and eliminating dissidents, but he was also constantly instigating Rosen to lend usury through contracts with traps, causing many families to be ruined.
He is also connected to many slave traders and is keen on abducting and selling the family members of those bankrupt families.”

“It sounds like this Sigg person is not just a ‘swindler’, but more of an ‘instigator’ of the Witch Path.
After all, fraudulent acting has to be done by oneself, and defrauding through others should not be the code of acting.
However, he still has contact with slave traders, so maybe he also had someone take my mother in this body… Wait!” Abner thought for a moment, and it seemed that a flash of lightning had struck his mind, allowing him to connect the plot of the novel with the situation in front of him, and he instantly understood a lot.

“If this Sigg is really an instigator, then he should belong to the Witch Sect.
In the novel, the Witch Sect cooperates with the Loen royal family, and they constantly traffic people to provide sacrifices to the emperor who wants to become a god.
Could it be that this is happening in the real world as well? Is George III’s plan to become the Dark Emperor? In the original book, Klein uncovered a slave trader named Kapin, but how could there be only one subordinate to handle such a big plan? Well, a small loan shark like Sigg couldn’t be personally arranging such a big plan, he must be just a member of the peripheral organization.”

After thinking about this, Abner’s face became a little grim, as the level involved in this matter was too high, and he, a small Sequence 9, could not interfere.
The only good news is that Sigg is probably just a peripheral person, and he shouldn’t be able to mess with any powerful characters.

“Have you thought of anything?” Hugh asked worriedly, noticing that Abner’s expression had changed.

Abner looked at Hugh.
In the original book, Hugh accidentally beat Rosen severely in this case and sent him to prison.
Now it seems that there is a possibility that an extraordinary person interfered, otherwise this lady would not be very happy.
It may be so heavy on an ordinary person.
But now, because of Abner’s previous reminder, Hugh found out a deeper secret, which attracted the other party’s curse.

“In a sense, it’s my meddling that put her in danger…” Thinking of this, Abner felt a little guilty, and he hesitated for a while, wondering if he should tell Hugh the truth.
After all, Hugh was actually one of the victims of George III’s attempt to become a god.
But he eventually decided to conceal it for the time being.
The reason is very simple.
He has no way to explain the source of the information, and simply saying that the reasoning is too false.

“I think Sigg may be an ‘instigator’, not a ‘conspirator’ as I speculated before.
He may be a member of the Witch Sect or the Gnostic Society.” After considering the information, Abner spoke, “The key now is not this, but how to deal with the cursed magic lines on your body! If you don’t purify it, the attacker will use it to make you lose control again sooner or later.”

Hugh frowned and asked, “It was the curse that you helped me solve just now… Abner, did you see what kind of curse it was? Also, what’s with your white pupils?”

“That’s because I used a supernatural item.” Abner hesitated before continuing, “Through emotions, people lose control.
Most of this curse comes from the abyss path, and it should be a sealed item!”

Previously, Abner had already figured out that the pure white eye could help Hugh return to normal, not because he had the ability to break the curse actively, but because when Hugh looked at him, the caster wanted to spread the curse to him through his sight.
However, it was tragically suppressed by the Pure White Eye’s personality, and the spreading curse power was not only shattered in an instant, but it should have been backlash along the connection! This is why the two of them were not attacked in the subway station.

Abner determined that it was the effect of a sealed item rather than an abyss path extraordinary person because low-sequence spellcasters would not be able to cast from such a long distance.
If a person was personally backlash by such a high-level personality, they might lose control on the spot or even die.
At that time, there was no abnormality on the subway platform or in the carriage, which meant that the caster must still be separated by a layer and only backlash by the sealed object.
But even so, that person would not feel good.

As for the attacker being a middle-to-high Sequence, Abner didn’t even think about it.
It would be too troublesome for such a strong person to deal with their two Sequence 9s.
They might not even know they were attacked until they died.

“The path to the abyss?” Hugh felt that his knowledge was really poor.

“It is also commonly known as the demon sequence.
They are best at playing with emotions and tempting people to fall.” Abner briefly explained.

Hugh nodded, and didn’t ask Abner how he judged that it was a sealed item, but asked in embarrassment, “Then how do I completely remove it?”

“If the Fool came now, we could just pray to him and he would use paper angels to help solve this problem… Unfortunately, the Fool won’t arrive for another month and we’ll have to find a way to find an Extraordinary or items on the path of the sun.”

While thinking wildly, Abner combined the knowledge from the novel with the magic pattern he had just seen and suggested, “This shouldn’t be a particularly high-level curse.
If we can find someone to perform an exorcism ceremony, it might work.”

“Exorcism…do you know how to do it?” Hugh asked, her eyes wide.

Abner sighed inwardly, knowing that he, as a newcomer who had only been in this world for four days, couldn’t possibly know how to do an exorcism.
He kept a calm face and asked, “Do you know any extraordinary circles that might be able to help? For example, the one that will give Klein warmth in the future.”

“But there won’t be a gathering of the extraordinary circle within a week or two…” Hugh said, her head hanging in frustration.
She was experienced enough to know that the curser was likely backlashed and wouldn’t attack again for a short period of time, but that short period of time might only be a day or two, not a week or two.

Feeling responsible for her predicament, Abner decided to help her again.
He thought for a moment and said, “I know someone who has a magical item that might be able to help you, but I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to contact him.
I can only try.”

“Thank you, Abner!”

“You’re welcome, let’s go!” After Abner finished speaking, he called a taxi on the street and told the driver to take them to the Bridge District on Iron Gate Street.

Sitting in the taxi, Hugh looked at Abner beside her and asked hesitantly, “Are you still planning to go to the shooting club on Strand Street to practice guns today?”

“I can’t go today, so I’ll have to put it off until tomorrow.
I hope Mr.
Diff will forgive me,” Abner replied with a wry smile.

Hugh considered her tone and said, “Actually, if you want to practice guns, you don’t have to spend money to go to the shooting club.
I know a secluded place where we can practice for free.
My marksmanship is very good and I can be your coach.
And I can provide the practice bullets as well.” She felt that she owed Abner a favor and wanted to make it up to him.

Abner’s eyes lit up at the suggestion and he felt that Hugh’s proposal was very convincing.
He then looked at the knight practice uniform Hugh was wearing and had a new idea.
He asked, “What about your fighting skills, Hugh?”

Hugh replied, “I have received complete knight training since I was a child!”

“How about this, I hire you to be my firearms and fighting instructor and pay you with the information and reasoning fees you owe me?” Abner asked brazenly.

“That’s a deal!” Hugh was relieved when she heard the offer, as she didn’t like the feeling of owing others and was happy to repay in this way.

While speaking, the taxi had arrived on Iron Gate Street, and Abner led Hugh to the Bar of the Brave, where they easily found Kaspers.

Kaspers gave Abner and Hugh a strange look and asked, “Why did you come back so soon? What’s the matter this time?”

“I would like to ask you to send a message to the old gentleman who organized the party.
I have completed the study task he assigned to me and I would like to request that he bring a sun brooch to help.
In exchange, I am willing to offer a piece of secret knowledge about the Fourth Epoch.
It would be best if this could be done tonight.”

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