On Friday morning, when the first ray of sunlight pierced through the terrible smog over Backlund, and then struggled to shine through the window into a house near the Bar of the Brave, Abner finally woke up from his coma.
When he came to, he skillfully took out his pocket watch and glanced at it, sighing: “Sure enough, it’s still six hours.”

Although the price was not light, he gained quite a lot.
Last night, he used his pure white eyes to successfully analyze a supplementary material of Sequence 8 ‘reasoning student’ from the Extraordinary characteristics.
Although the second time was short, he memorized hundreds of ancient Fusac words in the learning materials, which is not inefficient!

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And more importantly, Abner discovered that reading and studying books with the pure white eyes open can greatly promote the digestion of the “reader” potion.
In just a few seconds last night, the power of his potion, which had caused unconscious overflow, had completely converged.

“The role of the reader can be seen from the name to read more books and increase knowledge and knowledge.
Its connotation should be to understand the laws of nature, humanities, and even the extraordinary through reading, and to achieve omnipotence due to omniscience! Of course, a mere Sequence Nine is impossible to achieve the level of omniscience, but the essence of this sequence should be like this.
The follow-up reasoning students, knowledge keepers, and polymaths are actually analysis, parsing, imitation, etc.
of all kinds of knowledge learned…And my pure white eyes are obviously in line with this theme in the process of using them, so it is no wonder that they can promote the digestion of potions.”

“At this speed, I just need to insist on reading and learning all kinds of knowledge with pure white eyes every day, maybe I can digest the ‘reader’ in half a month? Maybe I can reach Sequence 8 before the Fool comes?”

Just as Abner was dreaming about the future, there was a knock on the door outside.

“It should be Kaspers.” Abner looked at his pocket watch again, and made a judgment in his heart.

So he stood up, removed the spiritual wall, then walked out of the porch, and opened the door carefully.

Surprisingly, there was no one outside the door.
Abner was stunned for a moment, then blinked, the white in his eyes flashed away, and finally looked far ahead.
Kaspers was seen on the road.
He couldn’t help being dumbfounded, and laughed at himself: “Is that an exaggeration? I’m not fine?”

But Kaspers watched Abner for a long time outside the courtyard, and then staggered to the door of the house with a blank expression on his face.
He said: “I have personally seen someone open the door unsuspectingly and then be swallowed by the monster inside the door out of control!”

Abner’s expression froze, and before he could say anything to ease the atmosphere, the other party handed over a gun bag.

“This is the revolver you want, Chenghui 3 pounds!” Caspers held the bag and said concisely.

Abner’s eyes lit up, and he hurriedly counted out the three-pound bills from his wallet and handed them over, then took the gun bag and took out the contents on the spot.

What caught the eye was a silvery-white revolver with a long barrel, and its grip was made of walnut.
In addition, there were fifty yellow bullets neatly placed in the box.
Abner tried emptying the gun, then loaded five rounds of bullets, put the revolver back into the gun bag and hung it on the underarm of the inside of his coat, and put the rest of the bullets into another pocket close to his body.

Kaspers verified the authenticity of the banknotes against the sun, and then said: “Our transaction is complete.
If you have anything to do in the future, you can find me at the Brave Bar.”

Abner nodded upon hearing this and said: “Thank you very much this time.
If you have any troubles in the future, you can also ask me for help.
You know, I am already an Extraordinary.”

Kaspers sneered and said: “Little guy, don’t be too confident.
Extraordinary people are also flesh and blood, don’t just rely on some abilities to be brave.”

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Abner could hear that he was actually admonishing him with good intentions, so he didn’t feel annoyed, but just wrote down his own words secretly in his heart, promising to be more careful.

After the two talked for a while, Abner took the lead to say goodbye to the other party.
He had a lot of things to do today, so he didn’t have time to delay.
After Abner walked away, a figure appeared out of nowhere.
It was a mature man with short tan hair, wearing a white shirt and a brown vest.
As soon as he appeared, he smiled at Kaspers: “It seems that I am not useful, you are still very stable, kid.”

Kaspers shook his head and said: “I am afraid that he will rely too much on his ability, causing even more trouble…”

The man straightened his expression when he heard the words and said: “Kaspers, don’t underestimate that kid.
Although I don’t know which path he is in Sequence 9, he should have found me just now!”

“Really? Zreal, are you sure?”

Kaspers was obviously surprised.

“Don’t underestimate the observation and judgment of a detective, Kaspers.
Although I am not a detective on the reader’s path, I can still feel his obvious nervousness and vigilance through his spiritual vision.”

Zerry Earl looked at his watch at this point and continued: “Okay, I have seen this little guy here, and I am going to prepare breakfast for the little guys in my family.”

“Zreal, do you still have a baby? Looking at those vagrants?” Kaspers asked sideways.

“They are my good assistants as detectives, aren’t they?” Zreal replied with a smile.

Kaspers frowned, didn’t say anything more, and watched Zreal’s body slowly disappear.

On the other side, Abner, who had returned to the East District, also quietly breathed a sigh of relief.
He subconsciously opened his pure white eyes for a second when he opened the door before, and then saw a figure hiding beside Kaspers.
He was really taken aback at the time, but fortunately, he soon realized that the hidden Extraordinary should not have malicious intentions, but came to help Kaspers deal with possible out-of-control incidents.
He was on guard secretly while completing the deal with Kaspers.

“My pure white eyes don’t have spiritual vision so far, and I can’t see spiritual bodies for the time being, so that person shouldn’t be in a spiritual state… So it’s… the tricks of a magician? The illusion created by a magician? The mental interference of scammers? Only these three companies are good at it at low-sequence.
Well, the principle of these abilities should be to influence people through the spirit.
In other words, my pure white eyes can still resist or see through the effect of spiritual spells? Hey, there is too little information, so we can’t be sure yet.”

While thinking about his thoughts, Abner walked into the restaurant he would visit every day since time travel.
He looked around, but didn’t find Hugh’s figure.

The lady’s investigation should still be going on… This thought flashed through his mind, but Abner didn’t care.
Although he knew that the so-called “two-faced man” Rosen had murdered the original body’s father, he just inherited the memory of the original body, but without the feelings of the other party, the feelings are not deep, so there is no rush, just wait for the scene to make that person pay the price.

After breakfast, Abner put the study materials back home, and then came to the nearby subway entrance.

Backlund’s subway was born twenty-five years ago.
It first connected the two sides of the Tussock River, and now it has expanded to several major urban areas.
Of course, there are not many stations.

Because the Strand Street in St.
George’s District, where Abner was going, was too remote, and the carriage would take too long, the subway would be more convenient.

Coming to the ground floor, Abner looked at the price wooden sign near the ticket window:

“Peak hours (7:00 am to 9:00 pm, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm) every 10 minutes, and the rest of the 15 minutes, 6 pence for first-class seats, 4p for second-class seats, 3p for third-class seats, 9, 6, and 5p for round-trips respectively, annual pass for first-class seats is 8 pounds, second-class seats are 5 pounds and 10 soli, and third-class seats do not have annual passes.”

Price It’s okay, even if I take it to practice guns every day, I can afford it.

While thinking about this, Abner took out 4 copper pennies, handed them to the conductor, and bought a second-class ticket.

When he came to the platform leading to St.
George’s No.
4 station, he didn’t have to wait long before he heard the siren sound like thunder, and saw a huge steam locomotive breaking through the gas lamps on both sides with a sense of majestic power.
The shining light stopped with a bang.

Its huge shape, winding body, black iron color and complicated machinery are mixed together, giving it a unique aesthetic feeling.

“This really has the meaning of steampunk!” Abner couldn’t help whistling, and at the same time complained in his heart about Squid’s trickery in the introduction of “Lord of the Mysteries”, although he also knows that the steampunk in this novel is just a background embellishment and cannot be delved into, but now that he is involved in it, he finally feels the power of steam and machinery!

Not long after getting on the train, amidst the bang bang bang bang bang noise, the steam subway started running from slow to fast.
Ten minutes later, it began to gradually slow down again, and slowly stopped at the predetermined platform.

Since Abner hadn’t reached his destination yet, he sat on his seat and waited for it to start up again.
At this moment, following a burst of powerful footsteps, a petite girl with disheveled hair entered the carriage.
This was Hugh Dilcha, the future Miss Judgment of the Tarot Society.

“Hugh?” Abner said in surprise, but he was thinking in his heart: Is it possible that I am too predestined with this young lady? It has been less than four days since he traveled here, but he met her for three days.

Hugh obviously saw Abner at this time, so she went straight to the empty seat beside him and sat down, and said hello, “Good morning, Abner.
What a coincidence, where are you going?”

“Good morning, Miss Hugh, I’m planning to go to the shooting club on Strand Street to practice marksmanship.” Abner replied honestly without thinking about it.

“River Street…is it the shooting club at No.
33 River Street?” Hugh suddenly paused before asking in a complicated tone.

“That’s right! Miss Hugh, how do you know? Have you been there?” Just as Abner was about to ask this question, he suddenly found that there seemed to be something wrong with Hugh’s expression.
Her expression changed back and forth, mixed with nostalgia, confusion, unwillingness, and many other emotions, and fell into it.

He couldn’t help being startled, and thought: Even if it was possible that Hugh was touched by his own words, as the ‘arbitrator’ of Sequence 9, how could she lose her composure in front of someone she don’t know very well? This is very wrong!

With this in mind, Abner decisively opened the ‘Pure White Eye’, and then saw a strange black line on Hugh’s forehead!

“It turned out to be my father’s property.
I used to play there when I was a child…” Hugh didn’t seem to be aware of her problem, and was still muttering about some things in the past.

But after she unconsciously turned her head and looked at Abner’s pure white pupils, she trembled suddenly, and she was completely awake.

“Hugh, listen to me, you should sort out your emotions first, and let go of your thoughts! You should be cursed, and this curse may be taking advantage of your extreme emotions!” Seeing that her eyes had returned to calm, Abner rubbed a little dizzy head, and continued, “Let’s get out of the car now and find a safe place to talk.”

While speaking, he held Hugh with one hand, and reached into the gun pocket with the other to grab the handle of the revolver.
The train has not yet started, and he strode towards the platform.

As a wild Extraordinary, although Hugh lacks mystic knowledge, she has extremely rich experience, so she didn’t hesitate at this moment, and trotted to keep up with Abner’s pace.

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