Chapter 1 Arctic World(1)

In the semi-interstellar era, a survival virtual reality game called “Ten-Day Plan” emerged, and thousands of closed beta slots were released to the entire Interstellar Alliance.

The realistic depiction in its promotional videos was astonishing, rumors have it that even the famous military force of the galaxy— the Silver Star Fleet — has intentions to use it for daily training.

In no time, the “Ten-Day Plan” gained widespread popularity.

At one point, “Have you signed up for the game? Have you drawn lots for the game?” was the first thing people said when they saw each other face-to-face.

All of this had nothing to do with Qian Yue at first.

As a biologist who often experienced internet outages, she had just returned from a barren planet, ending her half-year primitive life.
Now that she is having her rare time off, Qian Yue wanted nothing more than to laze about at home like a lazy fish with no ambitions.

But unexpectedly…

Delivery guy, “Hello, this is Galaxy Express.
May I enquire where you intend to install your nutrition pod?”

Qian Yue, woken up by the doorbell, “…???”

After figuring out the situation, Qian Yue got them to wait for a moment, before immediately reaching for her phone to tell her younger brother off.

“You told me it was a discount link for Pinduoduo!”

She even felt puzzled at the time.
Although she had no experience using these shopping apps, she knew it usually required just a click.

But in recent years, the interstellar network has been more strictly regulated, requiring real-name registration everywhere, so when filling in her name and address, Qian Yue paid not much mind to it.

Now faced with the delivery guys here to install the nutrition pod and the huge pod in front of her, she wished she could teleport over to the main star and give her younger brother two slaps!

Qian Chi defended himself, “Aren’t you always unlucky! So I forwarded the link to you just for fun, totally didn’t expect you to win!”

What do you do with a naughty ‘child’? Probably a well-deserved beating!

“Is someone missing my fist? I’m giving you three days to come over and take it with you to the main star,” she said to her younger brother, Qian Chi, with a sigh.

Qian Chi replied with a ‘you’re so ignorant’ tone, “But I can’t use it even if I bring it back.
It’s tied to your identity information, sis.”

He dropped a bombshell, “I heard that if you win and don’t participate, it will be recorded in your credit history.”

Besides, he had won a spot himself, so he had no use for it.

However, he dared not say so out loud.

Qian Chi tried to console her like a warm-hearted man, “Just treat it as a way to relax.
Girls shouldn’t be so easily angered, you’d age faster.”

“If you really don’t want to play, you can just get eliminated in the first instance.”

Qian Yue retorted, “Get lost!”

Three days later, the closed beta officially began.

Qian Yue reluctantly got up from her bed and entered the nutrient pod after carefully checking the time.

The countdown for the server opening quickly reached 00:00.

After confirming her information, she was suddenly enveloped in a bright light and found herself in an endless white space.

The next second, a mechanical voice sounded.

“Welcome to ‘Ten-Day Plan’.”

“During this closed beta event, players will face survival challenges in multiple different instances.”

“Each instance lasts for ten days, and surviving all ten days will be considered as clearing the instance.”

“During the closed beta period, players have only one life, and character death will result in elimination and termination of the game experience.
Only those who clear the instance can participate in the next one.
The last survivor will be the winner.”

“Note: The passage of time in the instance is not the same as in the real world.
There are four hours of daylight and only two hours of nighttime.
Special maps are an exception.”

Impatiently skipping through the previous nonsense, Qian Yue, still feeling drowsy, just wanted to quickly enter the game and lay down to continue sleeping.

“Each player has one opportunity to draw an item every day, and the range of items available varies depending on the chosen profession.”

“Please choose your profession.”

As soon as the words fell, four options appeared in front of Qianyue.


Attributes: Increases maximum health by 30%.

Skill: Increases the healing effect of medical items by 5% to 10% when used on any target.

Selection Range: Medical items, Mental suppressants.


Attributes: Increases maximum stamina by 30%.

Skill: Increases drop rate of prey by 5% to 10%.

Selection Range: Food, Mental suppressants.


Attributes: Increases maximum mental capacity by 30%.

Skill: Increases the effectiveness of items crafted from blueprints by 5% to 10%.

Selection Range: Blueprints, Mental suppressants.

Seeing this, Qian Yue pondered for a moment.

She decisively summoned her character panel and unsurprisingly saw three bars showing her stats: health, stamina, and something called mental points.

【Mental points】: Represents the player’s mental state.
If the mental points index is too low, the player is likely to fall into confusion, mental instability, or even a berserk state.
However, mental suppressants can be used to restore the character to normal.

Qian Yue was taken aback.

Unlike the interstellar fantasy creative works imagined in the past(novels, movies, etc.), the semi-interstellar era does not have something called “spiritual power”.

However, as an explorer who frequently roams the wilderness, Qian Yue is well aware that the “mental state” is easily overlooked by various survival enthusiasts.

Surviving in the wilderness is not as glamorous as it is portrayed in some live-streaming shows, as it is filled with dangers and can be incredibly lonely.

Qian Yue has seen many predecessors who stayed in the wilderness for long periods of time slowly withdraw socially or develop mental disorders.

The fact that the “Ten-Day Plan” pays attention to this issue pleasantly surprised Qian Yue.

It even sparked a little interest in her— albeit just a tiny bit.


She continued reading further, and the description said:
These three values affect the player’s survival status, any of them reaching a value of zero may result in the character’s death.

Interestingly, the attribute bonuses of the Scholar, Doctor, and Hunter professions are all related to these three values.

As for the last profession…

Qian Yue glanced lazily, but suddenly her eyes lit up!


Attributes: Default NPC favorability +30%.

Skills: Pickpocketing.

Selection Range: All.

If Qian Yue had visited the official forum of the game before logging in, she would have known that the Beggar profession was actually the least favored among players.

Although “Ten-Day Plan” is a vr online game, the NPCs in this game are said to exist in name only.

Except for occasional lucky encounters with a few NPCs who may give out hidden quests, most NPCs in the game are too busy protecting themselves and cannot afford to offer daily quests with rewards like other online games.

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