Chapter-7 – Beauty Brute

After A’Li went out by slamming the door, Xiao Yan sat on the bed in a daze still staring at the door. 

Things piled up like a mountain in her mind, but earlier Xiao Yan didn’t have time to think about the other things. 

But now that she had time to think about it, she thought that everything was a little incredible.

Xiao Yan lay on her back and felt tired.
She raised her hands to cover her exhausted eyes, thinking about what was going on.

A cold medicinal fragrance of A’Li’s body was still lingering on the bed, with the lingering smell of something else. 

The two flavors mixed together, creating a different kind of ambiguous environment, making her blush.

Xiao Yan’s face instantly became hot, and through this ambiguous smell, she completely remembered how she “bu*lied” A’Li.

The narrow phoenix eyes of the young man who couldn’t speak were full of cold tears, the end of his eyes was a bit red.
He bit his lower lip in humiliation while refusing to open his mouth and let her tongue juggle in.

At that time, Xiao Yan was dizzy and under the medicine, just desperately thinking about how to feel comfortable. 

So she didn’t have the patience to deal with him at all.
At that time, she behaved rudely and savagely.

Remembering the details, Xiao Yan’s face collapsed.
After living for twenty-five years, this was the first time she knew that she still had a habit of forceful love.

Thinking of A’Li’s tensed slender back, the blush on Xiao Yan’s face gradually receded, and a lot of distress came. 

Xiao Yan sighed, she got up from the bed and decided to take it easy.
Whether it was to complete the task or for whatever, she didn’t care. 

If she couldn’t live with such a clean and beautiful youth in the future, she would be happy.

Xiao Yan took a deep breath and raised her feet to find her mother in the plot. 

She was going to tell her that she wanted to marry A’Li.

Xiao Yan’s footsteps were heavy, and she thought that it would be better to marry A’Li and watch it under her eyes. 

This was better than not knowing when he would blacken and burn her to death.

Difficult…it was too difficult.

To win the favor of the blackened male lead and not to mention, the male lead who she had just forced…

The courtyard where Xiao Yan was located was called Yiyan Ju, and it was about seven or eight minutes to walk from here to the main house. 

From the Yiyan courtyard to the main hall where Mother Xiao lived, the surrounding scenery changed slightly. 

The landscapes near Yiyan Ju were casual and extravagant, while the layout of the main hall was noble and exquisite. 

It could be seen that the layout of the courtyard also followed the owner’s temperament.

Xiao Yan instantly recalled the introduction about Mother Xiao in her mind. 

Mother Xiao was a standard ancient master, an unsmiling, old-fashioned, and quite a serious type of person. 

The original heroine, who was almost fearless, still feared Mother Xiao.

In the original plot, today was the time when the original ‘Xiao Yan’ forced A’Li and was seen by Mother Li, who vomited blood on the spot. 

Mother Xiao punished ‘Xiao Yan’ by family law Xiao’s, she was punished with fifty whips.
And had to marry A’Li as her husband.

‘Xiao Yan’, who had just recovered from a serious illness, was severely beaten after an inexplicable night.
She heavily criticized Mother Li and her son in her heart.

The original ‘Xiao Yan’ was clearly the one who was at fault, but she was still annoyed with A’Li. 

When A’Li was unwilling to marry her, ‘Xiao Yan’ felt that even a mute was trying to pick at her.
So she thought about how to ignore him after marriage.

As Xiao Yan was led to the main house by the servants, she saw her younger sister Xiao Shu was drinking tea with Mother Xiao.

Mother Xiao was satisfied with Xiao Shu.
After all, she was smart, and her words and actions were incomparable to the pig brain-like ‘Xiao Yan’.

But the ancestors had set the rules, and the family business could only be transferred to the main daughter.
Unless she made an unforgivable mistake and was expelled from the family.

Mother Xiao had planned to leave most of the family business to Xiao Yan when she got old, lest that girl starves to death without having any skills.

This was the best arrangement Mother Xiao could think of, so she had also hinted at it to her two daughters when they became adults. 

But Xiao Shu had a big ambition and a big appetite.
She despised Xiao Yan and couldn’t understand why the Xiao family’s business would be entrusted to such a person?

She wanted to fight for it.

When Xiao Shu caught a glimpse of the figure at the door, her smile became more and more intense talking to Mother Xiao.

Even her eyes became full of admiration when she looked at Mother Xiao.

After entering the door, Xiao Yan saluted.

Mother Xiao raised her eyes and glanced at her, and lightly asked, “How is your body?”

“Much better.” Xiao Yan cupped her hands and politely nodded in a proper manner.

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