A’Li went straight out, and without looking back till he reached the door.

At the door, he turned back to look fixedly at Xiao Yan. 

The wound on his mouth was no longer bleeding, his face was pale and his eyes were dark.

Xiao Yan stared at A’Li’s face with amazement, thinking how sickly and beautiful this man looked. 

Looking up, her gaze met with his icy gaze, her whole body trembled for a moment.

Xiao Yan said in her heart, “Don’t worry, I will keep my promise.”

Seeing Xiao Yan’s stare, A’Li slammed the door and left.

The sunshine outside was right, the warm gentle light was shining on his body, but A’Li could only feel deep cold and chills in his heart.

Other than a bad face, A’Li looked normal.

The deep red marks on his hands were covered by the long sleeves, and all the dark bruises on his body were hidden under the clothes.

Just like the memories of what happened inside the house, were all pressed by A’Li in the deep-dark place in the bottom of his heart, and sealed so that no one could find them.

A’Li took a detour and hurriedly went back to Xiao’s guest room.
His mother had gone out to find him, so he had to reach out before his mother.

After reaching the house, A’Li breathed a sigh of relief and quickly closed the door with his backhand.

A’Li covered his pale face with his hands but didn’t cry.
His breathing was heavy. 

After taking a few breaths, A’Li adjusted his mood and went to apply some ointment to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis.

Searching the whole house and still not finding his son, Li Mu was feeling very anxious.

The sweat was dripping from her forehead, her breathing was panting and her eyes were a little blurry.
Even her footsteps were feeling heavy.

Until she heard a crisp voice, it was the servant in the house, he said that her son had returned.

A’Li changed his clothes, and as soon as he opened the door to go out, he saw his mother was hurriedly coming back, looking anxious.

Li Mu was relieved to see her son standing safely in front of her.
She called out, “Li’er.”

Mother Li’s hanging heart had finally fallen.
She stared at A’Li from head to toe, and couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary, so she completely felt relieved.

Looking at his mother, A’Li’s heart seemed to be slashed with a blunt knife, the pain was overwhelming. 

The grievances and humiliation of being violated made his fingers curl up in sadness and anger.
His hands trembled with pain.

A’Li quickly stabilized his violent emotions and showed a big smile to his mother, without raising his hands.
The red marks on his wrist were still looking very prominent.

Xiao Shu, who was following Mother Li, glanced at A’Li a few times and saw no abnormality on his face.

Xiao Shu couldn’t help but secretly frown.
Thinking her good eldest sister really let go of such a beautiful piece of meat that was delivered to her door?! 

Otherwise, A’Li shouldn’t be looking like this.

If any man had lost his innocence, how could he be as calm as him??

But in front of Mother Li, Xiao Shu couldn’t go and ask directly, “My sister didn’t do it with you?!”

Afraid of being beaten to death by her mother, Xiao Shu stopped.

Xiao Shu couldn’t ask straightforwardly but in roundabout ways.

So she asked, “I heard someone say that they heard your cry from my elder sister’s room? Is she being difficult to you??”

Xiao Shu asked the last part in a heavy tone, with a great surge.
As if Xiao Yan had really bullied A’Li then she could truly go and fight with Xiao Yan.

A’Li felt a slightly bitter taste in his throat and instinctively swallowed the nauseating feeling.
Shaking his head and smiling with little red eyes, his face was looking a little more unsightly.

Li Mu also stared at her son suspiciously but didn’t ask any more questions about her son’s bad face. 

Xiao Shu stayed but didn’t hear any hot news, so she had to go back angrily, thinking that her bag of “good medicine” was really wasted.

She didn’t expect Xiao Yan to be so f**cking useless.

Then Xiao Shu thought, if Xiao Yan was so useless, then the Xiao family wouldn’t want such a useless person to be the head of the house.

Xiao Shu thought that when Xiao Yan was under the drug attack, A’Li desperately escaped.

And someone else was forced by Xiao Yan.
Otherwise, how would she find the hair hanging on the side of the bed?

Now it was just a matter of time to find out who this person was.
Xiao Shu walked briskly with a slight smile on her face.

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