Chapter-14 – Beauty Brute


Early the next morning, Xiao Yan stood at the door and stared at the dark sky. 

The sky was gloomy, and the clouds were so heavy that no sunlight could be seen through them.

Mother Xiao had already prepared the betrothal gift for her. 

The gift boxes were covered in red brocade tied by the silk flower and were neatly stacked in the yard.
The servants in red suits stood next to them. 

After Xiao Yan spoke, she bent down and lifted the things, and went out.

Xiao Yan lowered her head and slowly straightened her clothes.

Today, for the occasion, she had deliberately worn a dark red robe.
Such an old-fashioned color made people ignore her pale complexion due to her recuperation, and she looked much more mature and stable.

The original owner was twenty years old this year.
Because she had not done any work, she didn’t have a calm and reserved temperament.
She even looked a little frivolous.

The original, Xiao Yan, was different from her. 

Although the outer shell remained the same after Xiao Yan’s soul entered this body, her back was straight and her eyes were calm.

Her temperament was totally different from the original owner, it was like they were two different people.

If it weren’t for the serious illness that made people think that ‘Xiao Yan’ became mature and sensible after going through suffering, she would definitely be suspected.

Xiao Shu hadn’t fully matured yet, and her knowledge of acting was really not good. 

Yesterday, Mother Xiao’s eyes were fully on her, and she probed like a needle.
Fortunately, at that time Xiao Shu “kindly” helped her.

Otherwise, Xiao Yan would have been exposed just after having a face-to-face meeting with Mother Xiao.

“Let’s go.” The clear voice sounded faint.

Xiao Yan raised her feet and walked in front of the crowd.

The cool breeze blew flat, and the morning summer heat in the air instantly dissipated.

Xiao Yan stopped and looked up at the sky again, thinking that it wouldn’t really rain, would it?!

She would have a major scene of kneeling and begging later…

Heaven could not hear Xiao Yan’s heartfelt words, the “tick-tock-” raindrops fell and smashed on the box with a small crackling.

The servants hurriedly covered the brocade box in their arms, raised their heads, and walked quickly for fear of damaging the treasure inside.


There is no golden finger, but this crow’s mouth is still there.

“Master, shall we go back??” One of the followers, Ah Feng stood up and stepped forward to ask.

After ‘Xiao Yan’ fell ill, Mother Xiao changed the servants in her courtyard. 

She felt that although her daughter was not promising, the servants couldn’t be spared for their ignorance.
So, it inevitably implicated everyone serving the original owner. 

Ah Feng was a new recruit.
He had heard a thing or two about the temperament of the house’s elder daughter but had not much contact with her. 

So the two masters and servants did not know each other well.

“Go! There’s no reason to go back after we’ve reached the door.” 

Xiao Yan looked at the small courtyard not far away.
If she turned back at this time, where would the faces of Li’s mother and son be put??

Mother Li stood under the eaves of the main room with an umbrella in her hand and kept staring at the increasingly dense rain outside.

When she saw Xiao Yan coming up, her toes moved, and she wanted to go down to welcome her up.

This kid really came.

Mother Li sighed lightly, didn’t this girl know how to pick a sunny day to propose marriage?

She swayed slightly, and before she could walk, her arm was gently held by someone’s hand.

A’Li, dressed in white, stood beside his mother.
He didn’t use much strength in his hands but stopped her movement.

“A’Li, look at this—” 

Mother Li was stunned, and her expression was tangled.
Her eyes were filled with embarrassment. 

But when she met A’Li’s cold eyes, her words only became a dry sentence, “She didn’t bring an umbrella.”

Not only did Xiao Yan not hold an umbrella, but the entire team that sent the dowry gift also didn’t have an umbrella.

The boxes were not affected by the rain, the brocade giving was well protected in the servants’ arms. 

The only things exposed to the rain were the silk flowers that have become darker after being wet by the rain, and the gift-bringing team—and the woman standing in front of the team.

A’Li just stood under the eaves and looked blankly at the team.
There was no fluctuation in his eyes.
His eyes were like two stagnant pools.

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