moment of thought, he reached out and lightly lifted a corner of the curtain.

“Ah, Julian.” Caught off guard, Old John met a pair of pale, glass-like, cold, and clear eyes. 

“What are you doing, Julian? You scared me.” Seeing that it was Julian, Old John calmed down.

“How long have you been watching like that?” Old John pushed aside the curtain, revealing an expressionless face behind it. 

“Did we disturb you?”

Julian Cole didn’t answer, he had never been one to waste words.
His butterfly-like long lashes drooped slightly, giving him a quiet and obedient look.

“That was the new doctor, Zheng, he’s a little Eastern guy.” John was used to Julian’s silence because this way Julian wouldn’t get into any trouble.

Standing in front of Julian’s door, John prattled on to himself, “He’s curious about you, you know? He doesn’t believe in God, oh God, please bless poor Zheng and guide him to the right path.”

John, who was worried about Zheng’s atheism, didn’t notice that Julian’s icy blue eyes were staring directly in the direction where Zheng had left, with strange scrutiny hidden behind his long lashes.

Finally out of John’s sight, Zheng Wei couldn’t help but wipe the sweat from his forehead.
He would remember from now on not to say he was an atheist in front of believers.

But with all the coming and going, the time given by the system was now only 6 minutes and 12 seconds left.

Damn it, Zheng Wei slapped himself in the face.
His mind was now a mess.

“Calm down, don’t panic.” Zheng Wei rubbed his face.
He was too hasty, rushing around like a headless fly, wasting a lot of time and accomplishing nothing.
He needed to calm down and think about what to do.

As time passed second by second, Zheng Wei paced back and forth at the corner of the 18th floor.
Suddenly, he saw something and had a moment of inspiration.

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