Requiem of The Gluttonous God.

Chapter 3: Beelzebub & Satan.

[ Rose Crown: basic ( Description ) → Crown Rose of The Damed: Normal ( Growth Type ) ( Description ) ]

”Thats interesting, lets check the description. ” Once Kim Hajoon pressed the description, he was shocked at what he saw.

[ Crown Rose of The Damed → A special crown rose that has been soaked with the { Pollen of The Fallen Mother } and can now absorb some mana. Evolutionary path → Needs a lot of { Pollen of The Fallen Mother }, and Soak in the masters mana }


I opened the door and saw a lot of people wearing armor and some expensive silk, leather, etc equipment.

Kim Hajoon went to the clerk and went to the skill examination.


”You can start anytime. ” A man said behind the glass.

Kim Hajoon was on a testing site and behind the glass were guild recruiters.

They all looked at Kim Hajoon and Kim Hajoon was nervous.

”What if I break something? ” Kim Hajoon is just a regular student and did not have any money to pay for damages.

”The government will cover the damages, ” The man said and signaled Kim Hajoon to start.

”O-Ok ” Kim Hajoon was nervous and put a seed on the ground.

Yellow Pollen raped around the seed out of nothing and the seed started to grow rapidly.

The seeds roots were priced through the floor and a tree was instantly created.


( Behind the glass )

He is quite interesting. Chai Young the Twilight Guilds top 1 recruiter is interested in Kim Hajoon.

The other recruiters backed out as they already knew how dangerous the Twilight Guild is and it would be better if they all backed down.

”You pass. Get your hunters to the card at the front desk. ” The Inspector said.


I passed thank God. Kim Hajoon left and took hunters card.

<< Name: Kim Hajoon >>

<< Age: 18 >>

<< Gender: Male >>

<< Class: None >>

<< Skills: Plant Groth >>

<< Combat Rank: D-Rank >>

<< Production Rank: A-Rank >>

<< Korean Rankings: None >>

<< Id: 09989735099 >>

Im an A-Rank, yes. Kim Hajoon was happy.

”But I need some money. ” Kim Hajoon was truly broke.

Oh, he needs some money. An opportunity. Chai Young took the opportunity and went to Kim Hajoon.

”Lets go home for now. ” Kim Hajoon rode a taxi and left the great opportunity behind.

”H-He left? ” Chai Young felt sad and disappointed at the same time but did not blame Kim Hajoon.


( Abandoned Forest )

”Mom, Dad, its been 1 year since you left, didn I promise to go to the everlasting tower? I am going to go there tomorrow. ” Kim Hajoon said.

”I will come back here again, but next time I come back here, the head of someone will be placed on your graves. ” Kim Hajoon said with anger and hatred in his eyes.


[ Turn left, 3 meters straight, turn right, destination arrived. Leave a 5-star review. Have a good day. ]

In front of Kim Hajoon was a tall tower.

The tower reached the sky and I could see 34 people talking to each other.

No one wants to go inside the Tower as no one has ever come out of it.

Kim Hajoon touched the tower and a window screen popped up he said. The person who I am trying to find is inside.

”I agree to all terms. ” Kim Hajoon already knew what the agreements were and he went into the Tower.

His consciousness drifted away and he woke up again on a random field.

The field was hot lava that would kill anyone if you go outside.

Kim Hajoon woke up and looked out the window. ”I am inside the Tower. Let us see whos on top dear brother. ” As an image of a person popped into his head, he stood up and looked at the window screen.

< Place: Hell >

< Description: A place where lava is everywhere and monsters will attack you if you are seen. >

< Mission: Expand your territory and protect it >

< Gift pack: 1 random skill card, 1 random item, 1 random pet, and 1-week base protection. >

As Kim Hajoon read the description, he realized that other players were also in this place.

Kim Hajoon looked outside the window and a breath of lava came out of a dragons mouth.

Kim Hajoon immediately screamed. ”Open Gift Pack. ” As Kim Hajoon said those words. A light Blue barrier appeared out of nowhere and blocked the attack.

”I almost died. ” Kim Hajoon fell back on the bed and tried to calm his breathing.

Kim Hajoon opened the system again and went to rankings.

The weakest weapon, skill, chest, monster, etc on this tower is rank-G then, S-rank, SS-rank, SU-rank, SR-rank, SSS-rank, and SSR-rank,

Most people would go to this tower if they are S-rank in the human world, but Kim Hajoon was too greedy for revenge and went inside the Tower, even though there were multiple dangers outside the tower.

[ Notice: You have received the title Dumbest Person In The Entire Tower and The Most Likely To Die In The Tower ]

”I know I was too greedy, but I know I can survive. ” Kim Hajoon already knew that this was the dumbest discretion that he has ever made, but he was confident in his ability to survive.

Kim Hajoon went to the system and went to the inventory section and pressed the description of his new titles.

< Dumbest Person In The Entire Tower >

< Description: A title given to the stupidest person in the tower. >

< Passive 1: Some strong monsters will ignore your presence. >

< Passive 2: A boost in luck in opening chests and cards. >

< The Most Likely to Die In The Tower >

< Description: A title given to the weakest being in the entire Tower >

< Skill 1: Scavenger for life - A boost in power when in a dire situation and can find the safest way to not die. >

”This should help me out. Open 1 random skill card, 1 random item, and 1 random pet. ” Kim Hajoon was ready to face the dangers in this world.

[ Opening 1 random Skill Card… ]

< Skill: Absorber >

< Description: Because of the effects of the titles, this skill was given. When you defeated an opponent, you can either choose to absorb all their skills or make them your slave or familiar >

< Rarity: SU-rank >

< Mana cost: None >

< Cool Down Period: None >

Kim Hajoon felt happy about what he had and was ready to go out, but he wanted to open all the cards, before going out. ”Open Random Pet Card. ” Kim Hajoon didn know what he is doing was completely wrong.

[ Opening 1 Random Pet Card… ]

A black hole appeared out of nowhere and my room which was only 10 feet in length and width was now full.

From inside the black hole, a small Ice Silk Worm appeared out of nowhere and the black hole disappeared again.

The Ice Silk Worm dropped to the ground and its size was around 4 feet.

”Are you my Master? ” The Ice Silk Worm asked as it went near Kim Hajoon.

”Yes. You don have a name right? ” Kim Hajoon asked and the Ice Silk Worn nodded. ”Then you shall be Kitsune. ” Kim Hajoon asked as he looked at Kitsune.

< Name: Kitsune. >

< Race: Ice Silk Worm. >

< Skills: [ Frozen Fractal ]- a condensed form of ice crystals: Passive: Can Freeze A Target. Mana Cost: 10. Cooldown: 2 minutes. >

< [ Thread Manipulation ]- Can create threads and control threads. Mana cost: 1 per string. Cooldown: None. >

< [ Rebirth ]- Will go to a cocoon and the level will be lost, but stats, skills, and talents will not disappear. >

< [ Ice Magic ]- Can learn Ice magic and S-rank attacks will not work. >

< Level: 1. >

< Rarity: SS-rank. >

< Talents: Silk Control: 2, Ice Magic: 2, >

< Stats: >

< Speed: 23. >

< Strength: 22. >

< Agility: 21. >

< Mana: 35. >

< Mana Control: 39. >

Its weaker, but its still something. Kim Hajoon was not disappointed but was happy.

”Open Random Item. ” Kim Hajoon screamed and the system opened it.

< Ice Queens Core. >

< Description- The Ice Queens Core which contains all her skills and memories. >

< Rarity: SU-Rank. >

”!! ” Kim Hajoon was surprised and wanted to use it.

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