Requiem of The Gluttonous God.

Chapter 1: Awakening.

Kim Hajoon woke up and looked at the date and time on his phone.

Date: 1/23/20×× •• Time: 7:56 AM.

”*Yawn* ” Kim Hajoon stood up and went to the bathroom.

As he brushed his death he saw his face in the mirror.

”*Sccccrrrreeeeaaaammmm* ” With a long scream that the entire neighborhood heard.

Kim Hajoon touched his face and started to have a panic attack.

”What happened to my face *Looked down* What happened to my body. ” Kim Hajoon was having a panic attack and went all over the room…

Kim Hajoon had a regular teenage body. He had black hair and was 5.7 foot and was just going to Hunters school.

Kim Hajoons body was a slider and feminine body.

He was 5 foot 3 and had pure silver hair with aquamarine eyes.

He looked like a real girl and was shocked.

He looked under his pants and he felt happy as he still had a male sexual organ. ( I do not know what to put in it, to begin with. )

”Its fine. Its fine. ” Kim Hajoon calmed himself and started to read an article on his phone.

{ Signs that you might have awakened.

1st: Change in appearance.

2nd: Sudden feeling of Deja Vu.


……. }

”Have I finally awakened? ” Kim Hajoon was happy but was still disappointed at the same time.

In this world, you can only awaken at any age and some even awaken when they are about to die.

There are some circumstances when a person awakens an S-rank skill as some need to obtain it or steal it from a monster or person.

Like regular hunters. The Galacular system provides a lot of benefits, like storage, item acquisition, stats, analysis, etc.

”Lets just try to imagine something. ” Kim Hajoon thought of a blue box appearing in his mind and it did not work.

”I guess I didn awaken. *Sigh* System call. ” It was just a random call and it did not have any hope but surprisingly a system screen popped up.

<< Name: Kim Hajoon. >>

<< Level: 1 >>

<< Class: None >>

<< Skills: Sleeping Rose ( Unable to upgrade ), Roseleum of the Damed ( Groth Type ), Polen of The Follen Mother ( Passive. Mana cost: None. Cannot be deactivated ).>>

<< Stats: ( Unable to access ) >>

”I-I awakened. ” Kim Hajoon was overjoyed and started to cry.

After a long time of crying he stopped and went to school.

When he entered the Mayren Academy. Everyone looked at him.

Kim Hajoons clothes could not fit him anymore and he only wore black shoes, a grey sweatshirt it covered his but, and black jeans.

These clothes fit him when he was around 14 years old and it now fits him perfectly.

When he entered the classroom everyone looked at him with surprise and he sat in his regular seat.

No one talked to him as they all knew who he was and did not want to interact with him.

He put the awakening letter on the teachers table and just sat on his chair.

After a boring lesson on the history of the greater cataclysm, he went home.

”Well, now thats over. Lets try to learn my skills. ” Kim Hajoon went to the ”Abandoned Forest ”

This place usually has no people and is quite peaceful.

Kim Hajoon went to a tombst

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