Chapter 1: Rainy night ghost

The rain outside the window kept falling.
Wang Mei held a flashlight and pushed open the door of the private room to do the routine night inspection.
The hotel where she worked was located near a remote national highway, and it had a very bold name called “Shengshi Hotel1“.
In the five-story building, the first and second floors were used as restaurants, and the third to fifth floors were accommodation rooms.
The neon lights on the roof of the hotel were always on all night, and it was the most “high-end” hotel in this area.

After the inspection of private room 201 was over, Wang Mei withdrew and closed the door.
But just as she looked up, her whole body trembled, and all the fine hair stood on end.

At the end of the long and quiet corridor, there stood an old man in a Chinese tunic suit.
He was short and thin, and above him was a sensor light.
In order to save electricity, the lights used here were of the minimum wattage.
Under the dim yellow light, the old man’s face was not clear.

But Wang Mei knew that his expression must be ferocious.
His eyebrows were raised and his face was straight, just like what many colleagues on the night shift had described before.
His cloudy eyes were shining, as if he was looking at some target.

There have been rumors of ghosts in the Shengshi Hotel for more than half a month.
At twelve o’clock in the middle of the night, when the yin energy was at its peak, an old man in a Chinese tunic suit quietly appeared in the corridor and disappeared in the blink of an eye.
Several of her colleagues had seen it with their own eyes and were frightened.
Two of the waitresses even resigned voluntarily, not daring to continue working here.

Wang Mei froze in place.
Her hands and feet were cold, her palms were sweaty, and the flashlight in her hand fell to the ground.
All the sensor lights turned off one by one, and the corridor was instantly enveloped in darkness.
She let out a shrill cry, which turned on the sensor lights in the entire corridor, but there was no one at the end of the corridor except for her.

Hearing the screams, the security guard ran up.
Wang Mei trembled all over and grabbed his arm tightly, so frightened that she couldn’t stand still.

“There is a ghost, there is a ghost! It’s that old man!”


He Wei was driving a car and saw the red and blue police lights and ambulance lights flashing alternately a few meters away.
It was raining and the vision was poor.
The windshield wipers had just wiped off the windshield, and another layer of rainwater rushed up, forming wavy water patterns, and the lights in the distance also swayed into double shadows.

He parked the car in front of the gate of the Shengshi Hotel and got out of the car with an umbrella.
The scene had been cordoned off, and a dozen or so passers-by stretched their necks to look into the courtyard gate, and some even came wearing pajamas to join in the fun.
This should be the time when everyone was sleeping soundly in the dead of night, but the lights in every house around were lit.
It was obvious that they couldn’t fall asleep because of this murder case.

Holding an umbrella in one hand, He Wei took out his police ID card from his pocket, walked over from the side of the crowd, raised the cordon, and stooped to enter the courtyard gate.
Just as a local police officer was about to speak, he raised his hand, revealing his ID card——

He Wei, head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Shengzhou Public Security Bureau.

The police officer opened his mouth and hurriedly saluted, watching the young man enter the murder scene.

The rainproof shelter had been set up in the courtyard, and the officers on the site were now collecting evidence.
Zheng Youqing, wearing a mask and holding a camera, took pictures of the shoe prints in the mud.
When he saw He Wei, he raised his eyebrows and said, “Captain He, you are here.” 

He Wei nodded, looked left and right, and asked: “Where is the corpse?”

Zheng Youqing pointed to the five-story building behind him: “It’s at the back; you have to turn around.
Captain He, do you like Sichuan cuisine?” 

“It’s alright.” As He Wei replied, he had already put away his umbrella and put on the transparent raincoat and plastic gloves handed over by his colleagues.
Zheng Youqing stuck out his tongue: “That’s good, Sister Lan said there was mapo tofu, Brother Chong had supper before coming, and he almost spit it out.

The corners of He Wei’s lips were curved, and he walked over while wearing a mask.
The moment he went around the corner, he saw Xia Liang in the group wiping the corner of his mouth while holding the wall.
He raised his head and met He Wei’s eyes, complaining with a distorted face: “Sister Lan told me that the scene wasn’t ugly.
That’s called not ugly? Some parts have to be brought back with a shovel.” 

He Wei raised his head to measure the height of the floor, and then he glanced at the flower bed not far behind him.
It was very likely that the ground was red and white.
According to the part of the bodies that hit the ground and the geographical location where they landed, different people who fell from the building have different situations.
Some might fall from more than a dozen floors and only break their limbs, whereas others might be unable to be rescued after only a few meters.
According to the reactions of Zheng Youqing and Xia Liang, the deceased who fell from the building tonight must have died on the spot, and the ambulance was superfluous.

“Generally, the high-falling victims have minor external injuries and severe internal injuries, which is really not that ugly.
You have been going on the sites for three months; why haven’t you adapted yet? If you can’t bear it, you can think of something else to divert your attention,” He Wei patted his face, “Such as strawberry yogurt.”

Xia Liang’s expression changed, and his stomach, which had just been emptied, began to convulse again.
He Wei asked him to rest for a while and drink a glass of water while he walked to the flower bed by himself.

The scene at the flower bed was not so tragic.
All he saw was a pool of blood and a corpse covered with white cloth.
“Mapo Tofu” and “Strawberry Yogurt” were spread on the stone steps of the flower bed, which was flown to the ground along the colored bricks.
The constant washing of the blood diluted the bloody smell a lot, and it didn’t look too disturbing.

“You missed the most exciting part; do you regret not staying in the bureau and going home tonight?” Du Ruanlan stood aside, took off the blood-stained gloves, and handed them to assistant Luo Ying, saying, “It’s okay.
Go back to the bureau; I’ll call you during the autopsy.”

“Fortunately, I don’t have the hobby of admiring corpses like you, but I can still seamlessly encounter cases on the way back home.” He Wei squatted down, lifted the white cloth, and took a look, asking, “What’s the situation?”

“The deceased was a male, 175 cm tall, and weighed about 65kg.
He fell from the building and died at 12:20.
The skull was deformed, and there were two lacerations on the occiput.
The brain tissue overflowed; there was a small amount of bleeding from the mouth, nose, and external auditory canal.
There is a contusion and laceration on the right elbow and exposed bone, which is consistent with the characteristics of a high fall injury.
All the details will not be kn

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