The assassination of the Arch-Mage Ban Hye-young, which occurred along with a large-scale blackout in New York, was resolved without a single casualty.


This is because, in case of an emergency, the Julius Society president placed three of her S-class hunters by Ban Hye-young’s side.


– Bangbang


Storms and winds raged in the darkened city of New York, and everything in the area was torn apart.


A great catastrophe that will destroy the entire city center.
However, the space was twisted and the shape of the Bagua was raised to block the aftermath, followed by a pure white meteor hitting the road.


– Bangbang! Babababang!


Every time the meteor flashed, the bodies of the demons that attacked exploded, and even the catastrophic demons that shot magic from the sky could not easily attack the three people in check.


When such a sluggish battle continues.
Suddenly, the storm and rain and wind stopped, and a strong light was emitted from the dark city.


– Whoa!


A large magic circle with a diameter of over 1km.


The huge magic circle that was created based on the New York city center shot a beam of light toward the sky, and the shockwave caused the camera to break, ending the video.


“her… … .”


Kang Yoo-sik, who was watching last night’s video while waiting for Julius and Lee Chang-wan in the president’s room, had a surprised expression on his face.


The incredible magic burst out, so I thought that the other side had been resolved, too, but seeing it in person, it was beyond my imagination.


‘I didn’t know Baal would appear… … .’


Like Agareth, he is considered one of the top executives of Pandemonium.
He was a strong man who never went anywhere, but this time his opponent was bad.


Heinz and Tao Fei are keen on fighting even though his abilities are a bit lacking.
In addition, Ilhwa Danju, who is currently active as an S-class hunter.


It would be difficult to deal with these three alone, but with Ban Hye-young as well, it would not be an exaggeration to say that it was a battle lost from the beginning.


“I should have pulled out the other eye color too… … .”


Ban Hye-young mutters dissatisfied while looking at the video that has been turned off.
Kang Yoo-sik laughed at the sight.


“The other side said it was smashed.
That’s it.”


“They are playing.
You’ll be fine in a year or so, so what’s the use of hurting you?”


In a catastrophic mine like Baal, if the top executive of Pandemonium is not active for a year, it is practically like a harpoon of one of its limbs.


It could be said that it was a great feat as it paralyzed the limbs of that huge group, but Ban Hye-young had an uneasy expression on her face.


“Just like with Agareth, I just keep living… … ugh annoying.”


She said, as Ban Hye-Young said, few people would like her to have her enemies alive.
However, Kang Yoo-sik was a little different because he did not want Pandemonium to be completely neutralized.


‘Even if they’re like dogs, they can’t think.’


Although Pandemonium was aiming for hegemony in the world, they weren’t crazy people who said that they would destroy the whole world and turn all humans into demons.


Because of that, he knew how to move while observing the situation to a certain extent, and since those guys are holding the reins, the organizations in the back world, including Mine, do not move radically.


These guys are the same when they start in earnest… … .’


Still, he moved well until the preparations were finished, so from the standpoint of Kang Yoo-sik, who is still growing, it was best to keep him in check and keep him quiet like this time.


“After all, you have to chase it and sweep it away… … .”


However, Ban Hye-young muttered with a ferocious eye that she was worried about being entangled again after Agareth, and Kang Yoo-sik gently grabbed her shoulder as she looked like she would start a war right away.


“This is enough for this time.”


“Still, sweeping away… … .”


“Aren’t these guys stupid and do the same? and… … .”


Kang Yoo-sik, who slightly stretched her words, spoke with a serious expression, half full of her sincerity.


“I can’t stand it because I’m worried about the teacher.
So don’t do anything dangerous on your own.”


“Uh, what… … .”


With her eyes wide open and stuttering at her words, Ban Hye-young bit her lip and turned her head away.


She then clenched her fists and she slapped Kang Yoo-sik’s chest.


“What are you doing?”


“Shit, noisy! Quietly right!”


With her head turned like that, Ban Hye-young, who hit Kang Yoo-sik’s chest as if patting her head, looked back at her calmer face.


“Well, as you said, these guys aren’t stupid either.
This time, I’ll just pass.”


“You thought well.”


When Kang Yoo-sik is smiling with satisfaction.
The door opened and Julius and Lee Chang-wan entered.


“I’m sorry I’m late.”


“It took a while to get here because it was crowded outside.”


“You both came at just the right time.
Everyone, please sit down.”


Kang Yoo-sik, who had three people seated in a row, stood across from them and dragged the portable blackboard prepared in advance.


“What I am going to tell you from now on is a new magic operation method using a magic core.
It’s still not well organized, but I’ll let you know in advance, so please pay attention.”


Kang Yoo-sik wrote the method of forming the orb he remembered on her blackboard, and Ban Hye-young, who read the contents, widened her eyes.

“no way… … Are you reinforcing your control over magic by implementing the magic core outside?”


Even though it’s still in the early stages, Kang Yoo-sik sticks her tongue inside her when he sees Ban Hye-young recognizing Orb’s identity.


‘I’m really scared to show you something.’


How the hell was Archibald able to kill Ban Hye-young before her return?


Seeing her, Archibald, again along with her classmate Hye-Young’s talent, Kang Yoo-sik nodded her head with a smile on her face, pretending not to be surprised.




“Ah… … ah… … .”


Ban Hye-young’s lips twitched at Kang Yoo-sik’s story, and she immediately covered her face with her hands and murmured.


“Now I don’t know how to praise… … .”


Ban Hye-young is so happy she can’t even speak.
Kang Yoo-sik smiled bitterly when he saw her soaring face he had not seen in a long time.


“Once we finish the explanation, we’ll talk.”


“That, yes… … so be it.”


Ban Hye-young, whose face was slightly red, raised her head, and Kang Yoo-sik continued her explanation of the orb.


And Julius and Lee Chang-wan, who were looking at the scene from the side, made ridiculous expressions.


‘A teacher or a disciple are both the same… … .’


‘I can’t even dream of teaching him now… … .’


The two were not on the poor side, but the magic core itself was a concept announced two days ago, and the orb is an advanced operation method that applied it.


Rather, it was strange that Hye-young, a classmate who immediately understood that, and eventually her class revolved around her.


And Kang Yoo-sik, who recognized the situation, simply pointed out her concept and immediately went into the demonstration.




A blue sphere that rose from the hand.
Julius and Lee Chang-wan, seeing the shape, gave a slightly surprised expression.[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @]


They were clearly united by magic, but it was because there was a strange sense of alienation as if there was one more person standing there.


“As mentioned in the previous announcement, the magic core is the user’s consciousness after all.
And since this orb was created by condensing that consciousness, it can be said to be a kind of ‘self-immolation’.”


“The body… … .”


“Ummm… … .”


When two people frown at the strange tickling that they knew something.
I felt the popularity next to me again. 


“Oh oh… … Is it like this… … .”


Although smaller than Kang Yoo-sik, Ban Hye-young created the orb as soon as she heard the explanation.


Julius and Lee Chang-wan looked shocked at the sight, and Kang Yoo-sik looked at the notification window that appeared in front of her.

[The debt of the debtor ‘Ban Hye-young’ increases.]

‘Five… … It has risen quite a bit.’


The debt has risen considerably because of the advanced management method.


It was a bit disappointing that there was no change in the grade because it was already Grade A, but there was nothing bad, so Kang Yoo-sik was satisfied and turned his head to the two of them.


“Do you think you can see why I’m teaching these two to you?”


The two of them looked at Orb and thought for a while, and Lee Chang-wan opened his mouth first.


“Perhaps… … Does this mean that you can process both inside and outside the body at the same time through the orb?”


“What… … .”


Julius’ eyes widened at Lee Chang-wan’s story, and Kang Yoo-sik laughed.


That’s it.”


Orb is an alter ego of a wizard.
Depending on the point of view, it was safe to say that it was a part of the body.


Based on that, internal processing necessary for Leviathan is performed on the orb, and processing outside the body is also carried out at the same time.


In that way, Julius and Lee Chang-wan’s magic can coexist and advance into a new realm.


“exactly… … It’s definitely not wrong.
If only processing inside the orb and processing outside the orb could be carried out at the same time to bring out the resonance between magical powers… … .”


“But in that case, there would be a bigger explosion in the event of a runaway.
Isn’t it dangerous?”


“It would be much safer than using the body as a medium.
Rather, it can go through several experiments, and the degree of perfection can be improved.”


The two people, who had never been able to get along before, talked naturally, and Kang Yoo-sik, who was observing the situation, drew attention again at the right time.


“At first, I only felt the possibility.
I don’t know if it’s really possible, nor how long it will take to complete.”


It’s a combination that didn’t exist before the return, so from here on, pretending to know for nothing will cause a headwind.


So, while speaking frankly, she showed her trust in the two of them.


“But if you two have the same potential as me… … If you think you can create the strongest fire magic, please lend me your strength.”


“… … .”


“… … .”


The two fell in thought for a moment at Kang Yoo-sik’s story and naturally looked at each other.


They still felt the difference in their values ​​for magic, but they also had something in common.


The point was that he was aiming for the strongest fire magic in any direction.
And the fact that I received great help in many ways from Kang Yoo-sik, who made this recommendation.


“… … I know.
Give it a try.”


“I will do anything I can.”


Julius and Lee Chang-wan nod their heads to show their determination.
Seeing that the subcontracting of the Levatein study was completed, Kang Yoo-sik had a satisfied expression on his face.


“thank you.”


With this, Levatein will study well on their own.
If you get stuck, you can see it yourself, and if you don’t like it, you can ask Ban Hye-young for help.

When Kang Yoo-sik is roughly finishing.
Ban Hye-young, who had been fiddling with the orb next to her, asked.


“But are you teaching this for free?”




Well, it’s me, we prepared a thesis together, and since we’re a teacher, we should get something from both of them.
If you look at it, it’s like arcane magic.”


At Ban Hye-young’s story, Kang Yoo-sik made a slightly strange expression.


After all, I didn’t want to receive it separately because I’d learn it later after Leviathan was completed… … .’


But when I think about it again, isn’t it a bit of a waste to just teach a great advanced skill like an orb?


When Kang Yoo-sik was thinking that way too.
Ban Hye-young looked at the two of them.


“What do you two think?”


“What… … It’s definitely not wrong.”


“As a result, I am one step ahead of others… … .”


The two of them pondered for a moment about what to give in return, then whispered to each other and opened their mouths.


“Come back to me later when you return home.”


“I’ll save you something useful.”


“Oh, yes.
All right.”


I don’t know for sure, but if those two are taking care of it, it’s probably pretty good.


In response to the unexpected reward, Kang Yoo-sik looked at Ban Hye-young, who had shared her story, smiled slightly, and raised her thumb so that the two of them could not see him.


When she saw her confident appearance,  Kang Yoo-sik had a slightly trembling expression on her face, and she muttered to herself.


‘… … Have you moved?’

* * *

After the lecture.


Kang Yoo-sik went down to the 5th floor of the Magic Society, who asked Ban Hye-young to teach the two people who still lacked understanding of the Orb.


Talking to Julius and assigned a separate waiting room.
Kang Yoo-sik went inside, and she looked at the two people who had arrived in advance.


“Good morning.
Kang Yoo-sik’s cadet.”


Baekryeonmoonju with a gentle smile.
And Ilhwadanju standing bluntly behind him.


Looking at the two people who were active in various places this time, Kang Yoo-sik bowed his head as it was.


“Thanks for your help last night.”


“It wasn’t that difficult.
You don’t have to be so polite.”


Seeing Baekryeonmoonju waving her hands, Kang Yoo-sik asked while sitting in the chair opposite her.


“How did you deal with the hideout?”


“It is still on hold without being touched.
This… … It would be quicker to see.”


Baekryeonmoonju placed her hand on the desk, and after a while, a pure white bud appeared on the table, and a lotus flower bloomed, revealing a small compressed space inside.


It is a deep structure that seems to have over 100 rooms even at an estimate.
Confining a hideout this large in such a small space.


Kang Yoo-sik stuck out her tongue at her Baekryeonmoonju’s ability.


‘Is this a real white lotus dream?’


Seeing this, it seemed like she could understand why the paining noises like ‘If there had been Baekryeonmoonju’ continued to come out before her return.


‘What the hell happened to the Beijing incident, so that such a giant was involved?’


When Kang Yoo-sik is watching with interest in the curiosity that comes to him again.
Baekryeonmoonju pushed the blooming lotus forward.


“I am giving this as a congratulatory gift for this announcement.
It was preserved before we escaped, so there are probably quite a few good things.”


“… … Are you okay?”


Not empty words, but if it were the New York branch of the Fallen Revelation, it was one of the largest hiding places known before the return, and it had a considerable amount of property hidden inside.


Because of that, Kang Yoo-sik was also afraid that he would buy a warning and miss it if he touched it in the middle, so he kept it until the opportunity came, but would you just hand it over?


When Kang Yoo-sik looked at him with a surprised expression, Baekryeonmoonju smiled slightly.


“instead… … It’s hard to say, but there’s something I’d like to suggest to cadet Kang Yoo-sik.”


“… … Any suggestions?”


Proposals made by handing over an item like this are highly likely to be quite difficult.


When Kang Yoo-sik looked at him suspiciously.
Baekryeonmoonju smiled.


“Would you like to become my disciple?”


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