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“Dr-, Dragon Tribe?


Lee Ha-rin gave a surprising look at the wild dragon that appeared in the summoner.

Worst of the species where all the aspects of it are A-class or higher by default.


It would’ve been awful if they had met a monster, but meeting a dragon species that would be amazing if summoned?


Lee Ha-rin looked dumbfounded at the situation she never imagined and the wild dragon turned its head.


[So, it was you who summoned me.]


The wild dragon that muttered ignorantly, stared down Lee Ha-rin and turned its head again.


[It cannot be you]


“Sorry, what?’


[I don’t listen to commands from those who are weaker than me.]




Lee Ha-rin’s eyes looked distorted at that while the wild dragon looked at Kang Yoo-sik beside.


[Did you summon me?]


I mean I was, involved.’


The wild dragon stared at Kang Yoo-sik at his answer and slightly tilted its head.


[What are you?]


“What am I?”


[You feel like a leech but strangely you seem strong.
If you’re trying to look ridiculous on purpose, I hope you fix that.
It’s quite uncomfortable to see.]




Though he could see through well, Kang Yoo-sik’s eyes wriggled at the harsh way of speaking while the wild dragon wondered upon Kang Yoo-sik’s silence and turned its head again.


And as it discovered Ban Hye-young at the back, it staggered back with a whimper in fear.


Is that]




[I feel creeped out just by looking.
I can’t believe there’s such a monster-like person.
Someone so scary to even treat as the owner.]




Though it meant to say she was strong, Ban Hye-young gave a cold look at the expression while the atmosphere around hardened.

The wild dragon who ruined the mood with just a few words then looked intently at the three again and muttered undesirably. 


[Though there isn’t anyone who doesn’t look strange here, I still need to carry on with the process…… Excluding the weak one, one out of you two, come forward.
Who’s the one finalizing the contract?]


The three of them exchanged looks at the wild dragon’s question and Kang Yoo-sik nodded his head.


“First off, let’s beat you up.”






The wild dragon who got hit by Lee Ha-rin on the jaw went rolling backward and collapsed with its tongue dropping out.


Though it demonstrated a powerful strength and resistance on its own as much as how it was a part of Agares, it was helpless in a situation where an S-class hunter like Ban Hye-young was giving backup.


‘But still, it’s quite strong.’


Maybe that much strength flowed out because Agares was in an injured state as the strength of the wild dragon was way higher than A-class.


Its abilities were highly capable of matching with the dragon tribe, but the problem was that character.

‘Looking at how it ignored Lee Ha-rin from the beginning, it probably wouldn’t have behaved properly even if we said we’ll subjugate it, isn’t it?’


Apart from the character, it was short in aspects of helplessness.
That’s why they were just left with one method in such a case.


Lee Ha-rin”




 Lee Ha-rin who was at the point of being out of breath beating the wild dragon looked with a slightly flushed expression.


Kang Yoo-sik gave an odd expression at Lee Ha-rin who looks as if she’s both having a hard time & enjoying it and questioned.


“I’m saying this because it looks like you’re having a hard time dealing with it.
If it’s possible, what do you think about going for joint ownership just like with the phoenix last time?”


Then I’ll do that.
Should I do it right away?’


Please go ahead.”


Lee Ha-rin who nodded as if she had no rejection towards the idea approached the wild dragon and put her hand on it.




At that, mana delicately flowed out of Lee Ha-rin’s hand, wrapping around the dragon’s body and Ban Hye-young who watched the scene unfold from the back gave an exciting look.


“This one, she grabs a unique timing.
Don’t you usually do it by summoning something like a chain?”


“I know right.”


Though Kang Yoo-sik answered as if he didn’t know, he already knew about Lee Ha-rin’s method. 


The method of making a connection by getting in touch with the creature’s root directly using the innate unique skill of ‘communion’.
Though you can reverse it just like with the phoenix, there were many advantages if succeeded.


The ability to take out 100% of the creature’s potential was basic while handling dozens of them at the same time was the know-how of the one-man army achieved by the Beast Queen.




Maybe because of the connection made that the collapsed dragon groaned while Lee Ha-rin spoke when she felt like it had proceeded to some point.


“I think it’d be good to do it now.”




Kang Yoo-sik who nodded got on the back of the dragon and started magic.


A connection that spreads the root all over the body.
Though he worried that it might cause an impact on Lee Ha-rin, it started mixing up and sharing control easier than he thought.


‘It worked?’


Kang Yoo-sik who wasn’t sure if it’d work or not looked down with a surprised expression while Perceval spoke into his ear.


– I think it worked because Lord’s and that lady’s ways are quite opposite.


‘It’s opposite?’


– Yes.
Though Lord’s connection forms on the outside, the lady’s connection forms from the inside.
So, that’s why it was possible without impacting both of you.




Magic that tames as if wearing a leash on the outside and the communion that tames as if making it into a body with roots taken down.


The joint ownership from the future was only possible with the coincidental overlapping of such characteristics.


‘If that’s so, it means that I can be involved with other creatures that Lee Ha-rin will subjugate in the future too……’


Taking a share of the fantasy creatures using the skill of the Beast Queen.
Kang Yoo-sik gave it a thought and smiled.


‘That doesn’t sound bad?’


Though it could be quite uncomfortable sharing a fantasy creature if he brings a good medium and makes them more militarized than ever before, wouldn’t that solve it?


While Kang Yoo-sik was thinking of a new military strengthening method.


[Unable to completely subjugate fantasy creature ‘Wild Dragon Crimson (A)’.
Patching up the remaining authority.]


[fantasy creature ‘Wild Dragon Crimson (A)’ will be co-owned by ‘Lee Ha-rin’.]


A different notification popped up as he had shared authority unlike before and Kang Yoo-sik got down from the wild dragon, Crimson.




Lee Ha-rin who confirmed that she owned Crimson looked amazed and a notification popped as if informing her innermost thoughts.


[Debtor Lee Ha-rin’s debt increases.]

[Debtor Lee Ha-rin’s debt rating rises to B.
The collection list is added.]


‘B-grade……… If it’s this much then it might as well be possible.’


At the debt rating that rose to some point, Kang Yoo-sik approached Lee Ha-rin and subtly brought up a topic.


“I think there’s something that gets along with me and you.”


“Yes, wait what!?”


Lee Ha-rin looked flustered at the sudden topic to which Kang Yoo-sik replied confidently.


“There’s no one who’s succeeded in the joint ownership before and…… we succeeded this time too you know.
There’s no other way to explain this than calling it something like marital compatibility.’


“Mar, Marital….”


“Do you not think that way, Ms.
Lee Ha-rin?”


Lee Ha-rin’s eyes widened at Kang Yoo-sik’s question and a moment later she nodded with her face flushed red.


Ah, no.
If it’s with you…… I wonder if… If we certainly have good marital compatibility…….”


Kang Yoo-sik smiled from the inside at the positive reaction and spoke earnestly.


“That’s why I’m saying…… If you’re okay with it, what do you think about co-owning them continuously in the future too?”




If we do that then the pressure of handling the creature will reduce and it will be good for me too.
I can support with a good medium like this time t-………”






“I’m okay with it too.”


Kang Yoo-sik gave a surprising look at Lee Ha-rin who nodded right away.


Though they had a debt relationship as much as the offer to share the fantasy creature that was no less than that of a body part, he thought he’d have to convince her a bit, but she accepted the offer right away.


“For real?”


“It’s indeed quite awkward to share the fantasy creature, but if it’s with you then I don’t think it’s bad that’s why.
Above that, I’ve always only been receiving help from you, haven’t I?”


Lee Ha-rin slightly caressed Crimson’s scales and smiled.


“Because I can’t just keep increasing my debt you know.”


Lee Ha-rin……”


Kang Yoo-sik gave a slightly moved expression at Lee Ha-rin’s smile.


She went on battles every day making him think that she doesn’t have any thoughts about him, but who knew she had been thinking like this!


‘I mean, it’s obvious since the debt rose…… but hearing such things… makes me proud.’


A feeling like a subordinate who always used to do strange things bringing up a huge contract.
Right when Kang Yoo-sik was about to compliment that.




Ban Hye-young who watched quietly from the back cleared her throat and glared.


“I’m here too you know? Can you stop treating me like I’m not here?”


“I-, I’m sorry.”


Lee Ha-rin lowered her head with her face flushed red and Ban Hye-young who approached Kang Yoo-sik poked his side with her elbow.


“Go easy.”




“……… Anyways don’t go hard dude.”


Ban Hye-young poked his side one more time grumbled and turned towards Crimson.
She stared for a while and nodded.


“Looks like there isn’t anything related to Agares, and there won’t be anything that will cause an issue in the future too.”




But as I noticed earlier, it looked like it was hard to handle its character…… Would that be okay?”


Kang Yoo-sik smiled slightly at Ban Hye-young’s question.




“Was it here……?”

Kang Yoo-sik checked the dormitory room by recalling his memories of the place and rang the bell.




The sound of the bell rang dryly and moments later he heard a slightly hoarse voice from the inside.


– Who is it?


At that, Kang Yoo-sik stood in front of the intercom camera and replied.


“It’s me.”




A loud noise rang through from within the door along with his answer and moments later he heard the voice of Cha Si-hyun, calm as usual.


– Please hold on a moment.


Some sounds of removing tapes, cleaning up things were heard lowly from the other side of the door and Kang Yoo-sik who heard all that using the cognitive maximization chuckled without realizing.  


‘No matter what anyone says, looks like she lives by leaving everything around at home.’


She’s probably living by making a mess at home as much as he moves sharply outside.


Kang Yoo-sik waited till Cha Si-hyun was done with the cleaning to keep her pride.
The door finally opened after 10 minutes.


“I’m sorry for making you wait.”

Cha Si-hyun showed up looking a little tired and Kang Yoo-sik gave a surprised expression at that.


Black sleeveless top with grey dolphin pants.
Though there was nothing weird about wearing something comfortable to wear at home, what was surprising is the fact that it was Cha Si-hyun wearing it.


‘People do change I see.’


There was an instance Kang Yoo-sik had seen her closet.
When he came to her place to organize her belongings before his regression.


A closet filled with nothing but spare leather armor and the suit worn over it.
She had a lifeless appearance and nothing called privacy at all.


Cha Si-hyun who was like that, is now wearing so freely? Though it was a bit, he felt like her dry taste from back then was disappearing.


Do you think it doesn’t suit me?”


Cha Si-hyun who realized that he was looking at her outfit asked cautiously to which Kang Yoo-sik chuckled.


I was looking because it suits you so well.”




Cha Si-hyun’s face became slightly rigid at Kang Yoo-sik’s answer and made way for him.


“Please c-, come in first.”


“If you’d excuse me.”

Kang Yoo-sik entered Cha Si-hyun’s place and looked at the interior of it.


Though there weren’t any particular facilities except for the built-in furniture, Kang Yoo-sik found traces of some things cleaned here and there.


‘Looking at the outline of dust, it looks like she had hung up a lot of pictures of some sort.’


He wondered was that tape removing sound from a while ago, looks like it was this.


Kang Yoo-sik who was curious about what posters or pictures, looked around and discovered the cameras gathered on one side.


By the look of it, he could tell they were very pricey high-performance cameras.
Kang Yoo-sik gave a surprised look at that. 


‘She even has a photography hobby…… Does that mean that the pictures she cleaned up before were the ones she captured?’


If that’s so, he kind of understood why she hid them.
Perhaps she felt quite embarrassed to show the pictures she took.


‘And…… there are cushions and dolls too?’


Besides, looking at all the thread she couldn’t clean up fully he could tell that she was making something on her own too.


Kang Yoo-sik looked around with a surprised expression at the abundant hobbies of Cha Si-hyun that he never imagined and Cha Si-hyun came from the kitchen holding a glass of beverage for him.


“I don’t eat many snacks so…… I’m sorry.”


“No, why are you being sorry about such things? Please don’t worry about it.”


Kang Yoo-sik waved his hand and brought up a topic to ease the oddly nervous atmosphere around Cha Si-hyun.


“Since when did you start your photography and sewing hobby?”




Cha Si-hyun’s eyes trembled at Kang Yoo-sik’s question and a moment later she slightly avoided his eyes.


“I don’t understand what you’re saying…….”


“I mean, I could see the traces of pictures hung there and some thread too, that’s why.
Is it not like that?”


“Th-, that’s……”


Kang Yoo-sik chuckled at Cha Si-hyun who was hesitating while wondering what to reply.


“Don’t worry that much.
Since I won’t tease anyone with their hobbies.”


“……… Sure.”


“If you get time later, please show me the pictures and the thing you made by sewing.
Since I’m curious about what you made.”


“I-, I’ll try…….”


Kang Yoo-sik gave a strange expression at Cha Si-hyun who avoided his eyes again.


‘How bad did she do that she doesn’t want to show me.’


How can she be bad when she has a coordinator in the first place? Cha Si-hyun who caught a glimpse of Kang Yoo-sik’s expression spoke first.


“By the way, what happened that you showed up all of sudden without even a call…….”


I had something to ask from you.”


Kang Yoo-sik looked at Cha Si-hyun and smiled slightly.


The Dragon Pledge.
Do you want to make it together with me?”

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