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Starting from the waist, his entire body was aching along with a throbbing headache.
At the sense of resilience that followed with the hangover, he forced himself out of the bed and looked down.


Scratches and teeth marks all over the body.
He was horrified at the thought that if only a little more force was put, he would’ve been flunked out like these marks.


“It’s so hard…… I can’t”


He sipped water from a bottle beside and threw a cigarette between his lips.




Smoke circulated faintly and when he looked around, he found a small piece of folded paper on the tabletop beside the bed.


When he opened it, elegant cursive handwriting appeared and he read it carefully.


[Since I’ve prepared all the funds you need, please use it as you wish.
We’ve also got an S-class dungeon attack scheduled, you might love to witness it so please come.
Looking forward to it.]


“Looking forward my ass……”


Wrecking a person like this and wanting to meet again?

Though he got chills at that, he had no reason to refuse.
No matter what, he was called because she wanted to meet him.


After his cigarette was all burned up, he left the bedroom after changing to new clothes that Ahn Seol-ah bought for him instead of the torn ones from yesterday.


A living room as wide as one at a palace.
He walked towards the front door clicking his tongue after realizing the gap between S-class hunters and wealth.




Someone hugged him from the back.


“……… Didn’t you leave first?”


I was curious about your reaction if I had left first.
Though it was a little rough-mouthed….
it’s still a pass~”


He got chills down his spine at Ahn Seol-ha who was patting his body with one hand and poking his cheek with the other.


‘This bitch……’


Would she have heard him swearing from the inside? He felt her fingers patting his wounds on the body and winced at the slightly stinging sensation.


And what felt so good about it that Ahn Seol-ha was laughing like that and staring at him from top to bottom while standing opposite him.


“Hmm~ Indeed this kind of style suits you more.
Hereafter, please wear like this when you come to meet me.”


“You’re going to tear it anyway.”


“That’s because I was quite excited yesterday.
I won’t e tearing it next time, so please don’t worry about it.”


There hasn’t been a time it didn’t tear after she says so.


Since she wasn’t going to keep her promise anyway, he didn’t take it to his head.
Ahn Seol-ha approached forward and hugged him while resting her chin on his shoulder.


“And…… I have something to ask from you.”


“What is it this time?”


“The S-class dungeon you’re going to this time.
Let’s go together.”


His body turned stiff at Ahn Seol-ha’s words.
An S-class dungeon is a place you’d go crazy at even the basic surrounding of it.


And going to such a place with a person who isn’t any different from a psycho? He’d be swept to death by the surrounding, let alone monsters.


“You’re kidding, aren’t you?”


“I’m serious.
This one is…… quite tricky.
I need someone smart than someone with excellent skills.


“Aren’t there so many in the guild? Why’d you want to take such a costly moron with you?”


“You’re at it again! I’m telling you that you’re good enough!”


Ahn Seol-ha smiled slightly and whispered in his ear.


“Anyways it’s a request.
Once it’s over I’ll find that for you.
The thing I told you about before.”




Though she asks for the same thing always, she certainly gives the reward of it.
Perhaps this skill is good enough to lead Monday-Tuesday and be the vice president of the 1000-day guild.


“Sure, sure.
I get it.
I’ll do-…….”




He was pushed onto the wall even before he finished the sentence and he could see Ahn Seol-ah’s pale hand slammed right beside his face.


Wondering if this is what’s happening, he looked ahead to find a pair of eyes staring at him quite dangerously.


“I thought you had to leave for work.”


“It got delayed right now.”


by how many minutes?”


“3 hours.”


His eyes trembled at Ahn Seol-ha’s words and he muttered desperately.


“Let’s go easy………”





Kang Yoo-sik who woke up in the passenger seat frowned slightly.


Why did he have to recall that as a dream out of all? Though it happened in the past, his entire body felt stiff for no reason.


‘I need to be careful this time.’


Though he thought it’d be lesser this time since unlike back then, he wasn’t injured and has better stats too, the opponent was a close-knit S-class hunter.


More like there’s a bigger possibility that it’s going to be rougher without any force control since it’s non-committal.
And there was no need to need to build such a relationship too.


‘Back then since I met her with a subcontracting feeling….’


Though he’s lacking compared to Ahn Seol-ha even now, he didn’t feel any inferiority.
So, this time he has to maintain a business relationship with moderation.


That was the strangest relationship Kang Yoo-sik was thinking of with Ahn Seol-ha.


‘Today is important.’


When Kang Yoo-sik was lost in thoughts, the car stopped and Lee Hyun-chang spoke cautiously.


“We’ve arrived.”


“Ah, thank you.
Also, I told you that you can talk comfortably with me, didn’t I?”

When it’s just us two…… I feel this is comfortable so……”


Lee Hyun-chang became polite after his debt rose and changed to A-grade.
Though the sign that he was afraid was still there, there were lesser attempts to escape.


‘Should I just hire you as the driver in the future?’


At the look of it, it was not like he couldn’t fight, but he couldn’t tell if he’d be of any help.


 Kang Yoo-sik chuckled at Lee Hyun-chang who gave it a thought while staring and sneakily avoided his eyes.


“I’ll call you when I’m going back again.”




After sending away Lee Hyun-chang.
Kang Yoo-sik entered the dazzling New Sky Building and got into the elevator, pressing the button to go to the top floor lounge.


The elevator reached the top floor in the blink of an eye, and the doors opened to a fancy lounge ornate with a white marble floor.


An entrance to a special floor where only VIPs can come and go.
As it was a place Kang Yoo-sik visited several times before regression, he walked towards the familiar information desk.


“I’m Kang Yoo-sik who’s here at the invitation of Ms.
Ahn Seol-ha.”


“Please wait a moment.”


The staff at the desk nodded and passed on the message through a certain radio and a moment later, another staff approached.

“Please come this way.”


Kang Yoo-sik followed the staff and went inside to enter a restaurant situated on the special floor.


A restaurant with subtle lighting and huge windows overlooking the night view.


Though there were many other guests as well.
Perhaps because they had some kind of power too that their outfits looked quite fancy.


‘Should I have worn something a little bit expensive too?’


A black dress shirt and suit pants of Ahn Seol-ha’s taste and a moderately medium-low price.
Though it’s not bad, it was a perfect one to get ignored for wearing cheap.


Was it because of that? He could feel all eyes on him and his sensitive hearing caught the whispering from here and there.


“I’ve seen him somewhere….
No way, is that Kang Yoo-sik?”


He became a VIP at that age….?”


“I’m certain he could be so at that age.
But still, it’s amazing.”


“Looks like a very different kind of spirit.
He could give off such a vibe while still being a cadet….?”




Kang Yoo-sik gave a sour expression at the assessments coming from here and there.
Since he was ignored before the regression, he thought it’d be the same this time too, but it was the total opposite.


‘I mean, though I’m known for something good this time unlike before the regression……’

He didn’t expect it to be this far apart from back then!


While Kang Yoo-sik was giving a dazed look, Ahn Seol-ha who had already arrived and sat by the familiar window seat, waved her hand at him.


“Over here~”


She wore a black dress with a white jacket sitting on her shoulder.
Wondering what makes her smile so much, Kang Yoo-sik felt a tingling sensation and sat on the opposite seat.


“I’m a bit late, aren’t I?”


You came right on time.”


As Ahn Seol-ha smiled and looked at Kang Yoo-sik’s outfit, her eyes were slightly sparkling.


“The outfit, did you pick it?”


Is it okay?”


“It’s nice.
It suits you.


At Ahn Seol-ha’s muttering as if appetizing, Kang Yoo-sik thanked her while pretending not to hear and looked towards the window beside.


Lights that illuminate the heart of the city.
And the huge crevices that are alienating inside the walls beyond it.


Kang Yoo-sik looked vacantly at the sight of the gate that’s illuminating even more mysteriously thanks to the huge lights in the surrounding.


“It’s pretty, isn’t it?”


Ahn Seol-ha asked while smiling to which Kang Yoo-sik nodded.


It has an amazing charm.”


“I’m glad you like it.
Many people hate this seat because they can see just the gate so clearly.”


In reality, it was Ahn Seol-ha’s favorite spot even before the regression.


That’s because Ahn Seol-ha had so much interest to a point she supported research on it when most people are reluctant about the gate.


‘Thanks to that, the 1000-day guild was a master in that topic.’


It was the 1000-day guild that pushed the gate research department to the very end, which had been neglected in other places due to lack of performance, and thanks to that, it became a guild that was known more to this area.


It was to a point that if someone said that the 1000-day guild will be interfering with an attack, it will be known that they will be the ones getting attacked.
Therefore, there’s no need for more explanation on their fame.


“I’ve been having this feeling for a while like you truly get along with me.
Should I put it as a feeling as if I’m seeing my longtime lover……?”


“I-, Is that so? That’s quite interesting.”


“…… You just thought I was kidding, weren’t you? I was talking sincerely though?”


Kang Yoo-sik’s eyes quivered looking at Ahn Seol-ha sulking.
As if he doesn’t know that it’s sincere.
He was just scared because he knew that.

“Never mind.
Though it’s very sudden, it can be burdensome too.
I’ll just stop at that for now.”


“Uhm, thank you.”


“Then, let’s get to eating, shall we?”


Ahn Seol-ha gave a smile and called the staff to place the order and a moment later, the course meal arrived one after the other.


The food standards were just as excellent before his regression and the non-alcoholic champagne they had together was good too, but he was slightly creeped out when they received the one with alcohol at first.


‘It’s probably a mistake…… isn’t it?’


Once they finished their meals after such twists & turns.
Both of them moved to the lounge on the 2nd floor through the stairway connected to the restaurant. 


This time they sat on an outdoor terrace but it was a peculiar feeling again when they sat in a place overlooking the gate.




Mana that’s slightly circulating though it was just an ordinary wind.
Kang Yoo-sik looked at the gate with a strange expression at the feeling he couldn’t feel before the regression.


‘Is it because of the cognitive maximization……..
It feels so strange.’


If it’s like this from this far away, what would happen if he goes close to it.
When Kang Yoo-sik was looking amazed, Ahn Seol-ha smiled from beside.


“A while ago, I thought that you were just trying pretending for me…… but it looks like you seriously like it.”


“It’s because I’m feeling many things.
Indeed, there’s a difference between learning by studying and seeing it for myself, isn’t it?”


“Everything is like that, right? You wouldn’t know anything until you experience it yourself.
Be it a thing, or a person.”


Ahn Seol-ha twisted the corners of her lips and sipped her cocktail.
Though it was something that had several meanings, Kang Yoo-sik didn’t question any of them.


It was because he hated to get deep into it, and also because he kind of knew what kind of person Ahn Seol-ha was before his regression.


‘Is it time already…’


Kang Yoo-sik lowered his head when he felt like it was the right time.


“I’m sorry for what happened last time.
No matter how urgent, I shouldn’t have used Ms.
Ahn S-…..”


“Ahn Seol-ha.
Miss is too formal.”


“You, Ahn Seol-ha’s favor like that.
I’m very sorry.”


Ahn Seol-ha stared at the sight of Kang Yoo-sik’s apology and raised her hand giving a tap on his nose.


“It’s bad to give a serious apology like that in such a good ambiance.”


“But still, I wanted to make sure to say it.”


Honestly, he apologized at that time since it was a moment that was most efficient, but it was good to be showing just his innocent side for now.


Ahn Seol-ha chuckled at Kang Yoo-sik and replied while sipping her cocktail.


“It’s alright.
Anyways, I did that to help you expand your connections and maybe I could have benefited out of it too you know.
Won’t you even let that happen when we’re supposedly being a mutual aid?”


“I’m glad you think that way.”


“Of course, it’d be that way in public, but privately I still can’t forgive you.
You don’t know how much I was anticipating that day……..”


Looking at Ahn Seol-ha’s sulky expression, Kang Yoo-sik asked again realizing that it was the time to initiate a negotiation.


“What can I do to make you feel better?”




Ahn Seol-ha thought for a moment and smiled as if she thought of something good.


“At the end of July, there’s a party where many influential people from each guild gather regularly.
It just happens that I needed a partner for it…..
What do you think?”


“A party….”


He’s familiar with this one too since he has attended a few of them with Ahn Seol-ha before his regression.


Just that back then, he saw several things he hasn’t seen before, but he doesn’t know if it would be okay this time.


‘And if it’s going to be influential people, it’s not bad to go and get to know them, right.’

Perhaps Ahn Seol-ha recommended that considering all of them too.
Kang Yoo-sik nodded as he had no reason to refuse.


Then I’ll go together with you.”


In case you break this promise too, I’ll get mad for real this time okay?”


“Please don’t wo-……..”


Right when Kang Yoo-sik was about to answer confidently.
The door to the terrace opened and the sound of footsteps heading towards this way was heard.


If it was just that, he would’ve ignored it, but it was specifically approaching his way.


At that clear feeling, Kang Yoo-sik turned his head and looked at the figure approaching them.


A fine suit in that fair face that anyone would mistake for a model.
And fierce eyes looking his way.


Kang Yoo-sik was surprised at the familiar face while the guy scanned him with his eyes and frowned.


“Is he that bastard you meet so often?”


A guy who doesn’t show emotions outright to a stranger.
At that, Kang Yoo-sik looked at the memory map that popped up beside him.


(Noblesse Guild) (Ahn Seol-ha’s fiancé) (Sponsor of the Enhanced Human Plan)


He was the successor of the Noblesse Guild which is still powerful as ever, though it descended from the World’s Top 10 Guilds.
And Ahn Seol-ha’s future fiancé.


‘This guy had been like that ever since….’

And the one who introduced him to Ahn Seol-ha before the regression.

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