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Late in the morning.


Fiore who had been out for a few days in a row entered through the front door and walked towards the hall where the lights were still on.


Kang Yoo-sik looked at him from the sofa he was seated on and Fiore gave a mysterious expression at that.


“Were you waiting for me?”


Since I have something to say.”


At the unusually serious atmosphere, Fiore took a seat on the wooden chair opposite and questioned.


“What is it?”


“What you’ve been doing outside lately.
Have you been finding a place to protect Ms.
Lucia all long?’




At Kang Yoo-sik’s question, Fiore’s eyes shook slightly and shone a strange light.


Fiore was a person who did not forget the grace he received, but he was as much wary of others.

That’s why his debt tends to rise quite slowly, which is also probably why slightly wary of himself a while ago.


‘Looks like you’re still ambiguous.’


But considering his loyalty to the Di Seta predecessors, it’s fine that he didn’t pull out the sword or something.


Kang Yoo-sik who thought of explaining deeper continued his talk.


“Last time when you were outside, there was a time I helped Lucia who was being chased by someone.”


“……… Is that true?”


I don’t mind even if you ask from Ms.
Lucia later.”


At Kang Yoo-sik’s words, Fiore gave a complicated expression for a moment and questioned.


“Can you explain from the beginning?”


At Fiore’s question, Kang Yoo-sik answered just like he did to Lucia.
That he helped her to build a network of guilds in the future.


Fiore found it suspicious at first and got it immediately afterward, thanks to the fact that the debt rating worked without hiding from the beginning.


“Pandemonium were the ones behind those guys……..”


“Looks like it’s been quite a while now.
And this is just my speculation, but……..
I think this has something to do with the sudden death of the previous boss as well.”


Honestly, that wasn’t just speculation but was close to being certain.


That’s because according to Andvari, the previous owner aka the last boss suddenly was preparing to sell it to someone else.


Perhaps they realized Pandemonium’s interference and decided to hand it over to Lucia after seeing no hope.


After hearing the possibility of them being involved in the previous boss’s death, Fiore’s eyes turned cold and he grabbed the armrest of the wooden chair to a point it completely powdered.


All these days he had been lowering his head in fear towards the ones who killed his savior? His anger was inevitable from his point of view.


“The agreement will be done with soon.
Perhaps that’s when the all-out war will be, isn’t it?”


So, are you asking me to be a part of it too?”


That’s what Lucia says.”


Fiore’s eyes sank at Kang Yoo-sik’s words.


If he doesn’t take part when they have Pandemonium behind them, Lucia does not even have the slightest odds of winning.

Though Fiore knew that more than anyone else, he did not reply immediately.
That’s because he recalled the vow he made to the previous boss that he would never involve with the organization but just watch over.


At the scene of Fiore hesitating in the last moment, Kang Yoo-sik recalled the Andvaranaut that he took of just in case.


If he shows this right now, he can certainly drag his to the fight this time but the problem is what happens afterward.


He could be suspected of having the Andvaranaut throughout and more than anything, the contradiction that Cosa Nostra has will continue.


‘We should grab it in this opportunity.’


Otherwise, even if they recapture the organization, Lucia’s groundwork will soon falter.


Kang Yoo-sik who realized that erased his thoughts about Andvaranaut from his mind and looked at Fiore.


“What do you think of your presence in Cosa Nostra Mr.


“………… What does that mean?”


“Just as what you heard.
What position and strength do you have within Cosa Nostra.
Have you ever thought about it?”


Fiore gave a strange expression at Kang Yoo-sik’s question and replied. 


“As it’s a sword that the successor can wield as an S-class hunter, it’s probably frightening.
That their neck can be slashed any moment.”


The purpose of the previous boss could’ve been the same too.”


The authority and power can only be acquired by the legitimate successor of Cosa Nostra.
That was Fiore’s strength.


“That’s why the organization fell apart like this.”


It was also the cause to make Lucia a puppet with no power.


“What…… does that mean?”


“The previous boss tried to make you a symbol of authority.
He succeeded to some point but the one thing he overlooked is that an S-class hunter’s force is beyond imagination.


By any chance, if Fiore starts a war alone with Cosa Nostra who doesn’t have involvements in external forces, what would happen then?


Kang Yoo-sik thought that Fiore could completely bring them down if only they do not insist on going head-to-head.


 An S-class hunter was a presence that could make that possible.
Because that was the weakness of Cosa Nostra who’s been growing through authority and not force.


You’re not any kind of authority.
You are already a part of Cosa Nostra.”


An existence that solely complements the weakness of Cosa Nostra that’s weak in force.

That’s why the executives sent fear and respect to Andvaranaut who could handle Fiore.


Thus, they had no emotions towards Lucia who just simply used it and such a background is what led to this revolt.




Fiore’s face hardened at the thoughts he never had and Kang Yoo-sik continued firmly.


“If it’s you, Ms.
Lucia’s safety is probably your priority than the safety of Cosa Nostra but Ms.
Lucia has put her life in the line for Cosa Nostra.”




“So, please make a choice now.
Are you going to turn away from Ms.
Lucia and leave Cosa Nostra forever or are you going to stay beside and make a new organization?”


It’s time to stop being an outsider with his feet crossed.


Fiore thought for a long time at Kang Yoo-sik’s question and spoke slowly… It was an answer that was exactly what Kang Yoo-sik had expected.




Generally, the agreement will take place at the boss’s residence.


But this time it was said that entering a certain place was intimidating as it’s a position where the boss is elected and as a result, a plain in the suburbs of Sicily was decided to be the location.




The guy standing next to Salvatore replied in a heated tone at his explanation.


At the look of him being contempt, Salvatore replied with a smile instead of getting offended.


“That’s how you always talk, don’t you.
I’m sure those guys would be knowing all these too.”




Salvatore slightly frowned at the guy who ignores him completely, but he immediately turned back without showing it out.


Thousands of dressed-up members stand at the plains side by side.
It was a sight that reminded him of the army and many of them included soldiers from Pandemonium as well.


 By any chance, if Fiore were to show up here, even if it’s this many troops, they are certain enough to be able to take them down.


‘And even if the guys at the back decide not to interfere……’


Salvatore who gave a slight smile looked at the guy beside him.


A pushed-down black fedora that hides the entity of his face along with a brown army long coat.

With leather gloves and boots too, he almost looked like an officer in the army.


But in reality, it was a catastrophic mine ‘Agares’ that could be compared to the executives sent by Pandemonium and even S-class hunters.


‘I thought a catastrophe wouldn’t nearly spare any form of humans…..
but looks like it’s not just that.’


Right now, he’s only mutated some kind of a sigh of loyalty, but hasn’t his whole head including his left eye gone through a horrific change?


Though he’s mutated, he still maintained that physical form? While Salvatore looked amazed at him, Agares muttered in a heated voice.


“They’re coming.”


At his words, Salvatore looked ahead and saw two figures appearing from the other side.


Were Red-haired Lucia who wore a black dress as usual and a fully armed Fiore.


Salvatore chuckled at the two who walked up to the table.


“We eventually meet like this.
Master Fiore.”




“Looks like Lady Lucia still doesn’t have the successor’s token…….
So, does that mean you will betray the grace of the previous boss?”


At the repeated question, Fiore looked at Salvatore and answered calmly.


“I just think that it’s right to protect the present boss than protecting the past grace.”


Salvatore’s eyes widened at Fiore’s answer.


Protecting the present boss.
In other words, he means he was going to acknowledge and support Lucia as the boss of Cosa Nostra.


 Lucia, the one who repeatedly rejected his offer in the past and is nothing short of a puppet? Salvatore frowned at that for a moment and chuckled.


“Then and now you still don’t have an eye, do you?”


Fiore ignored Salvatore’s sarcasm while Lucia who was seated replied instead.


“We don’t want to waste our energy on useless talks, Salvatore.”


“…… I see.
Me too.”


“So, I’ll cut to the chase.”


Lucia who looked at Salvatore pushed forward and sent the mask made out of her blood, Blood Vendetta towards him.


Then we’ll defend your honor in collusion with the external forces against the organization.”



At the sight of the Blood Vendetta being thrown in front of him, Salvatore’s eyes widened and distorted at once.


The last thing to come was an ugly provocation….? At the fact that he was ignored, Salvatore stamped on the desk with anger rising the top of his head.




The Blood Vendetta shattered and turned into blood and Salvatore who clenched his fist, replied as if chewing.


“Right now, what you bitch should’ve said is to spare you life.
But looks like you’re keeping up with that foolish pride of yours until the very end, aren’t you?”




“I’ll tear your limbs up and put them in the square.
That much is enough for everyone to know that the times have changed, isn’t it?”


At Salvatore’s words, the members behind him pulled out their weapons and the surprise rivals hidden in the plains set the magic line in motion.


They were surrounded.
Lucia sat still there and Fiore beside him was in position with his sword clenched.


It’s a close call, a situation like it’s about to collide.



Agares grabbed Salvatore and threw himself backward.

With a loudly shaking roar, the place where the table was destroyed and everyone on Salvatore’s side were stunned and stepped backward.


But Lucia was just staring while being seated and after a moment, two figures appeared through the dust.






Ban Hye-young with bloodshot eyes of fatigue, in a black robe inside-out and Ahn Seol-ha with a coldly hardened face in a bright white dress.


Salvatore who discovered both of them was still in the clasp of Agares and paled out.


“Wh, What? No, How…..”


Why the hell on earth did two S-class hunters from South Korea appear in here!


Salvatore’s mind was colored white at the sudden situation and he suddenly recalled someone’s face.


A few days ago when he went looking for Fiore.
Kang Yoo-sik who was seated on the sofa.
Salvatore’ who recalled that cried out in shock.


“N-, No way you dragged those two in through that bastard!?”

Lucia answered him with a smile and Salvatore gave an unbelievable expression at that.


It’s not that he did not think of this case, but Salvatore thought that it would never take place as long as Kang Yoo-sik’s life was on the line.


One is an archmage famous for doing nothing other than research while the other is the attack team leader of the 1000-day guild.
There was no reason for them to come so far just to help Lucia!


“Un-, unbelievable……… How did this……..”


As the worst events of his imagination took place, Salvatore used all his energy in panic, and the two people who appeared shattering a table looked around.


“This bastard…… where did he go.”


“It’s quite shabby……..
to consider it as a nice restaurant.”


Cold voices ringing out as like they’ve figured out the situation to some point.
At that sight, Lucia brought up what she was informed of.


“There’s a message that cadet Kang Yoo-sik left for you two.”


At the mention of Kang Yoo-sik, both of their heads turned back immediately and Lucia continued calmly with that hideous gaze.


“Those guys burned the thesis that was being prepared and the restaurant doors were closed because of the evil nature of those mines.
He’s preparing them again, so he asked to wait a bit more.”


At her words, everyone including Salvatore gave an absurd expression.


An absurd excuse that even the ones who heard it for the first time would know it.
Besides, it was a plain obvious move and those two, indeed, figured it out as soon as they arrived.


“…..… Is that so?”


I see.”


But whatever the intention was, it did not matter.


Because they’ll certainly get a fair price f they destroy the ones in front of them.




The moment Ban Hye-young flicked her finger.
Mana that left from under her feet wept across the plains and the brilliantly shining magical forces were flashed with sparks.


“Wh-, What……”


“The control of the magic force is…..”


When everyone was losing their minds at the sudden events.
Ban Hye-young muttered unsatisfactorily.


“Though I don’t like it, should I try using it first.”


At the motion of Ban Hye-young’s hand, the out-of-control magical forces soared up to the sky and intertwined, reassembling to spread out in a new form.


A humungous magical force that covered up the entity of the sky.
At that sight, Salvatore stared up at the sky with a blank expression.


Often when they explain the strength of an S-class hunter, they express it as a force of a warrior that has reached the realm of God.


And in the case of a magician.


“Go through everything.”


It’s expressed as the magic that stole God’s power.


Meteor showers hit the plain and huge earth-shaking explosions went off here and there.




As if artillery fire was pouring in during the war, Salvatore’s crew lost their minds and tried to block the attack by spreading out a barrier.


But the inferior members were destroyed and disappeared by the explosion and just a few managed to bear it but they too spent their energy trying to block it, so they couldn’t afford to fight back.


“Wh- what do we do! Mr.
Agares! There must be some w-……”


“There isn’t.”



“Look ahead.
You idiot.”


Salvatore turned his head at Agares’s cold words.


Fully armed with the sword drawn and serious-faced Fiore.
And Ahn Seol-ha with a cold smile on her face clutching two swords from the deformed swords on the floor.


The two S-class hunters failed to end Ban Hye-young’s magic because they continued to keep an eye on Agares.


“The balance of the battlefield collapsed when those two came.
You’ve gone beyond the level you can bear.


“Th-, then what do we do…..”






Salvatore’s neck was torn apart in shreds and Agares threw it ahead as if disposing of trash.


And he lowered his head towards Lucia who was still seated on the chair. 


“You guys win.


At the end of his words, Fiore and Ahn Seol-ha came at Agares and three of them intertwined spluttering blood around.


And the moment the sword Ahn Seol-ha wielded slashed his chest while Fiore’s sword slashed his left arm down.




Suddenly, a black hole appeared on Agares’s chest, sucking him into it, and Ban Hye-young who discovered it reached out her hand.


“Where are you going!”




The black hole that was sucking Agares into the magical force around faltered and cracks were formed all over his body in protest.




But the black hole continued its transmission and the moment Agares’s wrecked body was forcibly getting sucked into it.




A white ray of light shot from far away was sucked into the portal along with Agares.




Black blood thrown up by Agares spluttered on the floor and as an end to it, his body completely disappeared into the black hole.




Silence fell upon the plain that had been loud with gunfire, and Kang Yoo-sik who watched the scene from far away laid the heated airgetlám and let out a breath.


“Nice shot.”


– Thank you.


Cliss Solisch that he blew out with all his might with the backup of Perceval.


Anyways since he got hit by that too in that wrecked state, he’d have permanent damage, and if he’s lucky he’d die too.


‘I mean, he’s one of the executives of the infamous Pandemonium, so there’s no way he’d die, right?’


He was more curious about the fact that such big names came for support than the fact that this guy died.


Did they have such big value in Italy’s sphere of influence? Or, was it in this Andvaranaut.


Kang Yoo-sik who thought for a while brushed his mind right away.


‘It’s not something to think about now.’


No matter what is it, it can be found later if managed through Lucia in the future.


While Kang Yoo-sik was giving a satisfactory smile thinking of enjoying the triumph through personal connections and bold investments.




“It’s a heated evening invitation.
Heating up from within…..”


Cold voices ringing from the back.
Kang Yoo-sik winced at the two shadows in from of him and gave a resigned look.


– Hehe


Andvari laughed out in response.

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