He repeatedly trampled on Ban Kyung-hoon’s chest while he was struggling, and then targeted his open mouth that was screaming.



Flame came out of the mouth with a cheerful sound.

Again, the magic of the sparring place prevented the wound, but Ban Kyung-hoon struggled frantically at the pain of burning his mouth.

Kang Yoo-sik looked down at the scene with a pathetic look.

“Don’t brag.
With your stats, it is just hot, right.”

In fact, Ban Kyung-hoon’s stats did not inflict such fatal wounds by Kang Yoo-sik’s fire magic so that he could not fight.

But that was the story of a wound.
The pain of burning the vital point was now unbearable to Ban Kyung-hoon, a freshman.



Ban Kyung-hoon, whose hand was kicked by Kang Yoo-sik and blinded again, twisted his body violently and rang out the most terrible screams throughout the preceding sparring.

The students of the Silver Class could not swallow their saliva properly as they watched the scene in a desperate struggle.

There was Ban Kyung-hoon, whose throat was torn and screaming, and Kang Yoo-sik, who kicked and hit with a sword without blinking an eye.
Everything continued to burn in flames.

Beyond colorful swordsmanship and powerful magic, everyone was overwhelmed by the cruel sight of a chill on the neck.

“S, stop! Stop!”

Lee Hyun-chang, who decided that he could no longer continue the battle, rushed over to the battlefield and stopped it.

At the shout, Kang Yoo-sik shrugged back, and Ban Kyung-hoon rolled over the floor, still clutching his face in the lingering pain.

“Ban Kyung-hoon! Are you okay? Wake up!”

“S, stop… … Stop it… …please…….”

Despite the end of the battle, Ban Kyung-hoon shook as if he were trembling and kept shedding tears with his runny nose.

Even if there were no wounds, the eyes and mouth were burned several times.
Even current hunters may not be able to endure it, but if they were students who had never been in action, they could not bear it.

“Kang Yoo-sik…….”

Lee Hyun-chang looked perplexed at the unimaginable confrontation, and Kang Yoo-sik bowed his head toward the gaze.

“I’m sorry, I thought it was real, but I went too far.”

“……Do not use such cruel tricks next time.”


Kang Yoo-sik, who nodded, approached the floor next to Ban Kyung-hoon who was raised by Lee Hyun-chang.


Just by coming close, Ban Kyung-hoon screamed with a shudder, and Kang Yoo-sik whispered in a small whisper with an apologetic look on his face.

“If you mess with me one more time……I will burn your eyes off the field.
Do you understand?”

“Uh… Ugh……”

Ban Kyung-hoon groaned and nodded frantically, and Kang Yoo-sik smiled at him and patted his shoulder.

“I’ve withstood a lot.
You know, right?”

“O, okay……so please…….”

“Someone would think I’m eating you.

The deliciously cooked Ban Kyung-hoon made Kang smile and helped him up.
And he finally whispered in his ear, “You owe me today.”

[Debt relationship conditions have been satisfied.]

[Registration of debtor ‘Ban Kyung-hoon’ has been confirmed and the debt rating is determined as C-level.]

Ban Kyung-hoon, who was handed over to the gang, headed to the clinic with help, and Kang Yoo-sik looked satisfied with the new pushover’s back.

And Lee Hyun-chang, who was looking at the side, asked with a puzzled look, “Isn’t that… …too much?”


“There must have been an easier way to subdue him…….”

“I’m sure there was.
Instead, he would get confident and try another way.
Isn’t that right, sir?”


Lee Hyun-chang couldn’t answer the question directed at him.
In fact, he also thought that he would retaliate later on.

Although the method was rough, Kang Yoo-sik was doing his job neatly to prevent any further problems.

“There’s no problem.
It might be the end for him not being able to fight, which happens every year.”


“So please persuade only those who are sensitive.
You don’t want your student to be punished unfairly, do you?”

It was what I really wanted, but at the sight of Kang Yu-sik smiling, Lee Hyun-chang thought of his life and nodded.


Then let’s go in.”

Kang Yoo-sik and Lee Hyun-chang came back inside again, and sparring classes resumed again.

Unlike the previous one, however, it was quite restrained, but the sparring scene between Kang Yoo-sik and Ban Kyung-hoon was so violent that everyone was terrified and controlled their strength.

‘What a pity…….’

If it were in the upper class, they wouldn’t have blinked at all about this little thing.
When Kang Yoo-sik was watching the scene, it was more trivial than the sparring itself.

Kim Jin-hyuk.
Park Min-soon.”

The two called men climbed onto the battleground, each taking out their main weapons, swords, and pointing them at each other.

Is Park Min-soon going to win?’

Kim Jin-hyuk, who had not yet awakened his skills, was the last man in the silver class who was similar to Kang.
In comparison, Park Min-soon was expected to go to the Gold Class in the future.

Considering the fact that he was beaten by the Ban Kyung-hoon gang yesterday, the result had already been decided.

‘This is going to be worth a look.’

Although he pretended to be close to each other due to debts, Kang was not that friendly with Kim Jin-hyuk before his return, so he couldn’t control his emotions when Kim was beaten.

While Kang Yoo-sik giggled, he made eye contact with Kim Jin-hyuk who was nervous.


Kim Jin-hyuk smiled confidently.


Once Lee Hyun-chang shouted, Kim Jin-hyuk ran out first, and Park Min-soon calmly corrected his posture on the offensive.

A clumsy attack and a flawless defense.
The students looked at the obvious ending without any interest.


Kim Jin-hyuk’s sword made a mysterious move and climbed on top of Park Min-soon’s sword.


With the sharp sound of iron, a sword floated into the air, pointing the sword at the loser’s neck.

“Would you like to keep going?”

To Kim Jin-hyuk’s question with the winner pointing his sword at the loser, Park Min-soon chewed her lips and looked.
But that was also for a while.
Realizing the level gap from the clash a little while ago, he bowed his head.

“I lost…”

A battle ended with one movement.
When everyone was hardened to the incredible sight, after seeing Kim Jin-hyuk’s accurate blow, Kang Yoo-sik became surprised.

‘That, that punk…….’

It was a unique sword way that had been overlooked so many times before the return.
Kang Yoo-sik realized one thing about the image that could never be taken out by chance.

That fucking talented bastard had already awakened his own skill, ‘Sword Soul’.

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