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Kang Yoo-sik later arrived inside the splendidly decorated dining hall.

The people who arrived first were sitting at the table, and the members were not much different from the social gathering on the eve of the competition.

However, they were all dressed up, and after the competition, it was much softer than that day.

‘Today is the real social gathering?’

Rather than an unnecessary war of nerves, they share stories about scouting and industries.
It was the moment Kang Yoo-sik was aiming for since he participated in the competition.

“Let’s go over there.”


Kang Yoo-sik and Ban Hye-young sat in an empty seat, and then Heinz, Tao Pei, and Victoria appeared and sat down somewhere as if they had waited.

When Kang Yoo-sik and Ban Hye-young looked surprised at the appearance of them.
Heinz’s eyes flashed.

“Oh, you usually don’t wear it, but what got into you?”

“What, what? Don’t say nonsense…….”

“What nonsense am I talking? I sent you to wear it last time, but you sent it back.”

Ban Hye-young’s face heated up at the sight of Heinz and Tao Pei, who made strange faces, and Victoria, who was watching the scene, smiled covering her mouth.

“Don’t be so mean.
It’s been a long time since she’s had courage, or she will be discouraged again, right?”


Ban Hye-young clenched her fist tightly by the attention from surrounding and stared at Heinz and Tao Pei.

Heinz and Tao Pei slid their eyes, and Victoria, who smiled, naturally changed the subject.

“Kang Yoo-sik, the magic you showed today was incredible.”

“Thank you.”

“When I heard it was a new history of magic, I was suspicious…… but I don’t think there was any exaggeration.
To be honest, I was a little surprised.”

At Victoria’s word, Heinz and Tao Pei also nodded and helped.

“There’s a lot of people who exaggerate much that it’s hard to believe until you see it in person.”

“It wasn’t that great to look at…….”

Ban Hye-young glanced at Tao Pei who tried to say something negative again.

“Old man, you should stop judging people only by the Golden eye.
You can’ see something really special with that.”

But I was the first one to recognize your ability.
I just slipped a little this time!”

“S-class items and AA-class items are a little bit? If the warehouse is that free, can I take the best one?”

“No…… well……I’m not saying so…….”

At Ban Hye-young’s question, Tao Pei turned his eyes away as his voice became smaller again, and Heinz, who was looking at him, smiled slightly.

“Don’t worry, I’ll give you the right one, unlike him.”

“What is it?”


The word of Heinz widened everyone’s eyes except Victoria, and soon Tao Pei asked incredibly.

“Are you really going to give it to him?”


The S-class equipment, called silver arms, consists of wrapping the entire right arm, and its ability was so vast that it was difficult to list at once.

Amplification of mana efficiency, various magic built into equipment, and above all, strong mana barriers and property resistance to prevent an S-class hunter from hitting.

It’s such a huge equipment that even the basic performance can be as valuable as 100 million won!

“It’s also the best thing for Kang Yoo-sik among the things I have……and most of all, I need to express my sincerity now.”

Heinz glimpses at Ban Hye-young.
At that point, Kang Yoo-sik roughly realized what had happened.

‘Is it because of the entire renovation of space magic?’

Airgeadlámh is a very expensive item, but this is Heinz’s personal collection.

Supplement the interior was more important to him, including the Round Academy’s treasure warehouse, and he gave Airgeadlámh in return.

‘And if I go a little further…… It could be a groundwork like the Ring of Lake.’

Even though he bet on S-class items, a normal person will feel a little burdened.

Of course, it’s a “normal person,” but Kang Yoo-sik bowed his head because it was beneficial to accept it for now.

“Thank you, Dean of Magic Heinz.”

“If you really appreciate it, please stay in England for a few more days.
I said you could leave tomorrow, and Wilhelmina felt sorry for it.”

“I can do that.”

What’s the point of preparing for the final exam when I’m getting Airgeadlámh?

As Kang Yoo-sik and Heinz talked with a smile and Ban Hye-young looked satisfied, Tao Pei, who was looking at each other, coughed in vain.

“I’ve prepared a good one, too.”

“What is it, old man?”


Tao Pei, who boasted but had not yet decided, squeezed his head, and soon met his disciples at another table.

The disciples dissuade them from knowing what the situation is.
And Tao Ran looks at it as if he’s rushing it.

Looking at the atmosphere, Tao Pei opened his mouth with his eyes tightly closed.

“Sunken Dragon’s Ball.
And Nata’s Golden Coin!”

Sunken Dragon’s ball is the most famous AA-class equipment.
And the S-class item Nata’s Gold Coin that Heinz also used to look at.

Everyone looked at each other with a surprised look by the stronger line-up than expected and Tao Pei, who already realized that it was irreversible, continued the story with a look of despondency as if he gave up everything.

“One of the remaining S-class items…… I’ll go back and think about it.
If I’m going to give it to him, I’ll have to give him something that suits him.”

“……will that be all right?”

Tao Pei shouted in a tearful voice at Ban Hye-young’s worried appearance.

“You told me to give it, you punk!”

“Well, I know, but you took better care of it than I thought.”

When Ban Hye-young looked unexpected, Tao Pei sighed slightly and looked at Kang Yoo-sik.

“Do me a favor instead.”

“What is it?”

“Can you stop by Chunmu Palace next time?”

Kang Yoo-sik looked at the table near Chunmu Palace with a curious look on his face at Tao Pei’s suggestion.

“Is this your grandchild’s request?”

“Yes, and it’s my personal request, too.
Of course, I’ll pay you separately, so don’t worry.”

“It’s not like a transfer, is it?”

When Ban Hye-young, who was listening to the story, stared at him, and Tao Pei shook his head.

“It`s the research purpose.
Our research stopped from progressing, so we had to ask for outside help……I think it would be better to borrow one.”

If that’s the case, you’d like to ask Yoo-sik…….”

Ban Hye-young, who nodded as if she understood, thought for a moment and looked at Tao Pei.


“Set it as you please.
The sooner the better, but it’s more important whether you can find the answer.”

“They say so… What do you want to do?”

Kang Yoo-sik was briefly lost in thought at her question.

‘This side…… I don’t have a clue.’

China’s Hunter industry itself tended not to disclose information to the outside world, and in particular, it tended to hide it thoroughly in case of failure.

In other words, the fact that he hasn’t heard anything about Tao Pei before the return means that the research itself is likely to fail, or the result is likely to fail.

‘If you think about the fact that Tao Pei was attacked by a Black Forest assassin in the future, or that there’s nothing known about the Tao Ran…….’

Even if I list only the signs that come to mind right away, I feel something unusual.
Kang Yoo-sik shook his head after pondering for a long time on an agenda that was difficult to make an easy decision.

“I’m sorry.
I can’t decide right now.”

“Well, like I said, since the job itself is not urgent, there is no need to make a decision urgently.
Just remember that there was a suggestion.”

Kang Yoo-sik nodded his head at the sight of Tao Pei, who was slightly disappointed.

“Thank you for your understanding.”

“No problem…… I will send you the promised item through Ban Hye-young as soon as the remaining one is decided.

Tao Pei, who was talking, paused for a moment and shouted as if suddenly he got angry again.

“They’re all good…… So use them wisely! You got it, you bastard?!”

Tho Pei’s cries filled with bitterness.
Kang Yoo-sik bowed his head with a smile of sincerity at the sweet echo that only those who lost all the betting money can make.

“I’ll use it well.”

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