g be at the top.

From Kang’s point of view, he had already recited a certain future, but Kim Jin-hyuk looked moved to see it as a belief in himself.

Then he nodded his head with a firm look of determination.

I’ll really try hard.”

[Debtor ‘Kim Jin-hyuk’’s debt has increased]

At the notification window in his eyes, Kang smiled contentedly and slapped Kim on the back, taking his arm off his shoulder.

And as they were walking to the dormitory together, they suddenly remembered the appearance of the bully and asked.

“But why did you get hit? You got caught passing by?”

“Huh? That’s the mmm.
Actually, it was my fault, but…….”

Kim Jin-hyuk, who had an awkward look on his face at Kang Yoo-sik’s question, replied while scratching his cheek.

“They were making a lot of noise in the fitness center, so I said something.
I almost got into a fightback then, but later I saw them wielding their swords…….”


“It seemed like something was wrong, so I muttered something about it without realizing it, and then they heard it…….”

Seeing them practicing their sword, he felt strange, muttered their shortcomings, and then a fight broke out.

It was common in the prideful Hunter area, but Kang Yoo-sik had a strange feeling there.

‘You felt something when you saw them swinging a sword?’

Anyone could sense it, but when Kim Jin-hyuk talked, it was a little different.

Because his own skill, “Sword Soul,” was the strongest talent to reach the limit of the sword.

‘But it’s not the right time to wake up, is it?’

Why did a second-year awakening skill show up now?

‘What if something changed when I took away the Kumkang Seonggol skill?’

That was the only difference between Kim Jin-hyuk, whom he knew, and Kim Jin-hyuk now.
Kang Yoo-sik, who was thinking about the hypothesis, laughed at once.

‘How can you not have such a conscience?’

With the disappearance of the Kumkang Seonggol skill, the awakening of Sword Soul skill was accelerated.
No matter how talented one was, it didn’t make sense.

I don’t know what mechanisms the skills are intertwined with, but it’s never going to happen.

“You think it’s funny, right? What do I know about the sword……?”

Kim Jin-hyuk looked embarrassed as if he had accepted the smile differently, and Kang Yoo-sik wrapped his shoulders at the look of his despondency.

“You may not know now, but it’s different in the future.
As I said before, just work hard.
Cause you’re the one who’s going to make it.”

“Oh, okay.
I’ll cheer up.”

Kang smiled unconsciously at Kim Jin-hyeok’s fist-grabbing.

I can’t believe this guy’s going to be that wooden face later.
Looking at these things, I didn’t know what the world was going to be like this.

‘Well, is that the same for me?’

Who knew that his life would be so twisted after his lung disease? Still, this life had already changed several times, so it would definitely be different from before.

While the two were talking, they arrived at the dormitory, and Kang Yoo-sik tapped Kim Jin-hyuk on the shoulder.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, then.
Get some treatment at the clinic and go to sleep.”

See you tomorrow.”

Leaving Kim Jin-hyuk behind, Kang Yoo-sik returned to his room, and as he laid down on his bed, he checked the timetable for tomorrow through an app on his cell phone.

‘Oh, there’s a sparring class.’

For hunters to fight against monsters and mutated devils at the gate, real-life skills were essential.
As a result, practices were more important than theory in regular classes.

And sparring was the most lethal class after mock hunting practices.
It was also a time for legal revenge that Kang Yoo-sik talked about.


Perhaps the harvest time would come sooner than Kang thought.
Kang Yoo-sik’s lips crept up as he was looking at the next day’s timetable.


The next day.

The morning began at the same time as the wake-up bell, and the cadets who changed into cadet uniforms gathered with friends and moved to the cafeteria.

Sungjin was the name of a military academy, but it was not as strict as other schools, and the atmosphere among the cadets was soft.

However, even in that atmosphere, Kang Yoo-sik moved to his own place because so far, a month after entering the school, no one could be called his friend.

‘So I didn’t have many friends before?’

At this time, his personality was not completely destroyed, but he was not very good, so he was not involved in friendships.

Furthermore, the perception seemed to be bad when looking around him, but Kang Yoo-sik walked away without even blinking his eyes.

It was because there were too many curses and cravings due to a little negative look in the previous life before returning.

‘Maybe I could return because of those curses targeted at me.’

Kang Yoo-sik, who smiled inwardly, entered the restaurant, stood in front of the POS machine in a row, and scratched his student card with the reader.


When the morning menu appeared on the POS machine screen with the alarm sound, Kang Yoo-sik immediately chose Korean food.

It was an abundant meal from the morning with a table of soybean paste soup, grilled mackerel, beef bulgogi, and other side dishes.


The menu was incomparable to the other military academies of the past.

Moreover, considering that this was also the menu for Silver classes of each grade, he never imagined how good Gold and Diamond would be.

Kang Yoo-sik, smiling slightly, immediately moved to his seat with his plate on his hand.


At the table, someone naturally swung his legs at Kang Yoo-sik’s ankle.


Everyone’s attention was drawn to the sound of the restaurant ringing, and Kang Yoo-sik looked down at his feet.

“…… Argh!”

And the one whose foot was stepped on with full power stood up from the table with a sound.

“Oh, sorry.
I didn’t see it.”

Kang Yoo-sik’s calm apology with his feet removed made one of the leg-triggered thugs’ faces red.

“You, you son of a bitch……!”

He was only going to make a slight threat before he started to fix it, but how embarrassing was that?

The bully, who was embarrassed at a gathering of all the students of the same class, shook his fist, and Kang Yoo-sik smiled at him.

“You should have put your feet under the table.
What if someone trips over while passing by?”

The provocation drove the bully’s eyes crazy, and the thug swung his arm towards the plate in Kang’s hand.

It seemed like he was going to throw away the food, but Kang Yoo-sik simply moved.


With one step back, Kang made space, and his feet staggered forward, pretending to be tangled.



With it, all the hot breakfast on the plate spread over all the bullies and there was a strange silence in the restaurant.

Anyone could tell that it was the bully who started the fight, but somehow the bully was taking the blame now.

In that mysterious situation, Kang Yoo-sik shook off the beef bulgogi soup from his hands and looked at the next table.


The son of the Black Snake Guild Boss was frozen in a situation that flowed contrary to expectations.
Kang Yoo-sik smiled at the flattering sight.

“Let’s not mess around while eating.
Son of a bitch.”

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