The discharge procedure ended without any trouble, and Kang Yoo-sik, who changed from patient to cadet, looked down at his body.

‘I never thought I’d try this on again.’

Originally, it would have been the last time he wore it before he went to the hospital.
Unknowingly smiling, Kang Yoo-sik came out of the room with his few belongings in his bag.


When Kang Yoo-sik came out, Lee Hyun-chang, who was waiting, flinched, and soon asked in a slightly trembling voice, “Have you got all your belongings?”

Lee Hyun-chang stammered and asked not to fit his big body, and Kang Yoo-sik smiled at him.
He was completely different from before.

“You don’t have to speak in awkward honorifics.
Feel free to speak.

“Well, can, can I……?”

“Of course.
People might think I threatened you.


Lee Hyun-chang, who shook his eyes as if he had seen something scary with Kang Yoo-sik’s fresh smile, turned his eyes away and answered, “Well, I see…… No, I get it.
Speak comfortably……”

“Yes, sir.
Then let’s get going.”

The two men, who came down to the underground parking lot by an elevator, headed to a red sports car parked on one side.

It was a sports car with a smooth two-seater.
For a man, his heart was pounding at it, but Kang Yoo-sik knitted his brows.

“What is it? Do you really drive a sports car?”

“Oh? Well, yes……”

“It’s very inconvenient…… Change it to a luxury sedan when you get back today for a good drive and a sturdy car.”


Lee Hyun-chang looked perplexed at Kang Yoo-sik’s sudden demand.
Sell his own baby which he had just finished tuning?

Lee Hyun-chang tried to protest immediately that he could never accept it.



Kang Yoo-sik bowed his head straight away at the short remark.

“I’ll let you go this time, but make sure you change it next time.”

Clicking his tongue, Kang Yoo-sik got in the passenger seat, and Lee Hyun-chang got on the driver’s seat while looking down and started the engine.

The engine rumbled, and then it roared out of the parking lot and drove down the road.

Other cars made way for Lee Hyun-chang’s sports car, and Kang Yoo-sik looked surprised at the scenery.

‘Wow, nice advantage.’

Before his return, there were so many trucks full of explosives which ran into his car, so Kang always put durability first, but if not, sports cars didn’t look too bad either.

Kang Yoo-sik, who decided to think more about changing to a sedan, opened his mouth while looking at the wide road.

“Oh, come to think of it, sir.
Did anything happen at school?”

“What do you mean by anything……?”

“You’ve been visiting me every day since that day.
You just did something that I never did before.
Did anything else come up?”

“Oh, if you mean it, the dean and vice-principal complimented me.
It’s a good way to self-reflect.…”

Lee Hyeon-chang, who was answering Kang Yoo-sik’s question, had a strange look on his face.

In fact, he was forced to visit the hospital every day because he was threatened by Kang, but people around him praised him for self-reflecting.

By reviewing the situation, it was certainly a good thing that the salary cut would recover soon, but all these things seemed frightening.

‘Yes, there’s something wrong with that look…….’

While Lee Hyun-chang was shaking slightly with anxiety, Kang Yoo-sik smiled as he watched it.

“Really? Good to see you in the hospital.
You’ll get better images, and disciplinary action could end soon.”

“Y, yes …….”

“Don’t you have more to say?”

A choking question.
Lee didn’t want to answer, but there was no other way, so Lee answered with a gloomy look.

“It’s all thanks to Kang Yoo-sik.”

[The debt of debtor ‘Lee Hyun-chang’ will be increased.]

Increasing debt upon recognition.
Kang Yoo-sik smiled at the notification window.

‘As expected, it’s easy after turning someone into a debtor.’

After the skill was strengthened, his interests increased.
Feeling satisfied, Kang Yoo-sik read the reinforced creditor information again with a return.


A unique skill only for human ‘Kang Yoo-sik’.

Creates a debt relationship with the debtor that can be collected from the other party as much as the debt.

*Debt level: Rated by the target debt.
Depending on the rating, he or she feels pressure from the debt, and even if the debt is cleared, the balance remains.

*Forced enforcement: Force debtors collect as much as they owe.
The current enforceable types are ‘Grant abnormality’, ‘Collect stats’, and ‘Collect skill’.

A creditor who could only grant abnormality on the original debt.

However, after the return, a strong debt rating shackle was created, and the scope of compulsory execution expanded to include stats and skill collection.

The creditor, who was already vicious, has been strengthened more violently than before.

‘I am already satisfied by taking the Kumkang Seonggol skill.’

It was an ordinary passive skill that strengthened the body, but as the rating went up, the growing skill, Kumkang Seonggol, showed great potential.

In terms of potential, it will never fall behind compared to other scarce unique skills.

What will happen to Kim Jin-hyuk?’

What made Kim Jin-hyuk the strongest hero of Kumkang Shingum was created by his unique skill, ‘Gumhon (Sword soul)’ and his growing skill, ‘Kumkang Seonggol (Kumkang Bone Formation)’.

In other words, once one of them, Kumkang Seonggol, was taken away, he could never be the Kumkang Shingum before the return.

‘Did I destroy his future?’

He had destroyed Kumkang Shingum’s future as the strongest hero and saved countless people.

Kang Yoo-sik, who realized the fact again, looked out of the window with misty eyes and closed his eyes softly.

‘This is the bitterness of life, you son of a bitch.…!’

He felt the thrill of pleasure throughout his whole body.

The strongest hero? Guardian of mankind? He may have been a necessary person for others, but for Kang, he was just a stiff-headed jerk.

Even if Kim Jin-hyuk was fooled by high-ranking officials, he was the one who led four people to visit him and beat him up!

‘I’d like to give you the same blow, but…… I don’t have to screw your life up again.’

The lung disease had disappeared and the expulsion from the Sungjin Military Academy was gone.
If Kang used the know-how he had learned before returning, he would be in the upper-middle class, no, considering the Kumkang Seonggol skill, he could graduate with the top ranks.

If he was one of the world’s best after 10 years, or if he was still among the top three of Sungjin Military Academy, everybody would try to invite him and what he needed to do was just choose a potential guild that would do well in the future.

‘And save up money, stocks, and business based on future knowledge……and then nothing more to think about.’

He might worry about the Butterfly Effect, but when a certain amount of money is collected, the money would increase by itself unless he made any big mistakes.

Even knowing all the big events that would happen in the future meant that game was almost over.

‘And if I exploit the bad guys before I return…….’

As Kang Yoo-sik was in the midst of making a new life plan, a huge Sungjin Military Academy started showing little by little outside the window.

Large buildings were scattered all over the site, which were carved out of four mountains starting with the main building that towered high in the sky.

Each of the buildings was comparable to the entire small and medium-sized military academy, and just looking at it, he could see how powerful Sungjin Military Academy was.

‘It’s a school that was built with many efforts.’

The school was built by the government with full efforts to bring Korea to the top of the list which had been in an ambiguous position in the field of education.

Kang Yoo-sik looked up at the scene of Sungjin, which could have been no longer related to him originally.


The ID card installed in front of the car was recognized and the barrier was raised, and Lee Hyun-chang’s sports car smoothly passed the north gate and entered.

And they arrived in front of the Silver Class dormitory of the first grade where Kang Yoo-sik was originally living.

“We’ve arri……ved.”

When Lee Hyun-chang, who stopped the car, talked awkwardly, Kang Yoo-sik smiled and looked at him.

“You’ve had a hard time.
And I won’t blame you for speaking informally, so be casual.

The word ‘voluntarily’ was very strange to him, but Lee Hyun-chang nodded nervously at the nuance that Kang would not let go if Lee stammered any further.

I’ll fix it.”

“Okay, I’ll be going now.
See you in class tomorrow.”

Kang Yoo-sik, with a satisfied look on his face, got out of the car, and Lee Hyun-chang, who saw it, sighed in relief.

And he was going to drive the car again with a tired look on its face.

Knock, knock.

Kang Yoo-sik, who came to the door again, lifted his finger down as he knocked on a window, and Lee Hyun-chang flinched and rolled down the window.

“Oh, there’s one thing missing.
You don’t have to change the car I asked you to change.”

“……Are you serious?”

When Lee Hyun-chang asked with a surprised look, Kang Yoo-sik nodded.

“Yes, I thought I was a little too much.”

“Well, yes… … I get it.”

He doesn’t have to sell his own baby!

Lee Hyun-chang was pleased with the permission, which must be his natural right, and Kang Yoo-sik added a warm smile to the scene.

“Instead, do some renovations.”


“In case of an accident, change the interior frame to a solid one.
The car frame is thin, so you can buy one embedded with a shock-absorbing wizard, okay?”

A high-end frame with shock-absorbing wizard.
Kang was asking to change the whole body, not even one part? More money will be spent than buying a new luxury sedan.

‘Well, the sa-savings…….’

Lee Hyun-chang, who had saved money from time to time, looked at Kang Yoo-sik to somehow refuse.
“What’s the answer?”

“…… Okay.”

He gave in to Kang’s cold smile again.



Entering his room in the dormitory again, Kang Yoo-sik looked around with a new look on his face.

Dedicated dormitories used by Silver Class students with the lowest scores among the first graders.

Compared to the dormitories of Gold or Diamond Class, it was shabby, but it was standard inside Sungjin.

Considering that Taesan Military Academy, where Kang Yoo-sik transferred to, had a room for six people, it was great to give him a private room.

‘Moreover, I will be moving to the dormitory soon.’

The change of classes took place every semester, so once he took the midterm and final exams, he would move straight to Gold or Diamond Class.

Thinking it was time to leave soon, Kang Yoo-sik unpacked his luggage roughly and came straight out of the dormitory.

‘It’s pretty quiet here too.’

People would have been seen here and there as usual, but there were few people walking around that day, perhaps because it was the weekend.

Knowing that was just the right time to snoop, Kang Yoo-sik looked around the campus, which he had not looked around properly before, and even looked over a little dark place.

‘I am going to make some good guys on campus.’

Ordinary cadets were a little hard to approach, but it was easy to use if he was a nerd who was bullied with a dim place as a hideout.

Kang Yoo-sik was looking around the campus for a long time, like a treasure hunt.



There was heavy-hitting and groaning from the dim alley behind the fitness center.
When Kang heard the sound of searching, the corners of Kang’s mouth crept up.

It was enough to find some right idiots, but he thought there were other small things with them.

‘Well, let me look around first.….’

Kang Yoo-sik, who had muffled his steps and calming his breath skillfully, approached the alley where the sound was heard in silent mode.

Then, he could see four men, or the bullies, and one guy who was beaten by them.

“Speak again, you son of a bitch!”

“Only the mouth is alive, you fucking moron……!”

The punks kicking with excitement.
Kang Yoo-sik, who saw the white epaulets on their shoulders, smiled at ease.

‘All freshmen.
It’s not that difficult……?’

As soon as Kang Yoo-sik, who was in the midst of making an estimate, saw the face of the beaten one, he opened his eyes wide.


A freshman curled up and was beaten helplessly.
The face was the annoying face that would never be forgotten for Kang Yoo-sik.

It was Kim Jin-hyuk, the Kumkang Shingum.

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