A five-story commercial building near Sungjin Military Academy.

Two elderly people were sitting in a corner room on the fifth floor where people came and went.

One was looking out the window with a bizarre telescope, while the other constantly muttered with a crystal ball in his hand.

And while working for so long, the old woman, who was looking at the telescope, took her eyes off the telescope and murmured.

“Bad… it’s the weekend when a young man gets stuck in a room and doesn’t even think about coming out.
tut, tut….”

The old woman’s right eye is throbbing because she’s been using skills for hours.

An old man holding a crystal ball opened his mouth when the old woman was squinting her eyes at the unpleasant pain.

“Wait for a second…Apparently, he’s a smart guy.”

“Who doesn’t know that? “

The old woman, who shouted nervously, asked, pushing mana into the other eye.

“So what about you?”

The old man nodded at the old woman’s question.

” I can’t even hear.  I don’t know if it’s because of the connection, or if it’s not.
Anyway, he’s not an ordinary guy.”

“There’s a reason why they gave us that much money.”

The disgruntled tongue-tied old woman looked at the telescope again, kicking her skills.

“Weing” [noise sound]

The mana gathered in the eyes accepted the special light, and after a while, there was a slightly noisy scene.

The silver class dormitory is reflected, and what this old woman usually sees is the window of Kang Yu-sik’s room.

The curtains were closed, so Couldn’t even see whether he was there or not.
But the old woman’s eyes were distracted at every entrance, so never missed him.

“Show me… show me…”

In the meantime, the old man sitting next to her muttered, and a faint light fluttered in the crystal ball and moved to draw something.

The old woman and the old man, a duo working in the Black Forest, watched mainly for targets.

It uses the skills of an old woman and an old man to find out the location of their opponent, who can secure a view from a blind spot, and they were quite well-known figures in this field.

And the two were dispatched to aim for the moment Kang Yu-sik came out.

‘I’m sure he’ll be out once….’

Even though it’s the weekend, he doesn’t think about going outside.
When this old woman was thinking if he had already gone to another passage.


Kang Yoo-sik was seen coming out of the main building of Silver Class.


The old woman, who thought the work would finally proceed, looked at it without missing a moment, and in the meantime, Kang Yu-sik entered a building.

After a while, Kang Yu-sik bought a lot of things in a plastic bag and went back to the dormitory.

[Sungjin Cafeteria]

“……….that son of an ass!”

The old woman, who was reading the letters on the plastic bag, couldn’t resist her anger and screamed.

“Be quiet!”

An old woman and an old man who are considered experts in surveillance. The two were constantly looking through the windows without any results.


Kang Yu-sik arrived at a mountain far from the temple.


The torn order sheet turned into dust and scattered around, and Kang Yu-sik was a little disappointed to see it.

It’s a long-distance teleport order that costs as much as 30 million won per sheet.
It was just used as a one-time move.

‘I bought it with the money Hwang Hwi-chan gave me anyway……’

It was not a waste since he invested in distracting old women and old men.

Kang Yu-sik, who shook off his lingering feelings, climbed up the hillside, not even on the right road, and a moment later, he heard a sound from somewhere.

[bam! bam! bam!]

“Why!!!! would I!!! shovel the weekend!!!”

Kang Yu-sik approached with a smirk at the sound of digging from the inside of the pit and the voice of Lee Hyun-chang, who was filled with anger.

And the moment he was about to call Lee Hyunchang.

“Kang Yu-sik, you son of a dog…”

“I got you some bread.”


The loud sound was cut off, and after a while, Lee Hyeon-chang popped out of the pit with the sound of kicking the wall.

“It’s… it’s…”

When Lee Hyun-chang handed over the bag without saying anything, Lee Hyun-chang breathed a sigh of relief, and Kang Yoo-sik grinned when he saw it.

“woof woof”


“Is this how it works?

Lee Hyun-chang’s eyes shook pitifully, and Kang Yu-sik bullied him a little and sat on a rock together and ate bread.

“How much did you dig?”

“It’s like… 100 meters.”

“Really? We’re almost done digging.”

As Kang Yu-sik calmly talked, Lee Hyun-chang thought about it for a while and asked carefully.

“What the hell are you looking for?”

The club could see what he was doing, but Lee Hyun-chang could not guess what it was for to dig like this.

When Lee Hyun-chang looked at him with a curious look, Kang Yu-sik said to him while eating bread in his hand.

“Do you want to be more involved with me?


A short but concise answer.
Don’t know what’s going on, but Lee Hyun-chang, who doesn’t want to get involved with him anymore, shook his head right away.

“No, thank you.”

“That’s enough.
Let’s get to work.”

The two went back down the hole and dug the ground, about 10 meters further.



Completely different sense than ever before.

“Be careful we’re falling down.”



As soon as Lee Hyeon-chang’s shovel touched the ground, their bodies quickly went down and fell down into a huge hole.



“What the hell happened…”

The two, who fell from a height of about 20 meters, landed well to reduce the impact, and while Kang Yu-sik touched his knee, Lee Hyun-chang looked around with a perplexed look.

And soon he found something in front of him.


A black hole that removes even the faint light from the top.
And the haze of green mana surrounding it.

A small gate holding a dungeon appeared in front of them.

“Well, we’ve found it.”

Kang Yu-sik, who found the gate, smiled and looked around.

‘I did it, but it’s ridiculous.’

The defense of this place is never lax as it hides the dungeon.

This place just didn’t place security to avoid attracting people’s attention.
Dozens of magical groups are surrounding the area to prevent intrusions.

However, the dungeon did not stop Kang Yu-sik and Lee Hyun-chang from digging down.
This is because that tunnel dug into the gaps of dozens of layers of magicians.

‘Such a great coordinator…..’

It took some time, but Can’t believe found a gap like this.  The ability is inferior to the sword marriage in combat, but it is never inferior to the general purpose.

When Kang Yoo-sik feels the great potential of Cha Si-hyun again.
Lee Hyun-chang asked with an incredible look.

” What the hell is this place?”

“It’s a warehouse.”


Where is the warehouse around here

When Lee Hyun-chang was looking around with a curious look, he moved his eyes toward the gate again.

“No way…”

“That’s the only thing I can call space.”

After the gate was created.
Hwang Yong-sung, the current chairman of the Hwangyoung Group,

newly studied how to hide irregularities in the group by being wary of the existence of skills.

Skill and items were used to hide them more thoroughly than before, and they were incinerated completely to prevent any future damage.

However, skills and items could eventually be broken by other skills and items, and things that were incinerated were restored elsewhere.

When there’s no way, a small gate that could enter the dungeon appeared outside the main gate.

It’s hard for ordinary people to steal a dungeon and use it as a warehouse.

However, Hwang Young Group did it in practice and did not reveal its existence for decades before the “Return”

Until I discovered it through Cha Si-hyun.

“Wait a minute.”

“OK, uh…? “

Kang Yoo-sik, who left Lee Hyun-chang alone, went over the gate and into the dungeon.

It’s a C-level dungeon, need to be careful, but after the manager left, there wasn’t a monster, except for the boss.

‘Let’s see….’

Kang Yu-sik, who saw the materials on the bookshelf inside, put them all in a space expansion pouch.

Actually, a few documents and photos are enough, but Kang Yu-sik is thinking of getting rid of the dungeon today anyway…

It’s done….and the Boss…’

Kang Yu-sik, who entered the last room, found the boss lying on the floor and struggling.


Grade C monster war troll.
He was a powerful classman, but he was weakened to the point of death by all kinds of curses.


When Kang Yu-sik stabbed the heart, the troll turned into dust and disappeared, and a piece of dimension fell on the floor.

Kang Yu-sik, who took all that, came out of the dungeon, and after a while, the gate began to close little by little, spreading mana.

“Let’s get out of here.
Use this.”

“Uh, uh…”

Lee Hyeon-chang used an order form given by Kang Yu-sik, and after a while, the bodies of the two were moved out.

Lee Hyun-chang looked dumbfounded at what had happened in a blink of an eye, and Kang Yoo-sik tapped the shoulder.

“Good job today.
Take a good rest during the weekend.”

“…okay, I got it.”

Lee Hyun-chang, who wanted to ask what it was, but thought there was no good thing to do so, took a shovel and moved on without energy.

Kang Yu-sik smiled at the things in his expansion pocket.

‘Let’s get started.’


Saturday evening.

A mail arrived in front of the villa where Hwang Hwi-chan spends every weekend, and Cha Si-hyun, as always, looked at the contents first.

“This is…”

Cha Si-hyun, who checked the contents of the mail, was surprised and brought it to Hwang Hwi-chan.

“…what is it?”

Hwang Hwi-chan’s face turned white after looking at the contents.

What was contained in the mail was a double bookkeeping in the Hwangyoung Group, written under the direction of Hwang Hwi-chan, which was originally supposed to be in the warehouse.

“Go… go find it right now!”

At Hwang Hwi-chan’s order, Cha Si-hyun and his entourage headed to a place where the evidence was hidden and found the gate used as a warehouse disappeared.

Hearing the fact, Hwang Hwi-chan’s hair turned completely white.

‘What’s happening now….?’

The warehouse, which only knew slaves bound by family and vows, disappeared and one of the items in it flew to him.

Hwang Hwi-chan, who understood his situation, seemed to dry up blood all over his body.
The disclosure of the evidence does not mean that the Hwangyoung Group will suffer a great deal…

‘No, no… I can’t do that.’

However, Hwang Hwi-chan’s situation was different.

It was never as a family that protected Hwang Hwi-chan in the Hwangyoung Group even though he had been doing all kinds of evil things.

Hwang Hwi-chan was useful for future use as a shield, and in fact, he had materials to write it properly.

But all that data will be released? Immediately, Hwang Hwi-chan will lose his use as a shield and become an eyesore.

‘I just need to find out who stole that information and take it back…’

Hwang Hwi-chan canceled his request to Kang Yu-sik and went out to find the thief who turned the warehouse with all his might so that the family wouldn’t know about it.

However, even the Black Forest could not easily find the culprit, and even the first mail was impossible to track using a highly advanced method of delivering it to a teleport order.

As Hwang Hwi-chan’s face was getting haggard in that dead-end situation, a letter arrived with an order sheet in front of him early Sunday.

[Get everything in your personal safe and come alone.
If you don’t come, there’s no deal.]


Hwang Hwi-chan’s face hardened after reading the content.

If could,  He would like to contact Black Fores and the house immediately and drag his troops, but don’t know how many troops his opponent has.

And if fail to catch and miss the thief, the position will change even more disastrous.

‘There’s no choice…’

From the moment the evidence was taken away, he was done.

However, don’t know what will happen because the other person is willing to trade.
After biting his lips, Hwang Hwi-chan took all the items from his personal safe and tore the order.

And as soon as the surrounding area turns into a dark mountain,

“Long time no see.”

Kang Yu-sik greeted Hwang Hwi-chan with a smile.

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