ang Yoo-sik folded his arms.

“It’s not difficult.
Can’t you tell me even this? I think I should talk with other guilds…….”

“Hyun-lang! It’s Hyun-lang!”

“Seo, Seongyeonja……!”

Hyun-lang (wise wolf) and Seongyeonja (Seer).

‘Wise Wolf and Seer.’

People working in the hunter area might know about them in Attack Team 3 of Changeun Guild, but they were not familiar to students.

‘Not yet.’

Confirming that his memory was not wrong, Kang looked at them with a sneaky smile.

Well, I can just let you know here.”

“Is, is that true?”


At the sight of the two surprised, Kang nodded.

“It’s good to get money or items, but my student status is very limited.
I thought I could get something else.”

You are right.
Then what do you need?”

“Please tell me without hesitation!”

Kang Yoo-sik patted his chin on the two people who seemed to do anything if they could make this deal.

“Well, I’m not sure yet, so…….”

With a bright smile, Kang looked at the two who would be the future A-class hunter and the head of the elite guild.

“I’ll leave it a debt of gratitude until the right time.”

[The debt condition is satisfied.]

[The registration of debtor ‘Nam Young-il’ is confirmed and the debt rating is determined as Level B.]

[The debt condition is satisfied.]

[The registration of debtor ‘Lee Soo-ah’ is confirmed and the debt rating is determined as Level B.]

After lunch, Kang Yoo-sik, who returned to school by Nam Young-il’s car, looked satisfied.

‘You two are smart, so it was easily done.’

In Creditor skill, debtors must admit their debt, and it would depend on how they accepted it.

Nam Young-il and Lee Soo-ah fully understood the potential value of the Dungeon’s classification method, and Kang quickly won their debt rating to Level B.

‘That’s good timing.
It’s supposed to be a year or so……No, it was released two years later.’

It was not yet known, but there was a very rare chance that a special force called ‘Theme’ was applied in the dungeon.

For example, today’s dungeon with Kang Yoo-sik had the theme of ‘Predation’ and the effect was that the monster attacked another species and ate it to evolve.

That’s why the Boss Monster evolved as it ate the war wolf nearby, and it was left unattended for a week, making it a C-level monster Blood Wolf.

‘It was probably when the farm was open to the public.’

A farm, where deliberately preserving the dungeon in which a theme existed, to bring out maximum efficiency.

It had connived as a convention, but the theme was banned because of an incident in which a monster that had grown into an S class caused a dungeon brake.

‘This time I was lucky.’

The theme was not yet known, so the population control was done only near the entrance.
Moreover, they could not find traces of insects that had eaten due to the mana fog.

Kang wouldn’t have been able to negotiate so easily if they were a little more careful and sensible.

‘Well, if they were such people, they’d both become famous sooner.’

After the fall of the Changeun guild, many guilds were derived from Changeun, and the most successful guild was Marang.

Wise Wolf, Nam Young-il, and Seer, Lee Soo-ah were the leader and deputy leaders of Marang Guild, and at the same time, they were A-class hunters highly recognized for their outstanding strategic tactics.

‘The biggest gain in this performance test is their debt.’

From now on, whenever the two benefited from the theme of a dungeon, they would think of his help, and each time their debts would pile up gradually.

Even if it took a while, it would be increased to level A on its own.

‘It’s worth living.’

Two days ago, Kang was annoyed to be involved with Hwang Hwi-chan, but as things got better in a row, the stress from the wait until the weekend was gone.

Kang Yoo-sik with a fresh look was walking towards the dorm.

“Excuse me.”

Cha Si-hyun appeared in front of him with the same greeting as before.

With that sudden appearance, Kang Yoo-sik checked her gloves, made sure they were properly worn, and then looked up at her face naturally.

Still showing no interest in a dull look.
Kang looked at the familiar face with a slight frown.

“What brings you here again?”

There was only one purpose to visit him, but Kang asked her deliberately, pretending not to know, and Cha answered politely.

“I’m here to repeat Master Hwang Hwi-chan’s invitation.”

“I told you I didn’t have time.”

“I realize that the last invitation lacked sincerity.
I have a new gift for you, so why don’t you listen to it first and decide?’

Sincerity and gift.
Kang smiled inwardly and answered firmly.

“No, I won’t listen.”

“……it could be more than what you think now.”

Considering Hwang Hwi-chan’s spending, he could give Kang millions of won just for meeting him.
That guy had always been like that.

“No, it doesn’t matter.”

But Kang Yoo-sik flatly refused.

You won’t accept Hwang Hwi-chan’s money? It was not just because it wasn’t the right time to start the relationship yet.

“……I see.”

At Kang Yoo-sik’s resolute answer, Cha looked at him with a curious look.
Perhaps she might think that Kang was foolish in her characteristics.

‘Honestly, you are right.’

I did not listen to her and say no.
If I were you, I would think so.
But later you’d realize why I refused.

‘Let that be the pleasure of the day.’

Kang Yoo-sik smiled inwardly and turned his head firmly.
Cha Si-hyun lowered her head when she saw it.

“Then I’ll tell it to the young master.
Have a safe trip home…….”

Cha Si-hyun, who turned around and moved her steps as before, disappeared in a moment.
Kang Yoo-sik, who was looking at her back, touched his chin.

‘I need to have a conversation with Cha Si-hyun one day.’

He didn’t have a chance today, but he could talk about something with her next time.’

Kang Yoo-sik, who recalled his old memories with Cha Si-hyun, took a step back toward the dorm.


Lee Chang-wan, who looked excited, rushed to Kang.

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