You must have had a unique skill called sympathy.” Kang Yoo-sik muttered with a surprised expression, although he already knew, and Lee Ha-rin made an apologetic expression. 


“I’m sorry for hiding it all this time.
I’m not sure because I’ve never told anyone before…… .” 


“You don’t have to apologize for this.
Everyone has a secret or two, right? Rather, I think thank you for trusting me and telling me even now.” 




Lee Ha-rin made a slightly moved expression, and Kang Yoo-sik patted her shoulder with the feeling to drive a wedge.
“If you have any difficulties in the future, please tell me without hiding it.
I will always be Lee Ha-rin’s strength.” 


It was limited to what one can do, but there was no need to break the mood by saying it.
Lee Ha-rin nodded his head with a very moved expression at Kang Yoo-sik’s confident expression.
“I will work harder in the future…!” 


[Debtor ‘Lee Ha-rin’s debt increases.] 

[Debtor ‘Lee Ha-rin”s debt rating rises to A grade.
A list of collections will be added.] 


Lee Ha-rin’s debts had finally reached grade A.
When he had summoned Crimson, he had been in B rank, so it took quite a bit more time than others, but considering that there was no major contact between them, it was pretty good. 


‘Besides, I guess this summoning was the final blow.’ 


For Tamers, the S-class return was a kind of guarantee check that allowed them to become S-class hunters as long as their magic stats supported them and controlled them.
If one were to get such an S-class refund for free, but the debt didn’t go up to the A-class, which was a very ungrateful thing. 


‘I heard that I saw one person well.’ 


If the post-processing was neatly done to prevent rebellion like in Crimson, it would eventually create a great uproar during the midterm exam.
Kang Yoo-sik, who finished talking with Lee Ha-rin, disarmed the magic barrier around him.
“You’re creepier than me, you bastard!!” 



The cry of the golden lion that was beaten terribly by Ban Hye-yeong’s magic hit my ears.
It only took 5 minutes for the proud Golden Lion’s nose to collapse at the combined effort of the three.
After that, it was one-sided violence and kept going on even after 30 minutes. 


“Can I keep hitting you like that?” 


“It’s okay because I know you’re controlling your strength in moderation.
Besides, born S-classes have high noses, so you have to be sure to bend them.” 


Of course, if one were to break the bridge of one’s nose by beating it like this, it would be exposed again later, but there was no need to worry because that part could easily be prevented with a contract.
Kang Yoo-sik waited patiently for Ban Hye-yeong to be relieved, and after a while, the Golden Lion turned the boat over and surrendered. 


“Whoa… … it’s okay.
Go and finish.” 


“Thanks for your efforts.” 


“Thank you for your effort!” Ban Hye-young stepped back with a refreshing expression, and Kang Yoo-sik and Lee Ha-rin approached the fully stretched golden lion and proceeded to subordinate. 


[The phantom beast ‘Ephedra Chimera (S)’ could not be completely subordinated.
I will take care of the remaining authority.] 

[The phantom beast ‘Ephedra Kaimera (S)’ has been co-owned with ‘Lee Ha-rin’.] 


Kang Yoo-sik, who had completely subordinated the golden lion, Chimera, returned it with a reverse summon, and then returned Lee Ha-rin. 


“Right now, you don’t know when they’ll attack you, so don’t summon them separately for the time being.
Just like Crimson, I’ll get it sorted out soon.” 


All right.” 


“You worked hard today.
Go and get some rest.” 


“The manager also had a hard time.
And….” Lee Ha-rin, who had been glancing at his eyes, patted his shoulder-length hair and murmured softly.
“Next time… … Would you like to join us for sparring?” 




The manager said that he is quite good at close combat… I want to lighten it up for once.” 


Kang Yoo-sik made a creepy expression when he saw Lee Ha-rin talking shyly.
‘Is my turn finally here?’ 


As Dalyeonwang, he wondered if he would ask for it someday, but it seemed that his turn had finally come.
‘I’m not going to ask you to do it in a hundred units.’ 


If that was the case, Kang Yoo-sik nodded, deciding to make an excuse while doing it moderately.
“Then let’s do it together next time.” 


“Go, thank you! I will wait for your contact!” Lee Ha-rin, who had a happy expression on her face, ran energetically, and Kang Yoo-sik, who looked at her back, smiled slightly.
‘But, well, it looks better than when he was gloomy.’ 


Kang Yoo-sik, determined to deal with Dalian properly, turned his head as it was.


Ban Hye-young, with a dissatisfied expression on her face, crossed her arms and looked at him.
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“My promise comes first.
You know this, right?” As she spoke, there was a look in her eyes that seemed like she wouldn’t stay still if pushed. 


At that roaring will, Kang Yoo-sik answered with a smile without even realizing it.
“Yes yes.
All right.” 


“This, this is the way I talk to the teacher… … !” 


Kang Yoo-sik smiled and looked at Ban Hye-yeong, who was trying to get angry as if to hide her shame. 


“Then it’s a date.
Look forward to it.” Kang Yoo-sik, who left a short message, went out of her lab as if to run away, and Ban Hye-young, who had been frozen at the word date, turned her face red. 


“Hey!! It’s not like that!!!” 


And excuses that were one step behind followed suit. 


* * * 


As time passed, repairs to Seongjin were completed, and as the site was expanded, the newly built facilities were opened to the cadets.
It was a separate and strengthened existing facility, so there wasn’t that much interest, but there was only one place that garnered enough appeal.
All the cadets’ attention was drawn to the five-story building that had sprung up on the newly created site. 


“Is that the club building?”


 “It’s huge… … .” 


It was Kang Yoo-sik’s ‘Hunter Economics’ club building.
Apart from the help of the subsidy, it was the support Kang Yoo-sik received from Yoon Kang-hyeon, and it became a hot topic among the cadets for the unprecedented treatment.
There were quite a few negative responses, such as whether it was too excessively convenient or biased operation, but it didn’t actually lead to controversy.


The reason was because it was a ‘club’ building.
“Isn’t there any member recruitment?” 


“I heard that, basically, you have to be recognized by Mr.
Namgoon-ryun before you can be judged.” 


“I want to be able to get in too… … .” 


It was a manager who had a close relationship with S-class hunters and had one of the best talents in the world.
Eh watched with admiration rather than jealousy at the thought that he might be able to become a member of it. 


While all the cadets of Seongjin were interested in Kang Yoo-sik’s club… 


“Huap!” In the training room of the club building, intense sparring was going on.


 Kagaga River! Lao Yen’s window, bent at a bizarre angle, constantly scattered afterimages, and Kim Jin-hyuk’s eyes quickly moved up, down, left, and right at the sight.
He harbored eyes that did not simply follow movements, but find the direction of an attack.


Kim Jin-hyuk, who was aware of all the attacks in front of him, took a breath and moved the spear in his hand.


“Keugh?!” The spear, which had been moving brilliantly, was cut off by the half-turned spear that dug into the gap, and Lao Yen hurriedly retreated from the piercing attack. 


It was a barrage that turned into just two attacks.
Lao Yen’s eyes widened as the blade kept digging into gaps he wasn’t even aware of.
‘Such incredible talent… … .’ 


Even though he hadn’t handled the spear for a while, he treated it as if it were part of himself.
Lao Yen was astonished at his unbelievable proficiency, but his eyes shone as he calmly blocked the attack.
It had long since changed unfavorably, but he knew he hadn’t lost yet.
Magical energy fluctuated inside Lao Yen’s body as he blocked the attack, and his hands and feet clenched the spear stick in a strange posture. 


The moment when the completed spell was loaded. 


Kwaaang-! Meteors shot from Lao Yen’s hands.


 Pakaang! With a metal sound, Kim Jin-hyuk’s spear shattered, and both of them who saw the result widened their eyes.
Lao Yen had correctly countered the trump card made with Kang Yoo-sik, and Kim Jin-hyuk was surprised by the power of his spear. 


Lao Yen and Kim Jin-hyuk, who looked at each other with admiration, nodded as if they had both fulfilled a promise.
“Thanks for the guidance!” 


“Thank you for teaching me a lesson.” 


The tense atmosphere from earlier disappeared and an intimate atmosphere was created in an instant.
“Just hit.
It’s not bad, but the trajectory of the attack seems too easy to read.” 


It seems that it was too sloppy to compose the magic formula based on power.
How can I fix it?” 


“I think the position of the stepping foot while putting a little more rotation when throwing a spear… … .” 


The two of them just got accustomed to discussing Dalian and talking, and Kang Yoo-sik, who was watching it on CCTV in the manager’s office on the top floor, laughed.
‘You live and see all these scenes.’ 


Now, they were discussing technology like brothers, but the relationship between Shinchang and Geumgang Shingeom that Kang Yoo-sik had seen returning was very harsh compared to what was called the Five Heroes. 


‘The power is strong, but the swordsmanship lacks dignity.
Why don’t you pay more attention?’


There was Lao Yen, who had blatantly shown elite consciousness and raised his glasses.
And Kim Jin-hyuk, who was ignoring him without paying attention.
Kang Yoo-sik, recalling the vision he had seen before regressing, suddenly looked at Lao Yen again. 


‘Come to think of it, he’s not wearing glasses yet.’ 


As he remembered, Lao Yen started wearing glasses immediately after acquiring his unique skill, ‘Moment’.
Due to the nature of the skill, his eyes became dizzy, so he usually wore glasses to reduce the effect, but he hadn’t shown any such symptoms yet. 


Then the child hasn’t awakened his own skills yet.’ 

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