soon as he jumped into the air, his entire body was cut into pieces by the black wire as if caught in a spider’s web, and Cha Si-hyun, who was sitting on top of Crimson, looked down coldly.
She seemed to be using Crimson’s mobility to make traps using wires all over Seongjin, and it was playing a big role in protecting the weak cadets.
‘I don’t think there’s anything to worry about over there either.’ 


Perhaps it was thanks to the regular feeding and teaching, but he was doing great among the other cadets.
Everyone truly belonged to their own club, so after this work was over, the name value would eventually spread a lot.
Kang Yoo-sik, in a satisfactory situation, kept running around looking for those who needed help, and soon one person caught his eye. 


“Keugh…!” It was a young man wielding a spear in a flashy fight.
He was high enough to be at the top of the diamond class, but the opponents he fought against were not good. 


Kwaaang! A headless knight wearing heavy armor.
Five Dullahan clung to each other, brandishing their weapons, and driving without a break.
All Dullahan objects painstakingly created in Dissipator were in Class A. 


He was Jun, and his interpersonal skills and joint performance were excellent.
Because of that, even young people with outstanding skills were being pushed helplessly. 


‘He’s as bad as he used to be…’ Kang Yoo-sik, who was looking at the back of the spear-wielding young man’s head, appeared and took out money while clicking his tongue.
He had been waiting to catch him once and create debt, but it was really a good opportunity. 


‘Short and bold….’ 


Ugh! 20 Naturalization Spears and Twin Tempest appeared and were compressed in the blink of an eye inside the money, and the patterns engraved on the surface shone red as if they were heated in a furnace and wrapped around the wind.
Kang Yoo-sik, who finished loading, made a tunnel with the Lightning Accelerator and aimed at the Dullahans. 


Pan-! Golden meteors rushed toward Dullahan.
Fuck! Even if it looked kike a strange gold bar, it was still S-class equipment.
When Kang Yoo-sik’s magic was added to it, the armor and body of the Dullahans were pierced like paper, and a hole the size of a fist was pierced. 


From there, unable to let go of the shock, all five of them lost their posture, and Kang Yoo-sik, who saw it, shouted.


At Kang Yoo-shik’s cry, the young man’s eyes flashed and he threw out the spear in his hand.


The flash of light that burst from both hands created a huge hole in the chest of the Dullahans, and the core that maintained life was broken and they all collapsed powerlessly.
“Huh… Heo-eok…”


After striking the final blow, Lao Yen turned his head to look at him while trying to catch his breath, all with a weary expression on his face.
Kang Yoo-sik appeared before that strangely heated gaze and spoke calmly.
“You fight well.
Be careful though.” 


“Ah… … !” As Kang Yoo-sik ran to another place, he heard a voice filled with regret, and after a while, a notification window appeared in front of his eyes. 


[Satisfies the debt relationship conditions.] 

[Check the registration of the debtor ‘Lao Yen’, determine the debt grade as C.] 


‘This is what you eat raw.’ He had only saved it once, but it simply created debt.
Kang Yoo-sik’s mouth went up at the debt of Lao Yen, one of the five heroes whom he had recognized. 


‘I think we can eat it in earnest after today.’ Kang Yoo-sik took a quick look inside Seongjin, drawing on his plans for the future.
Thanks to the activities of teachers and cadets, most of the battles were calmed down or stabilized, and there were few places where the aftermath of the battle was significant. 


‘There’s one on the silver class side.
And the one on the ivory tower side.’ Judging from the location, it looked like Han Moo-jin and Yoon Kang-hyeon, the head of the academy, had come out.
Yoo-sik felt like his work was almost finished.




“This is….” 


It was a wave that was very faintly felt from afar.
Kang Yoo-sik’s eyes narrowed at the vibration he felt outside Seongjin, and soon he threw himself away without hesitation.
As the distance got closer, he felt a wave of power as fierce as the previous two places, and before long, he saw shadows colliding with each other. 




It was Nemea, a lion-beast with golden fur, wielding claws as she shattered the surrounding forests and lands.
And there were Kim Jin-hyuk and Sai Yan, who were struggling to block the attack.
Kang Yoo-sik’s eyes widened at the unexpected confrontation.
‘Why is he doing that over there?’ 


Although Kim Jin-hyuk had recently grown to the level of a diamond class, he was definitely not at the level to fight against Nemea.
Contrary to his worries, however, Kim Jin-hyuk fought well in his own way, thanks to moving in a way that assisted Sai Yan without going directly o the front. 


“Shallow…!” However, while he was fighting with his main force, Yan could never win in a head-to-head match with Nemea.
Sai Yan herself was deprived of breath by Nemea’s flirtation, which was exquisitely aiming for an opening, and the regime that burst out aiming for the gap struck the abdomen. 




“Cuck!” Sai Yan, who had been thrown back, collapsed vomiting blood, and at that tremendous roar, instead of looking back, Kim Jin-hyuk caught his breath and aimed his sword forward. 


“Whoa…… Whoa….” His eyes refused to waver even in life-threatening situations.
Seeing that upright figure, Nemea had a strange look in her eyes.
It could be a good subject.” 


Once that had been decided, all that remained was to instill despair.


Just when Nemea, who decided not to kill Sai Yan but to cripple her, was about to attack again… Fight-!


 A tremendous amount of mana surged behind him.


She quickly dodged to the side of the attack aiming for an unexpected gap, but the attack bent after it.
Recognizing that it was an attack of her own kind that was unavoidable, Nemea quickly swung her right arm away. 


Quadruped! Breaking her fingers and digging in, her right arm getting smashed like a rag in an instant, Nemea shook her hand as hard as she could before being completely penetrated by the weapon that had burrowed into her body. 


Fuquaaaak! From her fingertips, the golden weapon that pierced her elbow ricocheted sideways, and Nemea’s face contorted with the agony she felt from her wound.
It was difficult to say that it was a deadly weapon, but the magic power was thick, so the recovery of wounds was slow. 


Nemea looked at Kang Yoo-sik, who had newly infiltrated, at the appearance of an extremely difficult enemy.
“I thought they wouldn’t show up after leaving it to the three of us like before… You value the lives of others more than you think.” 


Kang Yoo-sik regarded her with sharp eyes.
“Why don’t you just die instead of struggling?” 


“I will not stop until my soul is reaped.” 


It was a brief but firm-willed answer.
Kang Yoo-sik sighed inwardly and looked at it.
“Then I’ll take it now.” 


He was one of the top combatants in Nemea’s Revelation of the Fallen, but he was now quite tired from the series of battles.
He should be able to kill her easily if he used the number of hidden trumps appropriately. 


‘She seems difficult to avoid… It seems that her strength has gone down a lot, so it’s better to pretend to hit her slightly and attack firmly.’ For other wizards, it would be tantamount to suicide, but it was a better method for Kang Yoo-sik, who had the S-class skill, Yongrin’s Armor. 


While Kang Yoo-sik was deciding how to fight.
Nemea spoke in a cold voice.
“Then you shouldn’t have shown up here.” 


“What… … .” 


Quaang! Before he could finish his words, Nemea rushed in, and Kang Yoo-sik prepared Yongrin’s Armor while loading his magic.
The moment Kang Yoo-sik tried to show his gaps and was about to get hit with her attack… 


Whoo! Nemea rushed toward Kim Jin-hyuk who was behind.


Kang Yoo-sik was a little taken aback by the sight of Nemea aiming at someone else, not himself.
Then Nemea twisted the direction of her attack with her eyes shining, and the two people’s attacks crossed each other.


“Ahh… … !” Nemea, whose shoulder was half blown off by Kang Yoo-sik’s compressed naturalization window, was pushed back with burns, and Kang Yoo-sik, who was slightly beaten by the regime, was also pushed back. 


“Yoo… Yoo-sik!” 


“Ugh….” At Kim Jin-hyuk’s startled cry, Kang Yoo-sik acted as if he was in great pain.
Originally, it would have been a big blow just by brushing against it, but the black scales hidden inside the clothes, the dragon’s armor wonderfully blocked it.
Even taking into account her regenerative power, Nemea suffered one-sidedly. 


It was the most ideal result, and that was why Kang Yoo-sik made an inwardly puzzled expression.
‘Why is that bastard suddenly acting like that?’ 


Nemea was a mercenary who roamed the war zone before transforming into a demon and was a veteran of the war.
It was all thanks to Nemea that the other two executives were able to escape to another hiding place earlier, and knowing that, Kang Yoo-sik also took out one of his hidden tricks, Yongrin’s Armor. 


‘Why are you fighting like that all of a sudden?’ 


While Kang Yoo-sik felt embarrassed by her fighting strategy, Nemea opened her mouth, wiping her blood from the corner of her mouth.
“I don’t know if I was alone… You won’t be free to fight while protecting your friends.” 




“Even if we exchanged attacks with each other, it would be fatal to you as a mage… That works for me!”


 Nemea, who seemed deadlier by the second, glared at him with her grim eyes as she vomited out blood.
“Even if it burns my soul, I will engrave despair on you guys.” 


“… … .” 


Just like now, she would persistently target only Kim Jin-hyuk, so he should try to block him with his body. 


‘You asshole.’


He was in a bind.

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