“Keugh…!?” Sekien’s eyes widened upon seeing the left hand that grabbed his collar.
No matter how connected the space was on the other side, the direction was a one-way.
It was because it was impossible to come over from the other side unless it had an effect on the control of Unoeyeong. 


‘Who the hell…!’ Sekien was taken aback by the unexpected situation, but quickly adjusted his tone. 


Keying! The mirror lit up and began sucking his left hand from his collar, and Sekien immediately removed the straitjacket from his arm.
A hand had transformed into a translucent blade.
Sekien, who raised his mana to the maximum, grabbed hold of his collar and swung it towards his left hand. 


Tu-wook! The left hand, which had been holding on so far, was released lightly.


The moment when Sekien, who had become free, was about to close the passage of his luck and awe.
The index finger of his left hand, which had been sucked across him, was now pointed at him. 


[Receive the stigma.] 


Right after that, a chill struck the whole body at the same time as the light emitted from the index finger.
Realizing that something was wrong with him, Sekien hurriedly closed his eyes. 


Two-woong ─ 


A wave rippled through the mirror, and Sekien, who lifted his fear of luck, hurriedly inspected his body.


‘His stats were lowered and his attack skills were sealed.
Where the hell did such a terrible curse come from…?’


Fortunately, there was no problem with Unoeyeong, but the power had by far fallen by 30%.
When Sekien realized that the situation was taking an unusual turn, he was about to inform other executives about the move. 


Such was a creepy sensation that made the senses of the whole body stand up.
Sensing the danger instinctively, Sekien didn’t even have time to think deeply, and immediately activated the Unoeira and threw himself into it. 


Kwaaang-! A great sword that reached hundreds of meters across the hill pierced the hiding place at once. 


“I- That….” Sekien’s eyes widened at the sight of the huge sword that pierced the hideout he had just been in.
It was the first time he had seen it in person, but had heard it by hearsay.
It was a great sword that instantly shattered Kurma’s shell, which was said to have the strongest defense among S-class monsters in the past.
The hideout was then destroyed!


‘It must have been Kang Yoo-sik’s will that the Heavenly Sword appeared here….
Does that mean that our plan was leaked towards him?” Sekien made a confused expression upon seeing the situation unfolding in front of him.
One didn’t even have to think about who was responsible for leaking the plan.
He could see Sai Yan through the mirror.
The woman who said she would cooperate with them had betrayed them. 


‘Why?’ The essence of Sai Yan was clearly a person who could remain even if she stabbed Kang Yoo-sik in the back, so what were the reasons behind her actions? Sekien couldn’t believe the fact that the Unoeira, which had been reflecting and corrupting the essence of many people, was wrong. 


While Sekien was taken aback by what happened so suddenly, changes had also taken place in the mountains beyond the hills.




A gigantic crack was then carved in the bankruptcy sword that pierced the mountain, turning into thousands of pieces, and soon it rained into the shelter where the barrier was broken.
Although one couldn’t see it from afar, subordinates who were not at the level of executives were literally being slaughtered. 


Seeing Ahn Seol-ha attacking with all her might without being vigilant from the start, Sekien quickly rolled his head.
‘We have to run away now.’ 


It was only An Seol-ha who showed up right away, but there was a high possibility that the unknown wizard who had broken through the awe of luck and found out their location a little while ago was also following them.
In addition to this, even if another S-class hunter with a close relationship with Kang Yoo-sik came, fighting back here would be tantamount to suicide. 


‘All for our savior…!’ Thinking that the other executives would have made the same choice as them, Sekien quickly invoked luck and moved his place. 


Whoo! Sekien, who fled to another shelter in Korea far away from Seongjin, caught his breath.
‘I won’t be able to come after you at this level…’ 


His life seemed to have been saved, but Sekien was saddened by the fact that his hiding place had been discovered.
This was the promising shelter, which was completed relatively recently and would be useful for future operations in Seongjin but was destroyed before it could be put to good use. 


‘It will cause extreme damage to the organization again….’ 


With this, activities in Korea would then be restricted in the future.
In a gloomy situation, Sekien sighed and looked in the mirror.
‘I’ll have to reassess the situation over there.’ 


Sekien, who had recovered some of his magical power, immediately activated Luck’s Awe and inspected the hideout he had left a while ago.
Each Kuwagak! 


“Get away, you crazy bitch…!”


A demon whose lower body had changed like a snake, scattering poison in all directions and running away in a hurry.
And there was Ahn Seol-ha, who chased after him and wielded her sword like crazy.
Sekien’s eyes widened when he saw Basuki, one of the senior officers in the hideout, struggling. 


‘This…!’ Basuki was also a top-notch Mine, but her direct combat skills were not up to par.
Realizing that at this rate, he might be killed by Ahn Seol-ha, Sekien hurriedly reflected on Basuki through his skill.
And the moment the mirror of Unoeyeong flashed… 


Cooong! The body of Basuki, who was fighting on the other side of the mirror, was thrown into the hiding place. 


“Keugh…!” After escaping Ahn Seol-ha’s attack, Basuki twisted her eyes and looked down at her own body.
In that moment of being moved, her chest was cut, and the part of her tail that was not reflected in his mirror was cut off.
Her life may have been saved, but her body was a mess.


Basuki groaned.


“You know I couldn’t afford that.” 


“Shit… Ahn Seol-ha, that damn bitch….
I will definitely kill you next time we meet…… .” Basuki, who gritted her teeth at Ahn Seol-ha, raised her mana and healed her wounds, and Sekien caught his breath at the sight of her looking finer than expected.
Unlike the caster’s movement, moving others through the outer world of luck was because her magical power was very high. 


Quaang! The wall on the side crumbled, revealing a 4m tall lion beast with golden fur.


“They are both alive.” Sekien let out a sigh of relief as Nemea muttered, a man whose straitjacket had been removed in the aftermath of the battle. 


“I think you ran away too.” 


“She was nearly captured by the Archmage, but she escaped by a narrow car.” 


At Nemea’s explanation, Sekien made a surprised expression.
“Is the Archmage also here?” 


“The spear silver dragon also came.
A little later and he would have died there.” 


Unlike Nemea, who spoke calmly, Sekien and Basuki felt chills running down their spines when they heard the story.
Among the S-class hunters, three people who were considered to be middle-ranked or higher came to the hideout.
If they hadn’t escaped there, none of them would have survived. 


‘What a miracle…’

‘… .’ 

Even though the hideout was destroyed and the subordinates were massacred, it was almost a miracle that the officers themselves survived.
As Sekien breathed a sigh of relief upon realizing that he had passed his big hurdle.
Nemea asked calmly.
“Seeing that the location of the hideout has been discovered, it seems that there is a problem with Sai Yan.
Was that when you found out the location?” 


Sekien nodded with a dark expression.


“Because I knew this would happen! Why are you doing even more work now….” 


“Right now, being bruised doesn’t change anything.
Do you know the cause?” 


At Nemea’s question, Sekien pondered for a while before talking about the cause.
“There was an attack on me from the other side, going against the Unoe-jing.”


“Is it possible that they were also tracked here?” At Nemea’s question, Sekien shook his head.
“I didn’t make that mistake this time, so there’s no need to worry.
And if it’s this hideout, you won’t be able to chase it easily.” Read the most updated version of this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at Novel Multiverse – “NovelMultiverse dot com”


How do you know where to come?”


If the hideout that was just attacked was made as a kind of outpost, the place they fled to now was the branch that controlled the whole of Korea.
It was hidden 3km underground and surrounded by impenetrable barriers, and was no different from a natural fortress.
Even if an attack came, he had the confidence to fight back if he was here. 


“Then I’m glad….” Nemea let out a sigh and relaxed slightly as she looked at the two.
“I completely canceled Kang Yoo-sik’s plan to kill him, and I wanted to take care of my activities in Korea.
It is stronger than we thought.” 


“I can’t eat either.
What kind of blue-eyed bastard is already so damn good at networking?” 


Seeing Basuki drop the crane, Sekien nodded his head with a bitter expression.
“The mana will be recharged soon, so wait a little bit….” 


What could be the reason for this stronghold 3 km below ground to shake? “Sekien! Check outside right now!” 


“Ah, I see!”


At Nemea’s cry, Sekien hurriedly reflected the outside of the hideout in the mirror, and after a while, the cause of the vibration appeared in front of their eyes.
The sky located right above the hideout.
Dozens of gigantic magic circles spewed ferocious mana and aimed downwards. 


“I… That….” The scale seemed to have already far exceeded the category of ‘magic.’ He could see the shadows of the two in the disaster that was being created in front of his eyes.
Archmage Ban Hye-young was concentrating with her eyes closed while wearing the shape of the Bagua.
And there was Kang Yoo-sik, who was busy twisting his mouth next to her. 


Quadruped! The hideout hidden underground began to be crushed.
It was a terrifying mass that the star itself seemed to press down on.
The magic barrier and the outer wall created by pouring astronomical money are also the weight can’t stand it and was breaking! “What else!!!” 


“Sekien! Open the Clouds!” 




At this rate, they would then be buried alive together with the hiding place.
At Nemea’s cry, Sekien hurriedly re-opened the passageway of the Uncertain Sutra, and the three bodies were sucked into the mirror at the same time. 


Whoo! The three demons who had evacuated to another shelter in Korea looked at each other with pale expressions.
A secret group hiding in the shadows and making fun of the world.
The leaders of the Revelation of the Fallen were themselves being chased like this? In a situation they were experiencing for the first time in their lives, the three demons felt something indescribable rather than humiliation. 


‘…Fear?’ it was a rare feeling ever since becoming a demon.
Feelings that had been completely forgotten were revived today. 


“…Get out of Korea right now.
Open the passage to the base in Japan immediately.” 


“Wait a moment.
I will restore my magic immediately.” 


“Papa, hurry up!!” Seeing Sekien’s figure, Basuki exclaimed nervously.
For the three demons who were chased twice, the hideout was no longer a place of rest.
One wouldn’t know when and where the hunters would run, rather it was like a trap that drove them.
‘We need to get out of here as soon as possible….’ 




While everyone was waiting impatiently, Sekien, who had barely regained her mana, spread her luck in awe with a weary expression.
“Right now, down the aisle….” 


Black noise covered the mirror.
For the first time in their lives, the faces of the three demons hardened again.
“What, what!” 


“Keugh… Someone from the outside has interfered with the ceremony…!”


 Sekien was flustered by what happened for the first time in a long while.
A young man then appeared.


 – How are you guys? 


It was a bad-tempered face with the corners of her mouth twisted.
At the appearance of Kang Yoo-sik, the bodies of the three demons stiffened.
There was nothing to shrink at all in terms of ability, but it was because it reminded him of what happened after witnessing this smile a while ago. 


-I barely found it, but it seems to have run away again…


Nemea stiffened her mane and glared at Kang Yoo-sik, who sighed deeply and spoke as if he were tired.
“You’re so arrogant that you got the chance to win once….
One day that arrogance will bite you back.” -Yes? But really… There has never been a case where he said something like that when he saw him.
Yoo-sik, who was scratching the nape of his neck with a smile, lightly clapped his hands when he noticed the atmosphere of the three demons trying to cut him off.
The three demons were startled and surprised by that sound, and Kang Yoo-sik laughed at the intense reaction and continued the story. 


-I believe this nasty story ends here… How about negotiating with each other? 


“… … Negotiation?” 


-If we continue to fight like this, we will only hurt each other… Well, isn’t that a good thing? Don’t fight for nothing, let’s just end it here.


When Nemea was perplexed by Kang Yoo-sik’s proposal, Basuki looked at him with cold eyes.
“What do you want from us?” 


– Well, it’s not that great… If you hand over all the magic stones, stimulants, and the information of those who have been in communication in Korea, I have a plan to end it well. 


The faces of the three demons distorted at Kang Yoo-sik’s story.
Even magic stones and awakening liquids were absurd stories, but was he talking about all the people who had been sprayed in Korea? Basuki, realizing that they were not trading, but playing tricks on them, exclaimed nervously.
“Are you kidding me?!”


 -I’m not joking… 


Kang Yoo-sik, who was scratching the back of his head with an awkward expression in the atmosphere of the threatening demons, smiled. 


– It’s just a waste of time. 


Quaang! A roar echoed from the other side of the hideout.
The moment the faces of the three demons hardened at that nightmare-like echo… 




“Die!!” Ahn Seol-ha and Lee Jeong-ryong broke the wall and rushed at it. 

* * * 

Quaang! Coong! 


Kang Yoo-sik, who had been blocking the Unoeyeong, twisted his mouth at the expansive sound that erupted from the hideout.
‘This is why I like guys who think they’re proud.’ 


Even if one were to run away, they couldn’t help but hear that the enemy was talking to them.
It was probably because they were the ones who were fooling around in normal times, they must have been more vigilant.
‘If it’s pierced twice, I might be a little more careful about the third one, but…’ 


Kang Yoo-sik smiled and looked down at the hideout.
It seemed like a huge shockwave exploded, and the presence of Sekien felt inside moved somewhere far away.
After a while, Lee Jeong-ryong and Ahn Seol-ha came upstairs carrying scales.
“He ran away again.
It seems that there is another means of transportation besides the skill called ‘Operating the Clouds’.” 


“I thought he used Nemea earlier… I guess there must have been a spare.” 


“I’m prepared to face them at least another ten times.”


 “They’re really nasty guys….” 


“Did you find out where they fled?” 


Kang Yoo-sik smiled at Ahn Seol-ha’s question.


The stigma of the criminal on Sekien was still clearly pointing to its location.
Unlike the time of the Cheongun, the location of the retreat on the Korean side was not so good.
‘Go until you can escape.’ 


To take this opportunity to pull out all the roots of Tacheon’s revelation in Korea… Kang Yoo-sik, who was determined, looked at Ban Hye-young, who was waiting for the teleport.
“Let’s move.” 




Kang Yoo-sik called the coordinates and the four of them arrived at a new place, down in an ordinary rural village.
The presence of Sekien could be felt in the hidden hideout, and Kang Yoo-sik intervened again in the path of Unoeyeong, which was vaguely felt as it was connected through the criminal’s stigma. 


Whoo! Then, the three scarred demons appeared through the mirror, and their pale expressions appeared before his eyes.


Kang Yoo-sik smiled at his appearance like a prey driven into a corner and pointed to the place where the hiding place would be.
“Down there.” 


And another hideaway, created by the revelation of the Fallen with all the effort and budget, was devastated.

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