Seongjin, who returned after a month, did not change much.
At best, the scorching weather had subsided and all the cadets were busy preparing for the upcoming midterm exam.
Because of that, while the cadets were busy preparing for the exam.
Kang Yoo-sik, who had nothing to do with him, took it easy. 


White paper, white paper.
Not a single letter!” 


He was doing his best to write a thesis that he had completely skipped during this trip to China.
“He asked me every day about the improvement of the newly created technique… How can you not write a single word for this?” 


Seeing Ban Hye-yeong staring at her while sitting in the seat next to her, Kang Yoo-sik coughed and moved her pen.
“It was because I was a bit busy.” 


“Yes? Ah, but… He must have been busy to the extent that he and the White Lotus Guild were so close.” 


“Ah, they had a relationship… Great.” 


It wasn’t that there was no relationship, so Kang Yoo-sik cleared his throat again and passed it over, and Ban Hye-yeong, who glared at her for a while, smiled and rested her chin.
“Still, I like the magic I’ve been making after skipping around, so I look at it.” 




“I made something like that, but if you curse at me for not writing a thesis, you’re disqualified as a teacher.
But how did you make that?” 


Kang Yoo-sik pondered for a while on how to answer Ban Hye-young’s question, and then she spoke right away.
“The elder showed me the skeleton and asked if I could make a technique with a similar effect.
Mixing things I know from there….” 


Did your inspiration ask you to make it? That’s right… You asked for something very bloody.” 


After pondering for a moment, Ban Hye-yeong looked around her and she casually asked in her fairy whisper.
[Aren’t you involved in something serious?] 


Ban Hye-young was worried because the effect of Lion Purification proved to be effective.
Kang Yoo-sik shook her head at the sight.
“Do not worry.
Because there was no such thing.” 


“What… … I’m glad then oh yes.
Come to think of it, have you received the items you were supposed to receive before?” 


Come to think of it, I forgot to show you.” Kang Yoo-sik reached into his pocket and took out the Nata money and the Baguaro that he had received from Tao Fei this time and put them on her desk. 


“Well? Aren’t there three?”


“I lent one to Jin-hyuk.
I think he needs it more than I do.” 


In fact, it seemed that she handed it over in a timely manner, seeing as she was growing rapidly after wearing the Sleeping Dragon Ring.
She said that she had a feeling that something was coming from the last match, so she would probably awaken her unique skills soon.
“Then you get eaten?” 


“Do not worry.
I think it’s because he’s not like that.” 


It didn’t matter if she ate it off, she would instead rob him and eat anything else that was equivalent to him.
Seeing Kang Yoo-sik speaking confidently, Ban Hye-young shrugged.
“So… which of these are you going to give me?” 


Originally, Ban Hye-yeong promised to take one of the S-class items from Heinz and Tao Fei.
Kang Yoo-sik took Aketrav, the S-class equipment that he received from Heinz in the past, so now one of these two had to be handed over to Ban Hye-young.


‘To be honest, it would be money, but….’ 


To be honest, it didn’t make much of a difference what he would pass.
Kang Yoo-sik, who had calculated the calculations in his head, immediately pushed forward the Bagua road.
“I’ll give you this.” 


“Yes? I guess this is good enough.” Ban Hye-young, who said it playfully, lifted up the Eight Trigrams and looked at them, and soon her expression began to harden.
It was obvious that she had seen the potential. 


“Are you really going to give me this? No matter how you look at it, it doesn’t look like it’s just S-class….” 


“I can’t even use it well even if I try to use it now.
Just let the teacher use it and lend it to me a few times if needed.” 


“Ah, no….” Kang Yoo-sik calmly looked at Ban Hye-yeong, who was at a loss for what to do.
She gave it to some extent for her debts, but considering that she was an elemental auxiliary equipment, she was more useful than Hanban Hye-young, who was fluent in all her magic, rather than herself who specialized in a few things.
And above all, it was because Ban Hye-yeong had the advantage in freeing the seal now hanging on the Palgwae Road.


 ‘Percival is about putting the right parts together, but in terms of Bagua, it’s a puzzle.
She’s got to be a real genius.’ 


She had seen a few articles on solving methods before regression, but she couldn’t figure it out either then or now.
It probably meant that real talent was needed to unseal the Bagua. 




“Yes, because it’s real.
Did you see me talking nonsense about this?” 


“It doesn’t….”


It was perhaps because she hadn’t expected to be conceded with such a nice item.
She glanced at Ban Hye-young, coughing slightly, as she looked down at the Palgwae with an embarrassed expression.
“That… thanks.” 


[Debtor ‘Ban Hye-young’s debt increases.] 


Her debt had increased again.
Kang Yoo-sik, who had read the notification window, suddenly looked at her.
‘Come to think of it, even after becoming A-rank, I’ve improved quite a bit… Let’s take this opportunity to collect some money.’ 


If one were to talk about Cha Shi-hyun’s time before, it was probably either that the grade went down and then immediately went up, or the A-rank had stayed the same.
Having made her decision, Kang Yoo-sik immediately opened the Ban Hye-young’s collection list. 


[Ban Hye-Young] 

*Stats: Strength, Agility, Endurance, Magic 

*Skills: Multi-Attribute Calculation (S), Element Fusion (S), Hell Blaze (S)…

*Awakening Skills: Space-Time Control (S), Dispel Counter (S), Sage’s Eye (S)…

* Abnormal Status: Not recommended. 


‘It’s still no joke….’ 


Her possessed skills, taste-awareness skills, and S-class were scattered all over the place, and there were too many fields to count.
There, it came to mind that there was no recommendation for status ailments, but what this really meant was that there was no mentally vulnerable part. 


‘There’s really no flaws.’


Kang Yoo-sik, realizing again how great Archmage Ban Hye-young was, looked at her skills and asked: “Come to think of it, do you often use your skills?” 


“Hmm… Perhaps when research issues often pop up? Even if you use skills, you become proficient, and there is no development.” 


“Then you hardly ever use attack magic.” 


“That’s how it is.
My passive side is also a unique skill, it’s not actually needed all that much.”


Kang Yoo-sik looked at Ban Hye-young with a puzzled expression when he saw her talking in such a manner, but he quickly understood.
If there were only dozens of S-class skills and A-class skills, she would have definitely thought of it that way. 


‘Then I’ll just take a little bit,’ Kang Yoo-sik said to himself, and immediately collected one of the skills on her collection list. 

[The debtor ‘Ban Hye-young’ is going into compulsory execution.
The skill ‘Sage’s Eye (S)’ is collected.] 

[Debtor ‘Ban Hye-young’s debt is….] 


The notification window popped up, then paused, and soon a new notification window popped up. 


[Debtor ‘Ban Hye-young’s debt increases.] 

[Debtor ‘Ban Hye-young’s debt grade rises to class A.
The collection list will be added.] 


It’s the same as when Cha Si-hyun was before.’ 


Apparently, the debt accumulated above grade A was preserved, but after the debt itself was eliminated, it seemed to go back to filling the vacancy.
‘Well, it doesn’t matter.’ 


Kang Yoo-sik, who turned over the notification window, took a look at her collected skill, ‘Sage’s Eye’. 


Sage’s Eye, as the name implied, was a skill that affected the eyes, but it was a passive skill that allowed one to see magic more closely.
‘Since it’s a more specialized ability than cognitive maximization, the synergistic effect is worth aiming for.’ Read the most updated version of this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at Novel Multiverse – “NovelMultiverse dot com”


If one felt uncomfortable, one could cancel its use, so they wouldn’t run out of control like Cha Si-hyun did before returning.
When Kang Yoo-sik was reviewing how to use it, Ban Hye-young made a curious expression. 


“Why this skill?” 


I got one this time.
I was wondering if you might need that too.” 


In fact, there was something he had received while passing the price of a vacuum incense burner, so he used it as an appropriate excuse, and Ban Hye-young made a curious expression.
“You said you got the skill book? What grade is it?” 


“It’s an S grade.” 


“… … .” Ban Hye-young looked at Kang Yoo-sik’s response with a bewildered expression, and then asked her while touching her eyes for a moment.
“Who, who gave it to you?” 


“Uh… Lord of White Lotus.” 


To be precise, he had received it from the Heaven’s Army through Ihwa Danju, but it was far better to just say the biggest person than to say someone in the middle.
Kang Yoo-sik’s answer made Ban Hye-young’s eyes twitch slightly.
“You even brought me a present….” 


Ban Hye-young muttered a little and looked at her with her slightly narrowed eyes.
“Did you get anything else besides that?” 


“That is all.” 


There were also two S-class elixirs left over from Lee Byung-ho and Kim Jin-hyuk, but Kang Yoo-sik decided not to tell them.
Even the skill book alone was daunting, but if one said that they had received two elixirs, they would have no choice but to look at it as strange.
‘I’ll have to tell you someday, but not now.’ Kang Yoo-sik replied, and Ban Hye-young pondered for a moment and then nodded. 




Kang Yoo-sik finally finished his thesis and stood up.
“Then, since I’ve used up all my notes for today, I’ll leave.” 


“…If you have nothing to do, write more.
I’ll give you tea.” Kang Yoo-sik smiled slightly and shook her head at Ban Hye-young’s slightly embarrassed response. 


“Even the transfer student this time has something to see.
I will stop today.” 


“If you are a transfer student… In the meantime, is it Yan or that guy?” 


That’s right.” 


She made a weird expression.
“Are you okay?” 


“Yes, I’m okay.
It’s an easy opponent once you know it.” 


“Then I’m glad… If it’s hard, tell me.” 


then….” Kang Yoo-sik, who stood up from his seat, was about to go outside.
He then suddenly remembered one thing and looked behind her.
Did anything change or be noisy at school while I was gone?” 


“Well? Well… … I don’t know anything.
Why?” Kang Yoo-sik pondered for a while at Ban Hye-young’s question and then began to mutter meaningfully.
“I think the bugs will crawl in.” 

* * * 

Dark basement.
A man walked slowly into a room barely lit by a small light.
It was clothing that did not reveal any bare skin, including the face.
In the underworld, it was called a ‘straitjacket,’ and it was an item that fixed the body of a demon who had escaped from a human into a human form.
Among them, those worn by men were of the highest quality.
In other words, it meant that he was a person whose mutation was close to that of a catastrophe. 


“Everyone has gathered.” The man in the seat talked briefly and looked at the people sitting in the room, the cadre of the revelation of the fallen sky who participated this time.
There were a total of three people gathered this time, including the man.
Excluding other executives who were looking at urgent work, it was a considerable number. 


In addition, if one were to add the mercenaries saved from the outside this time, it would be a force that even an S-class hunter could easily handle.
“Before executing the operation, there is something to be said about the variables created this time.”


 The two people sitting on either side scrutinized his response.
“It has been confirmed that Sai Yan, who was working at Cheonmu Palace, moved to Seongjin.”


“What? He said he really moved?” 


It’s true.
Looks like it wasn’t just a rumor.” 


In response to the calm man’s answer, the woman on the left muttered in a dissatisfied voice.
“Come to think of it, Bao Linsen also came up with that story.
What about him?” 


“Bao Linsen turned out to be the same.” 


“Sigh… Cheonmu took a really large hit.” 


There were still some candidates left, but what was the meaning if the first and second positions were all moved? The woman sighed when she realized that all the plans she had been preparing at Cheonmu Palace had gone to waste.
Even though China was not its exclusive area, it was because the budget had been significantly invested there. 


‘Such a loss at a time when the entire New York branch evaporated and went into chaos…’ 


The fact that the inside of the organization was divided into two factions because of one person and nothing was resolved properly.
Recalling the culprit behind all this, the woman sharpened her teeth.
“Why did Kang Yoo-sik, that bastard, fly all the way to China and kill him….”


Seeing the grumbling woman, her man calmly spoke.
“It is a guide to the future rather than the past.
So what would you like them to do?” 


In response to the man’s question, the one who had been quiet until now slowly responded.
“Bao Linsen is not completely twisted, so it must be difficult… I think it would be okay to approach the Sai Yan.” 


“Is there a possibility?” 


Laughter ensued.
“I have brought in such people many times… I will approach and find out.” 


At the old man’s answer, the man nodded.
“Then, let’s put off the plan to kill Kang Yoo-sik for a while until the results come out that way.
Any objections?” 


There was silence at the man’s question, and she stood up from her seat at the sight of him.
“Then let’s stop here for today.
Be sure to take care of her subordinates so that you don’t get her tail stepped on.” 




“Don’t worry.” 


It was the moment when the revelation of Tacheon, a group that corrupted humans into demons, showed her teeth toward Kang Yoo-sik for the first time. 

* * * 



Kang Yoo-sik then made a strange expression.
‘There’s no way they didn’t cheat….’ 


It wasn’t just a few days, he had been away from Seongjin for a month and went to Cheonmu Palace.
Considering Tacheon’s propensity for revelation, she must have put work around her, but there was no trace of it.
Of course, if one was determined and looking for it, one could find it right away, but the problem was that if one were to move like that, there was a high possibility that they would notice it from the other side too. 


‘Because they are quick to notice.’ 


The reason why the Revelation of the Fallen had survived for a long time despite being hostile to the whole world was no other reason.
This was because the chief and other executives prioritize survival and secretly focus on corrupting others.
That was why it was Tacheon’s revelation that they were called fanatics who were tougher than cockroaches, and Kang Yoo-sik was also carefully examining them in order to hit them properly this time. 


After all, the information network is a bit weak…’ 


Han Young-cheol, who only knew the general information of Anseol-ha’s back world and managed the master craftsman instead, was also broadening his feet to the enterprise.
There was still no one who could catch the detailed changes and flows that took place around Kang Yoo-sik. 


‘I need to find out about this talent….’ 


When Kang Yoo-sik was pondering… “Ah.
There is…!” 


A person running behind from the other side.
Shaggy hair and oversized glasses.
When Kwon Ha-hyeon, a young man with a naive look, appeared, Kang Yoo-sik looked at him with a slightly unexpected expression.
“What happened all of a sudden?” 


Kwon Ha-hyeon, who hadn’t had much contact with Kwon Ha-hyeon after talking for a while right after he came up to the DIA class.
Kang Yoo-sik looked at him curiously as he suddenly approached as if he was looking for him, and Kwon Ha-hyeon naturally smiled and opened his mouth.
“It’s just nice to see you after a long time.” 


[Looks like the guys who are targeting you are hiding in the school.] 


Another voice that was delivered neatly at the same time as the vocalization.
Kang Yoo-sik, who realized that he had applied the skill, looked at him with a twinkle in his eyes.
“Are we even close friends?”


“Still, we talked a lot in the beginning…” 


From the outside, it looked like utter flattery.
However, in his ears, he heard a completely different story. 


[I’ve been checking on all the new hires coming and going on campus.
But after you left for Cheonmu Palace, I noticed some suspicious movements from a few people.
And all of them have financial or family problems.] 


Kwon Ha-hyeon pretended not to know anything and began to talk with a smile.
Kang Yoo-sik, who had a glimpse of the face of the future who ran a ‘hole store,’ an information group known in the Black Forest, raised the corner of his mouth. 

“Then what… Would you like some coffee for a minute?” 

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