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“To China?”  

Kang Yu-sik nodded at the surprised Ban Hye-young’s question.


“When are you leaving?”

“Next semester.”

Ban Hye-young put on an absurd expression on Kang Yu-sik’s answer. 

“It’s only been a day since school started, but you’re going to China, not for a day or two, but for a few weeks?”

A new magic system started in earnest when the magic core was discovered.
Ban Hye-young, who had been inflated at the thought of studying magic, made a sad expression.  

Just because he doesn’t have Kang doesn’t mean he can’t study, but it’s because there was a big difference between having and not having it.  

“Do you have to go?”  

Last time I made a promise with Lord Baekryeonmun, and I made a promise with the school.”  

“I have prepared a lot of tea for you to drink…” 

Kang Yu-sik smirked as Ban Hye-young muttered in a slightly distressed voice.  

“Are you upset?”  

“Wow, what are you talking about! It’s just that I have more work to do!”

Kang Yu-sik smiled and sipped tea brewed with elixir at the sight of Hye-young.
The class started screaming.  

“Please organize the parts you were going to entrust to me.” 


“It’s true.
I’m not sure if I’ll be good at it because I’m doing it alone.
I’ll try as soon as I can.” 

If it was an introductory book of magic, he could recall it without a memory map because he was tired of reading it.
But Kang Yu-sik deliberately took it. 

‘It’s hard to pretend to be a genius.’

Still, it’s good to be as cooperative as possible when you can do this.
That way, when the base runs out, isn’t it possible to give help to several people?  

Then I’ll bring you some reference materials as well.”  

I’m doing it myself, so don’t put too much in it.”  

“Don’t worry.
I’m not that kind of person.” 

Seeing Ban Hye-young smiling without even blinking an eye, Kang Yu-sik went on to the main point.  

“Oh, and sir.
I want to ask you one thing before I go.”  


“Afterwards, students from the Cheonmugung side will come for exchange purposes.
Can you teach these and other things to those who are a little eager?”

At the unexpected request, Ban Hye-young made a slightly surprised expression and then smiled.  

“Maybe you might be scolded by Tao Fei?”  

“You know everything, right?” 

Originally, hunter training institutes and guilds, tend to roll around stealing people from each other.
Kang Yu-sik, who was asked by Ban Hye-young, went straight to Namgung’s lab.


“This time, you must aim for first place and climb up properly.
It would be good for the teacher to prepare quickly.” 

Namgoong Ryun looked at Kang Yu-sik with a curious expression.  

“Are you talking about the leader?”  

“In the beginning, you didn’t even have to hide it for the rest of your life.
The opportunity is slowly coming.”

That’s the case again.  

Scratching his head, Namgung Ryun leaned his body against his chair and let out a deep sigh of relief.

So, what was he coming to do?  

They wouldn’t have come for no reason, 

“The cadets who will go to Heaven and Mugung with me this time.
You say that the teacher selects you through documents and an interview?” 

Namgoong Ryun’s eyes widened at Kang Yoo-sik’s story.

“Are you doing that?”

“There is no money coming and going, just by giving advice so that you do not get tired of selecting teachers.”

Kang Yu-sik laughed while Namgung Ryun was talking.  

“Kim Jin-hyuk and Lee Byung-ho.
I’ll take care of these two.”  

The two of them were also selected as excellent students, so I’ll move on without saying anything.
I got it.”  

If there are any guys coming from China who look good, please use a leader to seduce them.” 

Namgung Ryun looked surprised at Kang Yu-sik’s story and then nodded his head.  

Instead, I wouldn’t do it without the guys catching my eye.”  

“Of course.
Oh, and if you ask me why I’m suggesting something like this, it’s like I’ve been paying attention… Do you know what I’m talking about?” 

Namgoong Ryun made an absurd expression on his smiling face and muttered dissatisfaction.

“A bastard.” 


So ready to welcome the thousands of students and personal preparations, Kang Yu-shik went to China with the exchange group, a passenger plane heading for Beijing Airport. 

Sungjin’s exchange group visiting this time was in a private aircraft specially wanted by the Thousand Armed Forces for the sake of it, and it was an aircraft with excellent performance in a splendid facility that could not be compared with any first class.

If the Academy spends money to decorate it, it will soon become very popular.
But the scale of financial resources is something that is possible in the overwhelming crisis.  

‘Looking at this, Cheonmu Gung is not bad.’ 

However, the formidable wealth wielded by Cheon Mu Gung is only possible because of the state, sponsoring companies, and guilds.
For that reason, the support received from Mugung Chun was not very good considering the recruitment market as it could become a shackle if done wrong.  

‘Well, maybe it’s a difference of point of view.’ 

Perhaps even with these shortcomings, the cadets in the middle class could have liked Chun Mugung more than Seongjin.  

It’s a bit closed, but given that you can complete all the curriculum, there is no better place to learn martial arts than Cheonmugung.  

Kang Yu-sik glanced at the seat next to him and looked at Kim Jin-hyuk, who was already asleep.
Kim Jin-hyuk had been trained by Fiore in Italy throughout the vacation. 

In about two months, he has grown amazingly, but he has not yet awakened.
According to the words, the foundation has been completed, but the decisive ‘key’ is lacking.’ 

It would be good to be awaken… but it’s annoying if you do it because of an unexpected person.
It doesn’t disappear or anything like that.

However, when you use creditors in a way that collides with people with goodwill, the consumption of debt increases, and efficiency decreases.  

‘I’ve been working hard for so long, so it’s unlikely that I’ll be taken away by the guy, but I’m still in a lot of trouble.’  

When Kang Yoo-sik was thinking about him.  

“Kang Yu-sik.” 

In the empty seat next to him, Han Moo-jin, who participated as a lead teacher, sat down.  

“What did the headmaster say?”  


 “There is no such thing as an ordinary exchange meeting.
You, are a treasure of our school.”

After thinking for a while, he answered calmly.  

“I think he suggested an exchange meeting just as an excuse to call me.” Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @

“Is that really all?”  

“Yeah, there’s no such thing as something big that you think.”  

“Is it so?” 

Kang Yu-sik looked at Han Moo-jin, who was slightly regretful, with a strange expression. 

‘What the hell is this yangban thinking?’ 

Ahead of promotion to an S-class hunter, Han Mu-jin, a dragon knight, suddenly retired from active duty and became Seong-jin’s teacher.
He is one of Sung Jin’s representative teachers, including Ban Haeyoung Ban and Ryun Namgoong, and, although not often seen, the head of the diamond class.  

In terms of recognition alone, he was higher than most S-class hunters, but Kang Yu-sik knew very little about him.  

‘Do you have a clue because you’re not active?’ 

Han Mujin has never visited the Mun since becoming a teacher, and the number of times he fought monsters and mines was counted as well.  

It was such a large-scale incident that even that was unavoidable, so there were virtually no personal incidents at all.  

‘If possible, I’d like to try something with this yangban too…”

Although he is a very unusual person, he is a person who has clearly proven his skills in a few cases before his return.  When Kang Yu-sik is thinking deeply about whether there will be room to dig into something, an announcement came from the speaker saying that the plane would land soon, and Mujin Han stood up.  

“See you later.” 

The private plane gently landed at the Beijing airport and went through immigration to find the cargo almost at the level of a free pass.  

“Is there such a kind of welcoming crowd?” 

Kim Jin-hyeok, who had a slightly nervous expression, laughed at Kang Yoo-sik’s question. 

“We are not celebrities, so why would the crowd welcome us?”

“Well, a reporter could come.”

“Is it?”

“Don’t worry, Yushik won’t be interested except anyway.”  

That’s right.” 

Kang Yu-sik, who smiled slightly at the conversation between Kim Jin-hyuk and Lee Byung-ho, looked around.  

‘But it seems like a lot has come.
It’s very messy.’ 

The airport security guards were managing the entrance gates where they left, and Mu-jin and Lee Hyun-chang Lee went to talk about their relationship. 

When Kang Yu-sik is waiting with the other cadets in an unusual atmosphere,  the two returned.
Moo-jin made a ridiculous expression, and Hyun-chang was completely exhausted.  

Kang Yu-sik immediately realized the appearance of the two of them.  

‘I’m afraid I’m here.’

The other cadets also grasped the atmosphere to some extent, and Mujin spoke calmly.  

“Everyone, don’t be nervous so that you get any stupid expressions.

Han Moo-jin, who turned his head, beckoned to Kang Yu-sik.  

“Kang Yu-sik.
You just have to be at the forefront.”  

“I see.” 

At Han Moo-jin’s suggestion, Kang Yu-sik took the lead in the party and headed for the arrival gate with his suitcase.
And the moment he stepped out.  

“Come out!”  

“It’s Yusik Kang!” 

The camera’s shutter started blaring frantically, accompanied by a roar of tales.
Reporters constantly taking pictures inside the line set in advance at the airport.
There were dozens of media names attached to the cameras, and all of them were media companies representing each country.  It was so great that even those reporters would be overwhelmed, but looking back, there was another real cause of worry.  

“You did a lot of work for coming a long way.” 

Dressed in a neat suit with a soft impression.
Perhaps because of his age of about 30, he looked like an ordinary office worker, but the reality was completely different.  

‘The Emperor of Heaven, Shinku Zao.’

The de-facto owner of one of the world’s best celestial palaces, and a prefecture A-class, and in the future, a strong person who will grow into an S-class hunter.
He, who will rule China in the future, came to the airport to meet Kang Yu-sik!  

“Thank you for coming to meet me like this.”  

Sungjin’s talented students, including cadet Kang Yu-shik, have come all the way to this far-off place to visit our Thousand Armed Forces, but how can they not come to meet them? It’s natural as a representative.

If the principal from Seongjin’s side didn’t come to meet him, it was excellent to throw something small.  

‘It was a good thing I told you to go out to meet me.’  

When Kang Yu-shik was a little nervous at the sight of Shinku Zao, who was like a serpent, Tao Fei, who was standing behind him, came forward.

“You had a lot of trouble coming here.” 

Tao Fei made an unfamiliar expression.
When he saw that expression, Kang Yu-sik immediately recognized how things were going. 

‘Besides, looking at that unfavorable gaze, it seems that Shinku Zao was the person who was involved in the payment of his own items.
When he was thinking about how to respond to the attack of Chun Mugung from the beginning, Kang was thinking about how to respond. 

“Excuse me for a moment.

Two people approached from one side, splitting the crowd. 

Baekryeon Munju Li Mei, the owner of the Baekryeon Guild and an S-class hunter.
Also, Ilhwa Danju Ra Ohchang, a key member of the Baekryeon Guild and an S-class hunter.

The reaction of the crowd gathered around the appearance of two of China’s leading S-class hunters was explosive.  

“Give me the pear, the white lotus door!”  

“Why is it all of a sudden? Because of Kang Yoo-sik?”  

“I don’t know.
Take a picture!” 

The reporters pressed the shutters as if they had caught a scoop, and the surrounding area became saturated as the crowd of spectators clinged to it.  And in that chaotic situation, Li May, who arrived in front of Kang Yoo-sik, gave an apologetic expression.  

“I should have been out first, but I kept you waiting.
I’m sorry.”  

“It’s because of my inexperienced driving.
I’m sorry.”  

“No, no.
No need to apologize…”

Li Mei nodded slightly, and Chang bowed his head nearly 90 degrees.  When the two S-class hunters apologized to Kang Yu-sik, there was another uproar around him, and Shinku Zao’s eyes twitched in the tangled atmosphere in an instant.  

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you.
Munju Baekryeon.
And the Lord of Ilhwadan.”  

“I’m late to greet you.
Lord, how have you been?” 

Li Mei’s gentle smile made Shinku Zao smile as well.  

“Well, it’s always the same.
However, cadet Kang Yu-sik has decided to move with Seongjin’s exchange group a bit late.”  

“Is that so? I don’t think I’ve heard of such a story.”

Heavy air flowed between the two of them in the conversation without a single concession.
There are no procedural problems because it has been said in advance that the tour of the Baekryeon Guild is also together.  

To take Kang Yu-sik to each other, Shinku Zao and Mei Li exchanged fierce glances with smiles and then turned their heads as if they had promised.  

“You must be tired, so please go to your accommodation first.
We’ve put you in a suite in a five-star hotel with the best facilities in Beijing.”  

“It’s strange.
We also booked the suite for the best five-star hotel in Beijing… Maybe there was a mistake in the reservation?”  

“Ha ha ha.”

“The Lord of the Heavens is the only one who makes all the mistakes at times like this.” 

Shinku Zao, who smiles cheerfully, and Li Mei, covered her lips while smiling.
The nerve transfer continued without a single concession, and soon the choice was turned to Kang Yoo-sik.  

“Where are you going?!” 

A scorching gaze as if going to the other side would kill him.
Under the pressure, the exchange group looked at Kang Yoo-sik’s back as if they were looking at a shrimp caught between whales.  

“Where does the food taste better?”

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